Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Emerald Garden + 31st Birthday

Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday dear oldie...
Happy Birthday NIKKI!

It actually rhymes!  I thought the 30th birthday would be THE BLAST and the rest will be celebrated like a normal boring individual!  Life definitely starts at ... of course, I am the writer here so you have to bear with me.... THIRTY ++++++ !!!  *hahaha*

I've had the longest birthday celebration ever!  It started last week and it will probably end early March!  I am loving the food tripping, the party and of course, the meet ups with friends!  Of course, I'll put in some quality time with the hubby!  It wasn't even my birthdate when we've decided to dine in the exact restaurant we got engaged on July 7, 2007!  Emerald Garden.

Eventhough it's for my advance birthday celebration, I'd like to celebrate it quietly with food I love!  So be ready to be  bored and hungry at the same time!

Corn with Quail Eggs Soup
Small order and this is good for 4-5 people!
Love the sweet tasting soup that's warm for the tummy!  
I like this that this tastes authentic, not the ready made corn soup type!


Fish with Tofu 
What's the best way to celebrate a nice dinner with my favorite combination?
This Fish with Tofu combination adds up different kinds of mushrooms! 
I love mushrooms too!


Peking Duck on Lettuce Wrap
I've always tried the Shredded Pork with Lettuce Wrap.
I am not a fan of duck but for the sake of "new taste", I've given this a chance
and I did not regret it!  Its something new, taste is just right!  Do not forget to ask for the sauce!


And what's dining in a Chinese Retaurant without trying their house tea?
The restaurant serves Jasmine Green Tea!  

Emerald Garden
1170 Roxas Blvd. Ermita, Manila
Tel no: (632) 523-8515 

Huge parking space, service is great!  Restaurant accepts cash and credit card payments, NO Service Charge! :)

Here's a peek on how my Birthday celebration went...

Went for a quiet dinner with  my family 
because my brother will go back to China 

My colleagues created a Mardis Gras theme birthday party for me :)

I really enjoyed my birthday celebration!
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and greetings :)
Love ya!

And I have 2 more birthday parties to attend to, tonight and next weekend!!!  I love it!!!  Feels like a celebrity..where are the paparazzis???? :)  *humming Lady Gaga song* 

Have a wonderful weekend!
Big welcome to March!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Happy Birthday, Nikki! You'll never look like you're thirty! Even my beloved thinks so

  2. Nice party Nikki!
    Happy "not oldie" Birthday!!!

  3. happy birthday Nikki! wish you all the happines in life girl=)magkaedad lang pala tayo *wink*


    I wish you all the best life can offer :)

    Stay smiling :)

  5. Happy birthday! (And your family looks huge...)

  6. Happy Birthday Nikki! Your pink dress is very pretty! love your masks too :)

  7. Happy Birthday!And remember, life starts at 30:D

  8. happy super pretty birthday ms nikki!!!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS NIKKI!^_^ You don't look a day over 25. ;)

  10. Happy birthday Nikki love! I'm super glad to have met you and I wanna see you again soon! You deserve a lovely birthday because you're such a good person. Love ya!

  11. Happy Birthday Nikki. Glad to see that you had a great time on your birthday. Your blog looks yummy with a picture of Fish with Tofu.

  12. awww...
    happy birthday,hun!

    im glad you had a great one

  13. Happy Birthday!!!! Stay sweet and happy!! God bless! ^_^

  14. Happy birthday Nikki! I'm glad you has a great time and I wish you all the best :)

  15. Happy Happy Birthday Nikki!!! And Emerald is my favorite restaurant :D

  16. Happy Birthday Nikki! My birthday was yesterday!I only get to encounter very few people that are born in February, much more, one that is born one day after my birthday! How cool is that! I have a question, where's the yang chow? Haha! You look fabulous at 31! When I first read your blog I thought you were only 20 something, really. Happy birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday Nikki! You so do not look 31!

  18. Happy birthday Nikki! I didn't get bored on this. but I do get hungry! haha

  19. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthdayyy Nikki!!!!!!!! Big fat virtual internet huggs!! :) All the best! :)

  20. Happy belated birthday! You do not look a day over 30! I would never guess! Well I'm glad you had a great time and the food looks delish :)

  21. happy belated birthday to u sis!!!!! *sorry for wasnt able to wish u in time* happy-more birthday parties! :D love the themed birthday party!

  22. Happy birthday NIkki! *hugs & kisses* wishing you good health, happiness and more success! gosh, you dont look like 31..

  23. Happy happy birthday, dear Nikki. :-)

  24. Happy Birthday!! Remember..29 forever ;-)

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