Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Banana Leaf + A Cute Combination

Happy Sunday friends!  I had a very busy week!  Though I was off for the whole week for a holiday, it was a very busy one!  Accompanied my brother who came back for vacation, went to an event, went out with friends, had a wonderful makeup was really an exciting week for me!  I do feel tired but it's all worth it :)

Weekend food tripping!  I think I skipped the post last week!  It was a week full of food and laughter!  Love to eat .. and bond!  Let me start with a very simple dish that I came to realize that it's a favorite of mine!  CURRY!!!!

Went to the Banana Leaf Restaurant to have a nice curry fix!

Malayan Chicken Curry with Potatoes
Php228.00 (approx $4.97)

I love chicken and I love curry!  Some chicken hates me as I'm allergic to it!  But I don't care!  It's chicken on curry sauce!  I can taste the coconut and curry blended perfectly!


Deep Fried Pandan Chicken
Php168.00 (approx $3.65)

Another Thai dish favorite dish of mine!  And it's not surprisingly CHICKEN again!  The chicken itself is marinated in pandan sauce as what I know the deep fried with pandan leaf!


Yummy chicken minus the bones!


And you'd think I'll only talk about food?  I bought something really nice to use!  I finally own a very cute mouse and mouse pad!  This is made by A4!


It's pink.  The mouse design matches the mousepad!
Now I'm more inspired to blog!


Have a wonderful weekend!
I will be off for another weekend food tripping.  My brother will be leaving the country soon!  I'm going to miss him!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. So pretty! Where did you get that mouse/mousepad set?

    Also, Banana Leaf rocks hard. Especially their noodles and nasi goreng!

  2. the mouse and mouse pad is sooooo cute!!! how much sis?

  3. i love your mouse pad and mouse! very cute!! pinkkkkk :D

    and what a delish foods.. pandan chicken! YUM YUM!! pandan smells so good! :D

  4. the mousepad and the mouse match really well! I would be more eager to blog too if I have them around lolz ^^

  5. I love the combination of gold and pink! Happy weekend Nikki! :)

  6. wow. drooling over the deep fried pandan chicken, looks super yummy!

  7. omgoodness! The pandan chicken sounds and looks really yummmmmyyy!

  8. Sweet mouse pad & mouse combination! Do blog more =D

  9. coool~ i have a mouse from G-CUBE too~ with a matching sticker for the laptop. (what do you call that? haha!) mine's yellow with fireflies~ sooooo cute!

  10. You new PC gadgets looks totally cute!!
    Yummy food pics!

  11. I love your mousepad! And your mouse! Super cute!!!! :)

  12. Eh Nikki, just curious, your rice should be on top of banana leaf, no? The pandan chicken looks yummy!!

  13. been reading your blog from time to time. never gave a comment until now coz of the mouse. it's gorgeous.

  14. The mouse and mouse pads are so cute! The food looks nice too.

  15. achie, more cute stuff for your cute blogging. haha!

  16. I am droooooooling over that chicken curry!

    The mouse and pad are adorable!

  17. Karla, got the mouse/mousepad at Electonic Boutique! :

    Rosey, the mouse costs around 600php and the mousepad costs around 150php :)

    Iyah, yes, its super cute! that's why I'm happy :) I love pandan chicken too!

  18. Hana, hahaha I love using them even on my laptop! I really cannot live without a mouse!

    Madz, happy week ahead to you

    Nehs, super yummy no? Do you like Pandan Chicken too?

  19. Becky, it is yummy! That's my favorite!

    Tracy, hahaha I will definitely blog more about it!

    Julie, oh they don't sell the sticker for laptop! I'd love to have the same design for my laptop!

  20. Anastacia thanks!

    Teeyah, yes, it's obvious I love cute stuffs no?

    Sue, well, they give you this banana leaf and you can transfer the rice on top of the banana leaf :)

  21. thanks for the comment skinandface! :)

    Gio, thanks

    Sophie, I know!!!super inspiring to blog!

    JC, I love curry!!!!!

  22. I have yet to sample the food from Banana Leaf but judging from your post, it was delish. I'll have to check it out. And oh, that's a really cute mouse and mousepad you've got there.


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