Monday, August 10, 2009

Askmewhats Report: JnJ Body Care Launch

A photo of soft skin intrigues not only us women but also the opposite sex!

When Johnson & Johnson launches the Johnson's Body Care, its first body care brand with a complete line of skin care products especially made to address the universal desire of women to achieve soft, beautiful skin... I have to be there!

The event at WhiteSpace, Makati was hosted by the beautiful Ms. Karen Pamintuan, wearing a Debbie Co number.

We were told that as woman matures from teenage to adulthood, our skin also changes which leads to deterioration of the baby soft and smooth skin that we used to have. Luckily, the brand we trusted since childhood, Johnson & Johnson has a new solution to maintain and enhance the adult woman's skin softness as it introduces Johnson's Body Care, a brand of body care products made specifically for the modern woman's unique skin care needs in 3 variants:

24 Hour Lasting Moisture Melt Away Stress Naturally White

With three lotion and body wash variants to chose from, Johnson's Body Care products provide women with the cleansing and moisturizing needed to nurture out skin's softness.

With Metro Manila's top fashion and beauty icons, and media personalities in attendance, the Johnson's Body Care line was presented through a fashion show even in partnership with Preview magazine. The runway showcased some of Manila's young female designers presenting exquisit pieces that used soft, sheer fabrics in shades of white, blush and nude. The show underscored the importance of pocessing soft beautiful skin to complement one's fashion choices, be it casual, chic and trendy, or formal.






A Soft Skin Lotion Bar set-up during the event allowed guests to be the first ones to try out the new products as the lovely models flocked for photographers to take a shot on their soft, subtle and smooth looking skin.

Wonderful food from Cibo

It was my pleasure to meet Liz for the first time!
Love how glowy your skin is in person!

Me, Shen and Phoebe
are claiming to have gorgeous skin too! lol

We need to camwhore before we leave!

Now aren't you excited to have soft baby skin?
I know I am!

Thanks Monica and Patty from Strategic Edge for the invite!
Yes, I got lost again but it was worth it! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. when my son was just born, i wanted to buy J & J stuff because it seemed to be the most popular brand for baby product. (I was wrong of course.) then i discovered that MIL had severe allegery case (on her hands) when she used J & J on my husband when he was a baby so I was reluctant. I didn't buy any as son's 1/4 of MIL. LOL. Turned out he does have very sensitive skin. *_*

    so i still don't know if J & J is a brand I should have in my house. It's a brand unknown to me mostly. I had only tried its babay shampoo and it stunk my eyes big time and it said no tears!!!

    but you are right that all the girls here in your post look great! beautiful skin you all! i think it's to do with what you eat and how you care for your skin and genes rather than products. :)

  2. Wow... the model's skin are absolutely glowing!! So is yours!! hehehe!! :D

    And the gown from CHOC & YVETTE

  3. Pretty dresses!! :) I haven't seen the new jhonson n jhonson products around, probably soon :D
    Love your skin! And the camwhore lolz

  4. Ok I need to know where you got your top! I love it! :D:D

  5. wow the ladies are all so gorgeous! thanks hun, i'll be arriving in the phils 14th of august but i'm going straight tobacolod which is in the visayas region. I'll be in Manila from around the 20th. I'll let you know what I'll get up to hehe.

  6. Seems you spent a lot of fun!
    Such a nice event!
    OMG! All the models just beautifull! Not totally thin like most of 'em. These ladies so beautiful!
    Thanx for share, Nikki!

  7. jojoba, awww..thanks for sharing, that's a nice experience to share! we really have to read labels no matter what companies have said they are allergies tested. THANK YOU!

    Jenn, :) thank you! I don't think my skin is good that night, it was the most tiring day ever! LOL

    Hana aka acutelife , yes! It'll soon come out, it smells great I swear!

  8. Paris b!!! Its actually a dress....its from a friend/seller Shanna! :) she sells wonderful clothing!

    Jo, yes! email me..let me know when you have time to meet up :)

    ☆Anastacia☆ , it was fun and you're right about the models..they are sexy!!! Sooo sexy and pretty it hurts for regular human being like me! LOL

  9. saw the 3 new lotions variants in watsons! wanna try their whitening lotion with spf 8!

  10. You are so lucky to be able to go to all these fun events!!

    You look adorable. I will see if I can find the Whitening version in Dubai.

  11. Khymm, I guess the whitening one will really be popular! they smell great! I can vouch on that :)

    Jamilla Camel, thanks dear, I am really lucky to get invited to these kind of events that I really love :) thanks! Hope you can find them in dubai! :)

  12. It's about time that they launch something like this! :) Sayang, wasn;t able to come. You girls look gorgeous, as always :)

  13. I love the 24 Hour Moisturizer! It leaves your skin soft without a greasy feel:)

  14. Teeyah, sayang! when will I ever meet you in person???? WHEN??? :P

    THSG, thanks, now you're making me excited!

  15. It's great to hear that you ladies had fun! :) I had a small part to play in this wonderful event. Hahahaha, and now I still need to do the report! :P

  16. Gingerbee, awww..can't wait to read your report :) Were you there? Why didn't I see you?


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