Tuesday, March 2, 2010

AMW Reports: The Body Shop Colour Me Spring 2010

Last Friday is a very exciting day for me!  Aside from being my favorite day of the week, aside from being the day nearing my birthday, it's The Body Shop's Colour Me Spring Bloggers' Event!  I haven't really given The Body Shop a chance when it comes to makeup, I've always loved their skincare products and their makeup brushes, so this is the perfect time for me to investigate further and see what The Body Shop can offer!

Introducing, The Body Shop's Spring Trend Make-Up


I'll show you up close and personal on TBS' Colour Me Spring 2010 collection plus some wonderful tips from a make-up artist!

Shimmer Cubes (Php 1,195.00/approx $26.00)

Make-up artist Chase Aston says:
"These fabulous Pop-tastic shades are my favorite Shimmer Cubes ever!  Wear shades alone, or smudged together, creating seamless, contrasting hues on the eye-lids.  Use with The Body Shop metallic Eye Definers for a modern twist on the smoky eye, layer shades for an individual and unique eye-look.  These four fantastic, easy-to-wear shimmering shades can be applied dry for sheer hints of color.  Or apply with a moist brush, for a more intense wash of color."


Lip and Cheek Stain (Php795.00/approx $17.25)

Chase Aston, make-up artist says: 
"Easy to apply, sweep over a nude lip, wearing alone for a sheer flash of color or re-apply to intensify the hue.  Worn on cheeks, layer with Kiss of Color to shape, shade, contour and highlight the cheekbones"

Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush (Php1,395.00/approx $30.32)

Make-up expert Chase Aston, says: 
"Softly smile, then press Kiss of Colour onto the apples of your cheeks.  Next, using either your finger or a blusher brush, blend up and along your cheekbones.  These fantastic shades can be worn alone, or layered over The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain to intensify the shade."

Hi-Shine Lip Treatment (Php595.00/approx $12.90)

Make-up maestro Chase Aston says these are: 
"Two fabulous, super glossy, ultra moisturizing, must-have lip shades for spring.  Fresh and flirty, easy to wear shades that can be worn alone for a sheer hint of a tint, layered over Lip & Cheek Stain and Colour glide Lip Colour."
Love Gloss (Php650.00/approx $14.13)

I've been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the new collection!  And trust me, I've seen so much make-up from The Body Shop on that day and my  mind went blank and I didn't even took a shot on the huge traincase!  Whatever I ask from them, they seem to have them!  Where in the world am I from?  I have tried their liquid eyeliner and it's pure love!  

Aside from being impressed with the new collection, the event was such a success as beauty bloggers met up again and some, for the very first time!  And it's even more fun creating "Spring Make-up Looks" while chit-chatting with the rest of the girls!

Phoebe & Jamie creating their own version of Spring look
These 2 ladies look gorgeous even without make-up!

Dearest partner-in-crime Shen and a wonderful lady I've been wanting to meet for a year!
Teeyah!  Girl!  You are hard to get! Imagine?  A year to finally meet you in person? 
Worth the wait though!


And I can't help but feel envious of her sexy outfit!  
Off shouldered top?
I gotta have one ahem...make one!  *pulls one sleeve down*

A gorgeous model-like blogger Tish and her beloved!
Great to meet you both!!!

Also met the girl behind Candy-Blush
Kristine (right) and her friend
They're both super *ahem* young! :)
I seriously felt over 30 with them around! *laughs*


Thanks to Earth for this shot!  I have to grab this because I don't have a photo of her!  It was such a fun event as you can see from our smiles!


Wonderful cupcakes with cute colors that made me want to keep it rather than eating them!

And finally, before I end this long post!  I want to thank the wonderful people from The Body Shop for holding such exciting event for bloggers like us.  

L-R Billie Liboro-Palabyab, PR Officer
Marian Alarcon, Category Manager

And the rest of the fresh-faced girls!

