Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Wonder: "What's the best Foundation for Mature Skin?"

Happy Saturday!!! I'm off to accompany my mom again for her weekly checkup!!! I hope her results are good and things will be better!

I have been very busy for a couple of weeks with make-up gigs for events (Thank you Lord for the chances), I enjoyed prettifying people!  Prettifying them is way better than myself!

As I was doing my usual makeup gig, a huge question popped into my head.  I know there's a lot of mature skin out there who feels left out because we always talk about foundation for Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Skin.... now I'm dedicating this post to our mature-skinned friends worldwide!

I have to say, there's nothing wrong with mature skin, I am looking forward to know the best foundation (could be cream, liquid, powder, etc..) so when I get there, I know I will still look ooohhh-la-la-cious! lol

So my question for the week:

"What's the best foundation
for Mature Skin?"

If you ask me, I've done a couple of mature skin makeup and I've done a lot of trial and errors before I learn some tricks.
I want to thank my wonderful clients for being so nice, for permitting me to take their "before" and "after" shots. I want to say, natural look is still the best look for people of any age! :)

**photos are not-photoshopped

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh My God Oh My God!!! This is why I am addicted to your blog. Just how many mature ladies will allow phtographs like these being taken. OMG!!! you are the greatest! I want to show these to my dear mother-in-law. She doesn't want me to take pictures with her makeup on, let alone the bare!

    LOVE this post dearly!

  2. oh i was too excited to see these pix and forgot to tell you that my opinion on these outcome is THUMBS UP!!!!

  3. I think that since it's mature skin, so to speak, the foundation should be the ones that aren't very moisturizing as they tend to settle into the fine lines. But then again that's just me and I don't know much as you do :) I just really wanted to say that you did a good job of brightening up your clients faces that there was so much difference [not that they aren't pretty] between the before and after shots. Good job :)

  4. Wow Nikki!!! You made these ladies even more beautiful and elegant with your magic touch!! You have amazing skills!

    Hmmm... good question you have there Nikki! I'm thinking that mature skin should avoid shimmery foundations? Hahaha i don't know Nikki! :P Can't wait to hear what the correct answer is! :D

  5. whoa!!!!
    they all look so pretty!

    sorry i can't help you with this one, but i just have to leave a comment saying you did a great job!

    why all these lovey ladies looked like they were a couple of years younger with what you did..

    especially mum number 1...
    oh,she's so pretty!
    i can easily see why her hubby fell for him!


  6. I like the first one at the top! She looked younger. :)

    I think mature skin needs a little moisturizing before foundation. It might really cake if it's too dry since the oil glands aren't as active as it was before? This is just a guess, not even a hypothesis. :) And not too heavy foundation because it might make them look older.

  7. Aw what lovely ladies. I think you did great work. I agree with use of mineral foundation, or light use of cream foundation to prevent sinking into facial lines.

  8. Hey! I resemble that remark, being 51 and an *ahem* older lady with dry skin.
    You did a FANTASTIC job!! Amazing!

    I think the key features of any good foundation for mature skin are this:

    1. Moisturizing, satin finish. Stay away from matte or oil free formulations.

    2. Gel Creme (like Chantecaille) or a Cream (Armani Designer Shaping) or Liquid (Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation) are good choices.

    3. Whatever foundation you choose, make sure it does two things: doesn't settle into wrinkles, and covers and discoloration or brown spots (mega important for mature Asian ladies!).

    4. Go very lightly on the powder, or skip it all together.

    Good luck with your mum! Hope she's doing well!

  9. nice job nikki! they all look lovely.. btw, on the first and second pic, what foundation did you use to hide their freckles?

  10. WOW, you are SO talented... You know what they say: makeup transforms women, but a talented makeup artist is a must-have, too. (Okay, not so much of that XD)

    I am amazed, by esp the first one, just utterly stunned... Yeah, you're right about them not being photoshopped. if tehy are, it would be much more obvious and un-natural. I give you five thumbs UP! (and I've only got two on my hands right now, but you get the idea)

  11. They look younger on the "after" picture hehe good job Nikki :)

  12. thanks for the tips! all of your clients look great! The makeup suits them really well :)

  13. they look gorgeous for their age..very nice transformation Ms Nikki.

