Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AMW Reports: Clinique's Youth Surge Event

When I got an invite from Ms. May Samson, Marketing Manager of Clinique, to discover  
Age Suspended, Time Interrupted 
I couldn't say no.  I am a big fan of anti-aging products!  Not because I am aging.....well, I actually am, but I am a big believer of starting up early to prevent signs of aging!  And of course, I couldn't pass the chance to meet Ms. May and other attendees invited to this event!

The event was held at the Intercontinental Hotel, and I was greeted with such a lovely set with a huge backdrop of my favorite skincare brand!


I am  amazed with the ice sculpture with the new Clinique's Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer and Youth Surge SPF 15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer.


Ms. Kaye Fidelino, the Brand manager of Clinique, opened the event with such optimistic outlook with Clinique's latest patent-pending de-aging treatment line - Youth Surge.


The lovely Patty Laurel hosted the event with such charm and excitement and I can't help but feel the excitement myself.  There was a great Q&A portion with Clinique's Asia Pacific Executive, who uses Clinique's Youth Surge himself!


And here's the 2 stars of the day!

Clinique scientists have found a revolutionary way to help optimize cellular regenration and restore youth to aging skin, intensifyinig the natural nightly cycle of repair.  Armed with this cutting edge reserach and ground-breaking knowledge of Sirtuins, naturally occurring youth extending agents found in the skin, Clinique has been able to create a comprehensive de-aging line for the woman looking to slow down the hands of time.

Clinique's Youth Surge SPF 15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer

Youth Surge SPF 15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer uses a unique-to-Clinique molecule, Isoniacinamide, which helps slow down the appearance of aging, optimize natural cellular repair and restore a youthful look to aging skin.  Used for the first time in Clinique's patent-pending Youth Surge SPF 15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer, this molecule works to help repair lines and wrinkles effectively and deliver visible results.

Suggested Retail Price: Php3,650 (approx $79.00)

Clinique's Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer

Youth Surge Night uses an exclusive blend of ingredients - Isoniacinamide and NADH - to help skin extend its natural cellular longevity and to optimize reparative functions, resulting in youthful looking skin.  Coupled with the powerful enzyme Micrococcus Lysate, these repair-boosting agents enhance skin's natural ability to combat damage that can accelerate the aging process.

The combination of energy molecules Adenosine Phosphate and Creatine help skin utilize its "fuel" in the efficient manner during the night when skin is more receptive to reparative treatment.

Suggested Retail Price: Php3,650 (approx $79.00)

Like I said, I enjoyed going to events because I get to meet old and new faces! It was great to see Lauren (photo below left side) again for the second time, I've met her at the GlamBox event and we were both lucky enough to have won the airbrush set. 

I also had the chance to chitchat with Liz (photo below right side) again!  The first time I met her was at the JnJ Body Care  Launch Event!  I love her outfit!  I can't help but gush over her lovely skirt!

Huge "hi" to Jane of Here's To Life!  I didn't have the chance to take a photo with her! :)


A dearest friend Phoebe was also there!  I love her outfit and her usual gorgeous haircut and hair color!  

And last but not the least!  I went to the event with the dearest friend  Beatrilicious!  I had a great lunch with her prior to this event and we had a nice frozen yogurt right after the event!  Girl bonding for sure!  Oh yeah, it was a day full of stories, laughters and meeting up new people!  Before I forget, the snacks they serve at the Intercontinental Hotel is wonderful! Salmon on wheat crackers, Bea's ultimate favorite!  I love the Chicken on stick by the way! :)


The event ended really well and I went straight for The Spa Experience right after.  Now, isn't it such a relaxing day? 

Have a wonderful day!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!



  1. wow! after i saw liz and then yours.. i really want to try this! :)

  2. so nice the ice sculpture!!! they really made an effort to jazz the event up.

  3. Nice event. I'm thinking of using Clinique again. I'm still halfway the bottle. I stopped because I want to whiten my skin, and now I'm back to dry skin. :(

  4. You visiting a lot of events! That is so nice!!

  5. You're right, hun! You DON'T need anti-agining products!

    It's really fun, still, to go to those events--lucky you!

  6. That ice sculpture looks amaziiiing. What an awesome event. Looks like you ladies had fun!

  7. Hi Nikki, new reader here. Really like your blog and pls keep writing! :)

    Was wondering if you get paid to attend all those events, because you seem to have loadsa fun!! :)

  8. Thanks girls! :) Shen, I'm sure you'll love to use this :)

    Siewkwan,hey, thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad you enjoy it! With regards to your query, "HOW I WISH!" hahaha I don't get paid to go to events! I get invites to go there and I'm glad I'm included in their "media" contact, I love attending events because I get to meet new people and get to understand the brand and product (that explains to super happy face). I guess If I work as a reporter or camera crew, then going to events is part of my job and i get paid on my job! :) Thanks for asking this query, I'm sure others do have this same question in mind and I'm glad to clear it up :)

  9. That ice sculpture is just wicked! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  10. I had a great time in this event! I really do :)


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