Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: The Big Little Store at Gilmore

Good day everyone! I am in the mood because mom's checkup was ok, thanks to the wonderful friends who messaged me to wish me and my mom well! :) God bless your hearts!

Weekend Food tripping time! A time to make everyone salivate reading this post! If you're not into Chinese food, you are safe this weekend! lol

The weekend food tripping is not a familiar place to everyone. But if you're a techie person who loves to go to Gilmore to shop for computer stuffs, you'll know this place!

The Big Little Store, correct me if I am wrong, started out as a small Chinese grocery store who carries a lot of authentic Chinese stuffs you see in Downtown. They are famous for their "fresh lumpia" (similar to spring rolls). The eventually expanded as people are starting to flock to their place as they gained popularity!

They've decided to expand and now serves more Chinese delicacies from Fresh Spring Rolls to Siomai, noodles, and others! I've dined in here a couple of times as my hubby's "Shopping haven" is located at Gilmore!
Maki Mi
(approx Php100 or $2.08)

Maki Mi may sound Japanese to you but this is 100% Chinese dish. Maki Mi is a dish that contains pork and noodles (Maki= Pork, Mi= noodles) with sticky sauce. Best if you pour in black vinegar for the "kicks". You'd probably think this looks yucky? Scroll down...

Mix them all and you see the noodles and the pork!
Love it!

Siomai Noodles
(approx Php100 or $2.08)

The Big Little Store are known for their Siomai, or Pork Balls. The famous Siomai together with noodles and soup? Warm happy tummy!

We added Pork BBQ to our meal
(approx Php80 or $2.00)

Though The Big Little Store serves Chinese food, they also serve non Chinese Dish like BBQs, Pastas, etc... because they are gearing to food that are craved by people to be available in their very comfortable grocery/restaurant.

True to what their missions are....
Everything you crave can be found here...
Even Ice Pops!

Picole Ice Pop

Dip Pops Cookie Overload Nutty Blast

Php30.00 (less than $1.00)

Such a nice, cozy and comfortable ambiance!
A nice place to relax your tired feet after all those techie stuffs! :)

The BIG Little Store
Gilmore I.T. Center 1st st.
cor. Gilmore ave.

New Manila, Quezon City

tel no: 723.6881

What's YOUR weekend food tripping?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. mmmm food looks good /rubs belly. hehe

  2. It's good to hear your mom's check up was ok. She'll definitely get better and better each day. :)

    The Maki Mi looks yummy. Might try that one of these days. :)

  3. LOL at the ice pops cause today I just bought a bag of popsicle lollipops from the dollar store and the brand was picole. And I was...HEY! I know that brand! Anyways, awesome chinese food! I wanna eat them all soooo badly. =[

    Also, please check out my giveaway at

  4. i grew up eating that i saw your craving for one

    i haven't been to gilmore pa..
    i think i ought to go there even just for this place lang

  5. A lot of yummy pics! The BBQ one looks just totally delishaZZZ!

  6. The food looks delicious. I love the pictures, and that's the best looking healthy ice cream pop I've ever seen.

  7. Do you know that the sticky soup of maki is made from gaw gaw... just a trivia hehe

  8. Jo, hahahaha I feel the same everytime I see food photos! :)

    Pammy, thanks! Yes, mom is getting better but we have to be super patient! :)

    xMaterialGirlsx, awww, didn't know its an international brand, i thought it was made locally! At least it wasn't sold at a steep price :) Thanks for the comment, I'll check out your giveaway!

  9. ~tHiAmErE~, i know! downtown no? I also love Ha Yuan's maki mi!

    ☆Anastacia☆, the BBQ tastes surprisingly good!

    Glamorous Beauty, hahahah I love to eat the ice cream again, when I go to Gilmore again, I'll surely take a slurp on that ice pop!

    Dustbunny, yes! i know its made o gawgaw hahaha and it's weird texture for others but we grew up loving it!

  10. Great to hear that Mommy is okay :) And that popsicle looks yum! I haven't seen one in a long time and meron pa pala sa Gilmore haha!

  11. Great news about your mom!!

    Wonderful food porn...those noodles!!

  12. I really drooled over those chinese delicacies! Because of that, I am craving right now and asked my mom to buy me siomai. Can't wait to eat it! ;)

  13. The food looks delicious.

    I'm glad to hear your mum's check up was ok. :)

  14. I frequent Gilmore too, their siomai is good nga! hope to eat here again.

    I just find their interiors a little gloomy though.

  15. hey nikki! great to hear that your mom's doing great. anyway, my family and i frequent the big little store! i especially love their cuapao. never really dined in but the maki mi looks delicious! i like noodles with sticky sauce pa naman LOL will try it next time :)

  16. Oh,my wkend foods just vanished (into mine tummy of course) I was so hungry I didn't even think to take picture X(

  17. Good to hear your mom is doing fine!

    I frequent the original Little big Store in San Juan and the Gilmore one is their 2nd branch. Love their fresh lumpia. It's to die for!

  18. I'm so glad to hear your mom's checkup went ok!

    YUMMY FOOD!!!! I haven't eaten very well this weekend, so this makes me very envious!!!

  19. It's really great to hear that your mum is ok!! I'm sure in no time she'll be fine and dandy already! :D

    Mmmmm... the sticky noodle looks great! We have something similar here called Lor Mee, and it's usually served with chicken feet! Seeing this makes me crave for a plate! hehehe!! :D

  20. Yummy noodle soups! *drools* Glad to hear your mom's checkup was ok.

  21. yeah jenn said it. our version is known as 'lor mee'. i love it with LOADS of vinegar! n chili paste! yummmy

  22. teeyah, thanks for the well wishes for my mom :) I would love to have Picole ice pops available at ministops and 7-11s :)

    JC, thanks!

    Mitch, hahaha so I assume you are into chinese food too? YUM ! Siomai? Would you believe I am not into siomai? hahaha

  23. Gio, thanks!

    Lelila, ooohhh! So you've dined in this restaurant? What's your fave? So true about the interior, they could have done better! But as long as food is great, gloomy interior is ok LOL

    Steph sige, give it a try and let me know what you think!

  24. Hana, hahahah :) vanished weekend food tripping? that's too cute

    Nikkiz, thanks! yes, yes, I remembered the San Juan one!

    K, how have you been? Thanks for being happy about my mom's checkup going well! I'm glad too! So I'm ready to eat a lot!!!!

    Jenn, thanks! I hope she's going to be 100% back to normal :) Lormee? I think we call it LoMi down here and it's a different one!!! Maki Mi, I really cannot express how it's called in other countries lol!

    Shop n Chomp, :D

    prettybeautiful, :D so are you into lor mee too?

  25. this is actually their second branch. the first branch is in little baguio. :) best place to grab a lumpia.

    as for maki mi, i still prefer MaƱosa Panciteria. :)


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