*sigh* events like these leaves me with such euphoria!  I do meet a lot of people online but meeting them in person is different!  It's nice to really talk to them, no matter how different our personalities are, we all ended up talking about the same thing, our love for beauty...both in and out!

Have a wonderful day!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

**all product photos courtesy of The Body Shop


  1. it's nice to see the "regular suspects" looking gorgeous as always :) too bad i wasn't able to go :(

    hope to see you all soon in a future event!

  2. awww..im so inggit not being able to attend. arrgh, i hate my job! it's depriving me of my social life....rar!

  3. OOH. I want those Shimmer Cubes. So cute!

  4. Ahaha! So was the wait to finally meeting you, Nikki. I really am still euphoric from that day. I'm looking forward to hanging out again. Mwah mwah!

  5. I believe that this beauty community is very close to one another. and you are very lucky to meet quite a number of them. you gals are all looking lovely.

  6. this looks fun,ms nikki,i want to attend event like this its just that hindi ako invited hehe,so many pretty gals

  7. thanks for sharing your bodyshop experience! gosh, you all looked like you had a blast that day...all smiles!

    i kinda hate that new blusher, though. like you wanna get one to see if it can really zoop up the cheek tint. if it does, bad news for the pockets!

    i like the shimmer cubes! lovely vibrant colors!

  8. Ah the new colors seemed pretty! I'm not sure if it's released here in Malaysia yet.
    I did not see any promotions going when I went to TBS yesterday. I only saw the new Sweet Lemon line. Smells heavenly!

  9. kakaiingit! =) looks like you really enjoyed the event.. you all looked pretty!

  10. Seems like you spent a lot of fun!! Nice meetup with a beauty bloggers!
    What a nice palette! The colors looks so bright and totally remind of Spring!

  11. What a nice event! Meeting up with other bloggers is always fun and you girls all look gorgeous!

    Nice collection too. Th Shimmer Cubes and the blush are so pretty.

  12. jillsabs, hahahah "suspects"? Is that how you call us? hahaha Yes, hope to see you soon too!

    Jheng, I know!!!! We should meet up again, I enjoyed the event with you at L'Oreal! Thanks for the wonderful crazy time!

    Catherine, shimmer cubes work really well...better when wet!

  13. Fab Beauty, thanks!

    Teeyah, I know!!! It has been really a year no??? Grabe! We have to meet up again, with Sab this time! I miss her too!

    My-my, yes, we are quite close thanks!

  14. Shobe, who knows? Next time? Di ba??? :) And our paths may cross :D

    Herroyalbleakness, no problem, I enjoyed sharing my experience on events like these!

    @DdY, who knows? I am crossing my fingers for you girls in Malaysia that it'll be available there soon!

  15. Khymm, thanks! :)

    Mona, I know! It's the best!

    Anastacia, yes, so spring-like! I can't wait to use them! It's summer down here but the colors are perfect still for warm weather like this!

    Gio, they are indeed gorgeous! :)

  16. OMG, how coooool. I wish our Body Shop did something like this here for bloggers. Those cupcakes looked delish!

  17. The eyeshadow palette is very pretty!! Me want!! Did you end up getting it? :)
    The event looks like heaps of fun n you ladies are gorgeous :D

  18. You look great in the pic with Teeyah! Somehow, Body Shop never quite blows me away enough to buy their stuff. I like their collections but nothing sticks in my mind.

  19. I always love looking at your photos, since you always look so happy and cherish! ;)

    Thanks for sharing! Oh, and nIkki you look super hot in the photo with one sleeve pulled down, hehe...

  20. B, who knows? in the future!

    Hana, yes, I have the e/s palette, will talk more about it soon!

    Eli, thank you! :) You are such a sweetheart :)

    Jess, awwww.. *hugs* thank you!!!! Sleeves pulled down? HOT?? Oh my, I could never pull the "hot" look :) hahahah

  21. You guys always have so much fun at those beauty events!!

    **You Sexy Babe, you**

  22. Those shades are just lovely! I can't even pick a favorite! They'd look so good on a bright, summer day.


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