Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Wonder: "Have Your Forced Yourself to Finish a Product Because of its Price?"

Happy Thursday!  How's the week treating you?  Mine was still busy but at least, I get to relax a bit in between and meet up with lovely friends! 

As a beauty products writer and reviewer, I've tested so many products from head to toe!  There may be some products that are given by companies for reviews but most of the time, I purchase my own products using my very much hard earned money. 

Which led me to an "I Wonder" question for the week...

"Have you forced yourself to finish a product 
     because of it's price?"

I did and I still am!  When I went to Shanghai for vacation 2 years ago, I purchased Tsubaki's Shampoo and Conditioner.  The pair works really well for the first few months but I got bad case of dandruff mid-bottle!  I still finish it up!

And you think I learned my lesson.

When my brother came back for vacation last year, I requested him to help me purchase Shiseido's Aquair shampoo and conditioner because of the raves I've read online.  The dearest brother gifted me this and I knew it's almost the same price as Tsubaki's.  First few weeks, was love!  But after a month or so, dandruffs are starting to rear its ugly head again!  And you know what?  I am still using this because of the price and I feel guilty because my brother spent a lot for this.

So, AMW thought of a solution and so far, it's working.  I use this set alternately with Head & Shoulders!  No more dandruff and no more itchiness! *sigh*

Most of the time, I am not at all patient in finding solutions for products that do not work.  In this case, if the price is high, I will definitely find ways to make it work! 

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  1. i think that its true some of the time. if its expensive you are definitely willing to try harder to make it work. i think its also true that your willing to try different methods to make it work if its a "cult" item that doesn't really seem to work for you either but cult items tend to be expensive so it mite be the same thing ^^;;

    but i think when things break me out or i have a bad reaction to it, i shut it down and am not willing to try it again even if it was expensive

  2. I wish I could force myself to finish products that didn't work out for me, but since it gives me negative, little or no results, I just give it away, to my friends, my sister or anyone else who might like it.

    I regret buying things like the ones that you'll just end up giving away, but hey, it's a continuous learning experience.

    Have a nice day Nikki! :)

  3. hi nikki! thanks for the warm welcome (back)on my blog.. :)

    omg.. the same thing happened to me with the Tsubaki Red Shampoo and Conditioner.. heard so much raves about it that when i saaw it on HK. I immediate bought the biggest bottle for both.. It was indeed love on the first few weeks but i got flakes and itchies midbottle too.. i did try alternating it with other shampoo and conditioner duos but my scalp wasnt getting any better.. i had to give up on it and gave it to my bros instead.. it worked for them and still works till now.. at least it wasnt a complete waste..

    i do love your "I wonder" posts dear!

    happy thursday!

  4. I've done that with shampoo and soaps...and also food. If I just threw something away my grandmother would come back and haunt me! Something would have to be really terrible for me to risk that.

    Take care!

  5. sometimes yes, but if were talking about breakouts, NO WAY. Its better to stop using it and move on to a better product.

    i use 4 different shampoo & conditioners (tsubaki, tigi fashionista, head & shoulders and nature's gate) alternately to prevent dandruff and product build up. :)

  6. I am always finish any product that I buy; not paying attention to price

  7. I do feel an obligation to finish something that I paid a lot of money for even if it's not the greatest. If it's not a great product, I'm miserable throughout the process of finishing it. LOL.

    Great post!!

  8. I have the same problem with Tsubaki too. Wonder why ? :(

  9. Naku, I had that too many times that sometimes I tell myself, "hindi ka pa rin nadadala??" LOL. For skincare products that don't work (or worse, make me breakout), I just give them away. Because most of the time, they work on other people. For haircare, I did what you have done -- alternate it with my daily shampoo and in this case, it's Head and Shoulders :)

    I do enjoy reading your posts, Nik. I may not comment as often but I come here whenever you have updates. Your posts are very helpful and informative.

  10. I don't give up too quickly with pricier products in hope that it will work but if it really doesn't, I'll most probably just put it up for sale or pass it on to someone who may have better use for it

  11. i usually try to work it out, especially if it's pricey, but then after 2 or 3 times, u know it's not working and it's time to ditch it.

    If it's cheap, I'll just throw it away like immediately cuz i know i'll never look at it again! Haha!

    Sorry to hear Tsubaki giving you dandruff, but I guess if you alternate it with other shampoo, it should be okay. Maybe it's product build up?

  12. It happened to me too! But I usually just toss it away when it comes to shampoos or conditioners. If they give me bad dandruff or something like that, I would not use them anymore. I hate it when my hair feels icky.

  13. as sad as it may be to purchase something that doesnt work for me, I usually just give it away. :/

  14. ^definitely Connie mentions, I don't give up as easily with pricier products.
    just cause its a waste :(
    I currently am using the Avene blemish something or other, which was kinda pricy on its own. I swear it isn't doing ANYTHING on my pimples...but I use it anyway...Gah :T

  15. I try to make them work, specially if it's expensive! I feel like it's such a waste if I throw a product away. Worst case scenario, I'd give it to someone else who could make it work for them :)

  16. Hi! I think I didn´t comment on any of your posts so far but I always read (and enjoy) your blog!

    That´s a very good question!
    I try to use up bodycare and haircare as much as possible even if I don´t like the product no matter what the price was.
    The Kefir Whips I tried recently are so yucky I can´t bring myself to use them though hehe!

