Friday, February 26, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Celebration" Nails

Happy Friday!!! Thank goodness it's Friday!!!  How's the week treating you?  Mine isn't bad at all as this is my birthday week!  As I get older, birthday celebrations are getting a bit longer!  With different group of friends and colleagues, I definitely have more chance to food trip and celebrate with them!  Aaaahhh the sweet life with food! 

Let me share to you my "Celebration" Nails.  I call this a celebration nails because you can do this to celebrate any special occasions!  In my case, it's my birthday celebration nails!  I wanted it quite easy to do, not too flashy, yet it screams "Happiness"!!!

This is a toned down version of last week's nail art tutorial!  I am loving it so much I have to do a second round.

Here's my final nail art for the week

Step 1:
Apply your choice of basecoat prior to nail polish application.  Let dry.  I use a pale pink polish from The Face Shop in PK104.  Apply 2 coats and let dry.

Step 2:
Create a French Tip using matte white polish.  I am using Elianto's white polish.  


Step 3:
Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in Red, create a think line between the white French tip and the base color.  Continue with thin, feathery strokes, going to the direction your hand is comfortable with.

Step 4:
Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in Black, create the same strokes in between the red lines.


Step 5:
Proceed with white feather lines, using L.A. Colors Art Deco in White,  if you have a  couple more colors.  Your choice of color combination!


Step 6:
Apply Elianto's glittery polish or any brand on top of the nail art once dry.  


Step 7:
Protect your nail art with your favorite top coat.

It's really simple to do this nail art, if you don't have L.A. Colors Art Deco polish, you can purchase thin brush at local bookstores and create thin lines with it!  



Hope you like it!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm amazed how you can do nails like that :)

  2. I'm amazed you can still do nail tutorials... hehe~ :) I remember doing those and gave up. :X

    You don't need eye makeup tutorials or diagram since you're a professional makeup artist... hehe~ :P

  3. Happy Birthday! Your nails remind me of little fireworks!

  4. This looks gorgeous! You are so talented!

  5. This is so pretty! It's classy but with a kick!

    Hope you enjoy your birthday week!

  6. This is so pretty! It's classy but with a kick!

    Hope you enjoy your birthday week!

  7. Lanie, thank you

    Ally, I know! I am surprised i still continue to do these :)

    Fifi, thanks!

    Khymm, it is easier! I promise you!

    JCm, thanks sweetie! Yup! Li'l fireworks for my bday!

    Gio, you are very sweet!

    Yumeko, hey girl, thank you!

    Arezu,I know! I like the simple shades for French Tip but added with a bang! Thanks!

  8. They look lovelier in person! Glad to have finally met you!

  9. Tish, thanks! it was really great meeting you for the first time, you look gorgeous! It was great meeting your man too! :D

  10. I love how you used a pink base for this. You're so talented.

  11. All Women Stalker, thank you for the compliment, you are a sweetheart!


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