Monday, February 22, 2010

AMW Reports: "The Spa" Purifying Moroccan Mud Therapy Experience

Happy Manic Monday people!!!  I had a wonderful week last week!  I promised everyone I will do a couple of reports for the stuff I've done! The highlight for the week was a spa therapy experience which was the best thing I've done because I haven't had any massages or spa treatments for almost a year!  I've been caught up with so many stuff and with such hectic schedule, the only time for myself is my "stay at home" personal treatment!  So this will be the first after many months for a real "me" time.  I want to thank Emily, the Marketing Executive of The Spa, for the invitation!

I visited The Spa, Greenbelt 1 branch for The Spa Purifying Moroccan Mud Therapy.  I am excited to try the treatment because it purifies and cleanses the skin as well as retain moisture, moisture retention - a magical phrase for dry skinned like myself!

I arrived 30 minutes earlier than my scheduled appointment, I was taken aback a bit with the nice "Greek"  ambiance, it looks intimidating at first but the wonderful smile from the staffs made me comfortable at once!  I felt like a goddess from America's Next Top Model walking towards the reception area!  A girl can work it out right? 

The waiting area is quite comfortable and you can sit down and relax while you wait to be called.  You can feel at ease too that your loved ones will be comfortable waiting for you  as you pamper yourself.

Wonders: "Who's that pretty lady sitting and waiting?" hahahaha

As I was called to go up for my treatment, I was told that the left side of the door are for males and the right side are for females.  There are also private rooms for couples!  I really like it!  I love privacy!  Not that I'm afraid of paparazzis!  I just want my privacy on semi-naked times like these! hahaha

Now let's talk about the treatment I tried!  It's called The Spa Purifying Moroccan Mud Therapy, a 60 minute treatment of pure bliss and relaxation.

Envelopment in a layer of warm mud enriched with pure volcanic-based minerals, increases pure wellness by reducing muscle aches and pains, balancing the whole body system to promote beauty from the inside and the body's skin to a youthful optimum health.  Your body will surely radiate and achieve a delightful sense of utter renewal and well being.

I had a quick shower first then went for a relaxing sauna to calm my tired muscles from a whole day's activities.  The treatment started by spraying and brushing my entire body.  I was a bit hesitant with exfoliation but this scrubbing was done with such gentle hands that I nearly fell asleep.
Afterwards, my whole body was applied with warm mud that's mixed with the rassoul powder.  The warm mud application stimulates and releases impurities as the skin absorbs enriching minerals which makes the body radiates healthy glow as it deeply hydrates it.  I was then wrapped with a plastic sheet and fleece blanket cocoon style for approximately 15 minutes accompanied with a relaxing scalp massage.  A quick note from author, if you are claustrophobic, do let the staffs know as this treatment may overwhelm you!
After the wrapping process was done, I was unwrapped and asked to soak in a hi-tech jacuzzi bath which  made me feel like a princess with bubbles that I can play with! :)  I had another quick shower after and while my body was still damp, the application of body moisturizer was done for finishing touch.  I like the fact that my whole body does not feel greasy at all!

I am very particular with post treatment area.  I want a relaxing place to change, to dry my hair, to have some retouch and The Spa definitely passed my watchful eyes and OC-ness with flying colors!  Some simple amenities like body lotion, powder, blowdryer combs and brushes are available and I love the fact that their combs and brushes are well sanitized.

Relaxed and recharged after the treatment.  Even the hubby said I look refreshed!


Check out The Spa website for more services. They have branches at Trinoma, Bel-Air, Greenbelt, Alabang, Acropolis and The Fort.

The Purifying Moroccon Mud Therapy costs Php1,900 (approx $41.00) for non-members and Php1,700 (approx $37.00) for members.  It looks quite pricey but the relaxation and the experience is worth it!  I will definitely come back and invite my mom for a special QT (quality time).

Have you had a luxurious body treatment?
Willing to try?

Thanks again to the people of The Spa for making this such a relaxing experience!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Nikki, thank you! I thought they are very very expensive! tama lang pala for 60min treatment! I will definitely give it a try over the weekend! Thank you - Abby (

  2. I love The SPA! me and my husband always visit this place whenever we're back home for our hoilday. Prices are not that bad at all believe me. Another place to try is The Spa @Mandarin. Ohh, heaven! Great review btw.More power!

