Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something New: Sweet Contemplation Jewelry + HUGE Thanks

Saturday is sleep in day but this is going to be quite a busy weekend!  I'm not complaining though as things are starting to look up this year, *crosses finger* Power of positivity! (Right Shen? hahaha).

Early this month, I received a gift card from my dearest friend, imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to pick my own gift at Sweet Contemplation Accessories.  My dearest friend Christine Wang is the owner and designer of all the pieces you see on her site.  She offers beautifully customized hand-crafted jewelry from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and bridal jewelries!

I had a hard time choosing but I finally came up with 2 bracelets that is so ME!!! After a couple of weeks!  I got it!!!

I felt giddiness all over again, like my 18th birthday *winks*


A regular bracelet and a watch bracelet that screams NIKKI!  I made the right decision.  It isn't difficult to choose my favorite piece as photos are clear and taken as is!  


  •  Silver-plated brass, nickel free
  • Byzantine chainmaille, enitirely handcrafted
  • Length: 17.7cm (adjustable, you can shorten or lengthen)

Up close on the intricate flower :)


  • Sterling silver
  • Czech and glass beads
  • Length: 17.4cm (adjustable, can shorten/lengthen)


Lovely detail, love the mini heart that says..
"Made With Love" 


Tine, such a sweetheart, also sent me a birthday gift!  She added a lovely necklace called Snowflake!  The design and color is perfect!!!  I love it!  Thank you!


And you think I'm done?  I thought so too!  Well, I'm not!  Another sister Prettybeautiful sent me this early!  It's another bracelet with lovely charms!  In my initial "N" and cute charms that represents the "girl" in me! 
I guess this year started with "bracelet bang!" :)

I am really into accessories/jewelries!  If you didn't know that, now you do! :)  This is the perfect timing for me to celebrate my birthday showing off my lovely gifts from friends!  Don't think I'm weird if I'm waving my hands showing off these bracelets!  I'm just a proud momma!

Are you into jewelries too?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. how cute, specially the starry starry night watch, very pretty! :)

    advance happy birthday Nikki!! tomorrow, right? hope you'll have a great day tomorrow. ~xoxo

  2. they're all very pretty Nikki! love them all. Oh and Happy birthday too! May you have a good year ahead of you. Be happy always :)

  3. Happy Birthday Nikki, the make-up guru. Lucky you, you have unique bracelets and charms :)

  4. Thats nice barcelets!!

    Have a happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Nikki!!!

    The last bracelet is that DIY? Does Pretty Beautiful have a store?

  6. Everything is so nice! I especially like the watch :) All the jewelries reflect your bubbly personality, sis! And I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Let me know when you're in Sta. Mesa and free for Joey Pepperoni's :)

  7. its your bday tomorrow?! Advance happy bday Nikki! =)

    i love the starry, starry night watch/bracelet, so cute! will be checking out her site!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love the bracelet-watch! It's so girly!!

  9. Nehs, I know! I fell in love with it right away! :) Love the color combination, the stars, and of course, its functional pa :) Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Charry, thank you for the greeting! I will definitely have loads of fun

    kitten,i know! I love them to bits and I wear them alternately too!

  10. Angelica Joy, thank you! The last bracelet was purchased by Pretty Beautiful, i don't have idea where :)

    Tara! Girl girl girl! It was great to finally meet you! As in 1 year in the making no? Let's catch up again your gorgeous girl!

  11. Kim, thank you! Thanks for the well wishes, I'm a year older na! Ooohhhh starry starry night is your fave too! You've got great taste *winks*

    iamgrape1119, thank you sweetie!

  12. oohh bongga! i love this kind of jewelry.. not too loud, simply just right for that tinge statement

  13. Wow, everything is gorgeous!

    Happy birthday!

  14. ooooooh and pretty!!

  15. Damnvixen, I like simple jewelries that makes a statement too :)

    Gio, thanks for the birthday greetings :)

    Miemiemie, :)

  16. Glad you loved 'em, my dear. Blessed birthday :)

  17. You picked out some gorgeous items - Happy Birthday Nikki! *hugs*

  18. That watch bracelet is really charming. You sure did make the right choice in getting it.

  19. The watch bracelet is just charming! You sure did make the right choice.

  20. Tine, I LOVE it!!! As you can tell!!!!

    PB, thanks to you!!!! I love them!!! Been wearing them so many times!

    All Women Stalker, I know!!!! I really made the right decision and I love them all!

  21. Happy Birthday, Nikki! I would've wished you sooner but I wasn't online yesterday
    Those are very lovely accessories. Unfortunately, I'm not big on wearing them :(


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