Monday, March 1, 2010

Something New: What AMW is Using at the Moment

I want to thank everyone for the birthday greetings!  Nothing feels better than having friends near and far sending you well wishes on your birthday!  A huge thank you and cyber hugs!!!

Happy first day of March!  Summer officially starts down here, the weather is scorching hot!  What a girl to do?  Remain positive and always keep it cool!  We can still remain beautiful on hot days like these! :)

I have so many requests for certain product reviews!  I'd love to give way to everyone but sad to say, there are a lot of product requests that I don't own and a lot of them I haven't used!  I may purchase them in the future but for now, I'll give everyone a sneak peek on what I'm trying out at the moment!  Expect more in depth reviews on these products coming up! :)

L'Oreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum

I am very excited to try this because the first and only lash serum I've tried is from Ardell.  The Ardell Brow and Lash Accelerator works but of course, I wanted to test other products out there especially from a world famous brand like L'Oreal!  I've started to use this so please do not hold your breathe :)


ELF Eyelid Primer
Sad to say, this isn't available locally yet, I purchased this online via Makeup Mix Shop!  I've read mixed reviews on this, I heard it doesn't even work on colder weather, so I'm not even expecting this to work really well!  We'll see how this fairs on our tropical island! 


ELF Cream Eyeliner in Coffee
I did mention I have enough gel liners to last a lifetime!  But when ELF came up with cream eyeliner, I seriously thought of this as an intriguing product.  One factor that led me to keep this is because of it's squarish packaging!  Tastefully packaged!  Enough product to last another decade!  


The Body Shop Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush
I've recently attended an event from The Body Shop.  They launched the Spring Trend Makeup for Year 2010.  And the product that really caught my attention is the Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush available Vibrant Rose and Golden Coral!  I've chosen Vibrant Rose as I'm into pinks recently!  This reminded me of Korean blush stamps!  So cute!


The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain
I am not a "stain" user, I think they have a tendency to dry up pretty quickly on both cheeks and lips which makes it even harder for me to "maneuver" especially for dry skin and lips like myself!  But this has been around forever and I've seen girls raving about this!  I've even tried to purchase this 2 years ago when they were on sale!  Now, I finally own this going to disappoint me?  or wow me?  Do check back for reviews! :)


L'Oreal Elseve Smooth-Intense Shampoo and Conditioner
After Shiseido Aquair's "hey ma!  I've got snowflakes on my head" experience, this is the perfect time to test on other shampoos and conditioners! I've used several variants of L'Oreal Elseve Masques and they all work well for me!  So I'll give the Shampoo and Conditioner pair a try! 


Cellnique Paramedical 
After I finished my Clinique's 3-Step SkinCare system.  I put it on hiatus and tried on another brand that targeted my dry skin!  Cellnique, I've used this for more than 2 weeks and will be doing an in-depth review soon!  Anyone can shop online as they provide free shipping on all orders anywhere in the world via DHL. 
I am curently using these products as a morning and night regimen:

I'll add up to what I'm using as days go on :)  I will do more in depth reviews on them too but I have to take time :)

Have a wonderful start of the week!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy! :)



  1. Oh goodness, I can't believe I missed out on wishing you a happy birthday. Sorry! Happy belated birthday! I hope you'll have a great year, full of happiness, love, good health, and prosperity! Hope you had a good one, Nikki! :)

  2. Happy first day of March you too :)! It is so raining today! yay! Spring is to close!

  3. the loreal lash serum looks promising... im looking forward to your review AMW! :)

  4. i have the elf primer too! *proud* but have not tried it yet :P

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had good times from your last post. I'll be looking forward to reading your reviews on the products above :)

  6. Hi Nikki!

    I just got the stila smudgepot and its in my eyelids now! lol. That elf cream eyeliner looks pretty! Good thing i didnt see it at landmark when i dropped by earlier to get myself an angled eyeliner brush, or else i might have bought that too! yay!

    I didnt even know ELF is already in landmark..and elianto too! all those nail polish colors i know your gonna love! got myself some nail stickers though. oh your enthusiasm in makeup and nails is really contagious! weeee. ^_^

  7. so many new products! Can't wait for your reviews..especially the Loreal lash serum and ELF primer =)

  8. the elf mineral eyelid primer works better than the regular elf eyelid primer

  9. hi Nikki! saw your comment on Jess' blog on Jill Stuart, just wanna share, I've been hoarding Jill Stuart stuffs because I love the quality and the packaging. I'm getting my hauls from Bon of, her prices are cheaper because Taiwan has the cheapest JS prices... Packages arrive 2 weeks tops, sometimes it's less than 2 weeks and the best part it goes straight to Wang Lai's Mart in Banawe, QC which is very near my place. Or you can have it shipped to your place too.

    Hope it helps!

  10. Can't wait for your reviews, esp about the ELF primer and TBS Kiss Of Colour Cheek Blush!

  11. I've just started using the l'oreal lash serum too :) Haven't started on the elf primer and elf liner yet!

  12. The lash serum looks interesting. Supposed to help our lashes grow faster, right? I don't see it in Malaysia? or could I missed it?

  13. Maggie, it's ok :) Thanks for the birthday greetings :) I had a great celebration and I do pray for a better year :)

    Anastacia, it's so hot down here! :) Enjoy spring!

    coffretgorge, me too! I am looking forward to see results! I hope positive one! :)

  14. Xin, i know! wish us luck! I hope it'll held up to our very hot weather! I just read recently that the mineral primer is better :( Sorry..... :)

    Blu3, thanks sis! :)

    Jen, glad you like the Stila Smudgepot! And I'm glad you bought your own angled eyeliner brush na! :) hahahah I know what you mean about nail polish colors! It's great that I have self control! :) I can't buy too many polishes!

  15. Khymm, I know! The L'Oreal Lash serum and the ELF primer is on the Favorite list for readers! :)

    dustbunny, I know! I heard that from Toma when I already finished my purchase!

    Chelle, thanks for the reco :) will take a look! :)

  16. Gio, will do! :)

    Connie, wish us luck on the Lash Serum, i hope it works for both of us! And I am enjoying my ELF gel liner!

    Lavender, i think it's new! It was just launced a week ago! :) So you can wait and see :)

  17. Happy Birthday Nikka! Cant wait to read your complete reviews on all of them =)

  18. er... i think i bought the wrong brush. yay! its too soft. so i might drop by landmark again one of these days, the sooner the better and hope that those colored polishes wont be calling me! ha! i still have to learn applying the eyeliner. im new to these things!

  19. I'm currently on cellnique too! how's it working out for you? its only been a week and i'm not sure how my acne prone skin is taking it yet

  20. Sush, thanks for the bday greetings :) Yes, will review them once I've used them enough :)

    Jen, oh no on soft eyeliner brush, go for a stiffer one :)

    Mona, so far, it's working well, mine is for dry skin and its hyrdrating my skin really well. the thing is, it's summer now, so I have to use it alternately as compared to weeks ago where I use it religiously! :)

  21. hey nikki! i'd really love to read a review on your elf gel liner :)

  22. hey hun
    nice loot
    cant wait to hear reviewss :D

  23. nice prods ms nikki,is DHL tax free kasi ako siningil ako ng 550 php e....

  24. Steph, done with ELF Gel Liner and it's gorgeous

    LyNn, thanks

    Shobe, not tax free, I paid din!

  25. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Elseve! I've tried one of the series in yellow packaging but I found the conditioner ineffective on my hair. However, a lot of Japanese shampoos give me the same problem you described, so I'm really curious what works for you. Right now I'm using Wella's biotouch shampoo and it seems to be easing the problem.


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