  3. Nothing like a relaxing write up on The Spa on a Monday. Thanks for the relaxing effect of your article, Nikki! :)

  4. OMG the spa looks gorgeous. It looks relaxing already lol.

  5. oooh very nice :) my mom would love this!

  6. the place looks great! very nice ambiance, looks relaxing..

  7. The spa salon looks nice! That is so great you can relax there!

  8. Good for you, Nikki, you deserve all the pampering especially after the hard work you put into the blog and elsewhere!!!

  9. i envy you ms nikki!!ive been meaning to pamper myself for the longest time,i want to have a good massage,but yeah they're kinda expensive,but look at the place eh? Bonggacious

  10. That sounds very relaxing and the spa looks beautiful!

  11. Abby, I'm glad this post helped you out :) Go, relax :)

    dHel, thanks for sharing, I'm glad you and your hubby do spend quality time here :)

    Teeyah, no problem, it's my pleasure :)

  12. Becky, I'm glad you like the post! and thanks!

    Lions, Tigers and Fashion, go have some relaxation yourself, we do need that once in a while!

    Mrs.Zeus, :)

  13. Mie, yes, this is great to treat your loved ones ! Especially your parents!

    Khymm, :)

    Anastacia, yes, it's a very relaxing place indeed

  14. jo. Frougal, thanks for the sweet message, I appreciate it!

    Shobe, oh my! don't envy me, I haven't pampered myself for almost a year and I definitely need all the TLC i can get with all the stress :)

    Gio, thanks!

  15. very nice ambiance! di ko pa na-try magpa-spa. hehe.. akala ko din super mahal, medyo mahal lang pala. ;))

    that's Nikki! that pretty lady sitting and waiting! <3

  16. WOW - I'm a spa addict! This looks...!!!! I'm at a loss for words hahaha.

  17. nice nga the spa,. sweddish massage lang ako,. mainipin kasi ako, i dont even want getting hot oil on saloons,. natatagalan ako,. hehe,. and im a little claustrophobic.

  18. That looks and soooounds divine. I am long overdo for another spa treatment!

  19. Nehs, hahah thanks for answering my super hard question! hahahha

    Soapaholic, awww, this is indeed very very relaxing! I want to go to one now!

    Shatz, hey how are you sis? I want to try massage after this! I am sure I'll sleep!!!

    B, thanks dearie, I hope we can go together!

  20. ei the place is super beautiful! and yes it's quite intimidating, parang pang mayaman un dating nun lugar...ang btw, i like your bag huh! you have such fine taste.. i saw it sa isang magazine once, i think it's a hermes lindy bag if i'm not mistaken...=)

  21. Hi bagofeverything, great to see your comment :) Yes, pang mayaman yung lugar but trust me, I was intimidated at first, but afterwards I am actually saving up for both me and my mom's treatment. I heard more expensive places pa and more intimidating hehehe

    You're right, it's the Lindy bag :)

  22. Wow lucky gal! I love spas and they're always a great way to unwind. This one sounds and looks really good!

  23. Here I am again, Nikki, with another question and I hope it doesn't bother you or make you think I'm a stalker, lol. Okay, here goes:
    My friend said she heard of a spa near MoA that offers 24-hour service and for a package of treatments starting at P1K, you can stay overnight with free eat-all-you-can buffet. So we're like, is that for real? But we're in CdO and unfortunately my friend forgot the name of the spa. I don't know if you've reviewed it before, or if you've gone there, or if my friend got the info right. But my friends and I would really appreciate your feedback.
    Thanks again!

  24. That spa house is just beckoning to me. Ohhh how I'd love a massage right about now. And I approve of the mud therapy.

  25. Sesame :) I love Spas too! Have to sched myself for another one :)

    Jo.Frougal, I haven't tried the SPA or heard about the MOA 1K spa :( Sorry, but I'll let you know once I heard something about it! It sounds weird with the overnight and free eat all you can buffet that's just too good to be true!

    All Women Stalker, :) Same here! I want another one!

  26. it seems like it was great experience! and good for health, too. how i wish someone backrubbed me every day!


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