    The last thing I used up (by force) was this Roserity body lotion as it was really not a nice product but I finished it yesterday *applauds to self* =D It was also rather pricey!
    Facecare is a different story. I usually stop using something because I get a rash or bumps so I will definitely stop using it and either toss it or give it to someone else. I sometimes however use face washes that are too harsh as hand soap or bodywash if they were cheap or give them away if they were expensive!

  17. I do too! unless the product causes me to breakouts, I will finish it up especially if it's expensive...but if I do get pimples from the items, i just give them away to family and friends who wants it..regardless of how much it is..going for derma treatments will cost me much more if I don't stop using it hehe ^_^

  18. Sweetkiss, I agree with you, when it comes to skincare, i don't compromise, I will STOP using it if it breaks me out!!!

    Madz, true, I do give it away to friends too if its bought by me, if its a gift, I find it too hard to let go :) hahaha!

    Kay, I guess it has to do with our weather down here, plus, its better to be used alternately with other shampoos! Sorry that alternating still does not work :) At least you made someone happy, but imaging lugging it back home? Ang heavy no???

  19. RicAdeMus, hahahah you are so funny about the haunting of grandma, long as the effect isn't at all super bad, I can always do something! Thanks for the comment

    Coffretgorge, so true, breakouts are HUGE NO NOs! I wouldn't care how expensive it is, if it doesn't work and cause me breakouts, its HUGE BYE BYE!

    Anastacia, :) Good for you

  20. Lipstick Rules, so true! I felt miserable too and I just want to hit my head with a huge hammer!

    Bubbles, eeeekk , 3 of us have the same problems with tsubaki, really, not meant for our weather and the type of scalp we have!

    Kaith, same here, skincare, if it doesn't work STOP! Thanks for the comment, you are very sweet!

  21. Connie, awww..thanks for sharing!

    Plue, so true, if you tried hard and it still gave out negative result, we should know its time to say GOODBYE! I do use clarifying shampoo once in awhile, so I'm not sure about product build up, I guess it must be better for oilier scalp, as I don't have that much of an oily scalp :)

    Fifi, its easy for me to give it away or toss it away, I guess overall, if its a gift I find it really hard!

  22. Sush, agree!

    Rasilla, oh my, not working? but at least, it doesn't give you negative reaction!

    Ashley, so true, try to make it work or give it away to someone who can make it work! thanks!

  23. Kathi, thank you for commenting, I appreciate it! :) Kefir whips? never tried! you've tried quite a number or products yourself! Oh my oh my if those expensive products does not work, I'll be really bummed!

    Crystal, agree! :) And I'm glad your skin is getting clearer! I can see it on photos, so happy for you!

  24. I usually try to find ways to make any product work, regardless of the price. But if I don't really like a product at all, I just give it to a friend. I would feel too guilty if I threw away something that I purchased.

  25. my mom has this weird habit of buying expensive stuff she almost never uses..she says she's saving them for special occasions.. lately i've noticed most of the stuff just end up expired.. it's so sad :c

  26. Nikki -- forcing myself to use products because of the price? That's the story of my life. ;)
    What I've found that works for my flake problem (and I have it genetically, I think): I alternate using shampoo and conditioner daily (not together), then on Saturdays I use Beauty Formula hair wax (if I remember the name right) and leave it in. On Sunday I just rinse the wax off and give the tresses a sabbath day of rest from products.

  27. I asked my dad to buy me a Studio Fix when he went to the states but I gave him the wrong shade. He got me a NW30 but I'm an NC30, so now im trying to use to contour or as a bronzer. LOL

  28. mom bought me a dkny apple green perfume- thought it was nice but as time went by I realized i didn't like it as much as I thought..still use it though just so mom won't feel bad...and me too :P

  29. yes i do force myself to finish stuff since i waste a lot of money on stuff like that... i'll use face moisturizer that i don't like to moisturize my neck, facial sunblock lotion that i don't like on my body, facial cleaser that i don't like as body wash... basically if it doesn't agree with my face, i use it on my body cos i won't get breakouts. the only exception is if something gives me hives - i ditch it immediately!

    it's kind of wasteful as well if you think about it, but at least i don't waste as much. or that's what i keep telling myself!

  30. i dont really force myself to finish a product if it doesnt work for me... for example i get allergies from using Dior make up if it has spf, they are expensive, but i either give to friends or i just dont use them and throw them out...

  31. Gio, that's nice to know! Thanks for sharing!

    marie16 oh no! Your mom wasted so much products! I know what she means about saving for special occasion though, but come to think of it, how many special occasions do we really have in a year? not much!

    Jo.frougal, hahah story of your life? I am sorry you have to really find ways to make products work! Isn't it better if all products we purchase works? well that's wishful thinking!

  32. Keith Franchesca, glad you found ways to use the Studio Fix, so sad he bought the wrong shade, but we can't blame them! it is really confusing!

    Louise, I know what you mean about scents! I bought a couple which I think is on sale and worth it, but after spraying it more often, its actually not my type! Thanks for sharing

    Feeyona, that's great idea! thanks for sharing!

    Jessy, sharing or giving it to a friend is the best bet :)thanks!

  33. I might have forced myself to finish a product just because I shelled out major bucks for it. Or, if I'm not patient, I'll just give it away.

  34. All Women Stalker, thanks for sharing, I guess we are all smart enough to share it to friends if they don't work for us :) Thanks for your 2 cents


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