  14. wow...all your clients look wonderful and younger-looking. Great job Nikki!

  15. OMG nikki !!
    thats truly fantabulous !!
    the transformation is superb .. da ladies must be pleased with ya [:)]

    btw I heart yuhr blog and check it every damn day :P

    keep rockin lady !!

  16. Wow, you're really good! I'm so impressed with how you're able to find the proper foundation shade for them. Up to now, I still can't find the correct shade for my face, let alone for other people, LOL. You made them prettier without making them look like they piled on a ton of product on their faces.

  17. I think mature skin tends to dry out more so I'd say the foundation should be moisturizing enough? My mum use this one foundation, I think it's called dalton or something..and I like it on her.have to double check with her :)
    I hope your mum's result turn our good nikki!God bless xoxo

  18. ang ganda nikki... absoolutely amazing.. love the outcome!!!!!! WOW!! esp the first pic WOW... beyond words..

  19. Wow, you are so talented with makeup! The after shots are amazing.

    P.S Good luck to your mom :)

  20. jojoba, well actually, they are so dear and nice to let me take before and after shots!!!! I am surprised too! I am just lucky to have clients who are willing to take shots! Thank you for the sweet comment! I appreciate it Jojoba, coming from you! :)

    Teeyah, thank you..thanks for the tips too, hmm..I was told mature skin should use more moisturizing foundation? I guess maybe non moisturizing foundation but to make sure to moisturize the skin first before applying foundation?

    Jenn, thank you!!! :) You are right, I read and was taught that makeup for the mature should steer away from shimmery shadows and shimmery stuffs! It will accentuate the flaws :)

  21. ~tHiAmErE~, thanks for the comment, I know what you mean, this is one question that bugs me too! :)

    pammy, thank you, and thanks for the tip :)

    Puff, thanks for agreeing with me, I must be doing things correctly then :)

  22. JC!!! awww, THANK YOU! Thanks for the tips! I appreciate your tips coz I love your foundation on your blog! you've done your makeup so well so thanks for sharing great tips and brands!

    Khymm, I used correcting makeup by MUFE first before applying foundation to cover up their freckles :)

    Vivian, hahah thank you for your 5 thumbs up! ahahaha that is too sweet of you! I am into natural makeup, I've always been wanting to learn more about mature skin makeup and I'm always looking around especially on parties, and you are right, some had their foundation too thick and its just NOT right!

  23. Crystal Gale, thank yoU!!! :)

    Connie, thank you!!! Have you done any mature skin makeup? Any tips?

    Shobe, thanks!

  24. Nikkiz, awwww young looking? I must be doing the right thing then! that's what they all requested!

    Palak, nice to see your comment, its the first time right? THANK YOU!!!

    Anonymous, oooh you know what? finding the right shade of foundation is quite difficult , I needed time to really mix and match to make sure they don't look too pale or too tan :) I am like you, I'm anti- piling of makeup on people!

  25. Hana Dalton..hmm...never heard of it! :( Thanks, just came back from hospital and mom's result is improving!! THANK you

    Donnarence, awwww, thank you for the comment and for the positive response!

  26. Becky, thanks!

    Shopn' Chomp, thanks! Thanks also for the well wishes for my was good! :)

  27. Great job, Nikki! When I did the makeup of my mom for a special occasion, I used MUFE foundation on her and it suited her well that her friends said she looked way younger.

    Doing makeup on mature skin can be really challenging, especially when doing the eyes they tend to be droopy. :)

  28. Haha, I think I might have used the wrong term. I don't know what it's called but you know the ones that settle into the lines that's it. Haha. I have so much to know pa about makeup. Thank God for your blog! :) Mwah!

  29. what shade of correcting makeup Nikki? The orange one from the MUFE palette?

  30. Grace, thanks! MUFE foundation, which one? The HD one?

    Teeyah, nah, you are right, there are so many foundations that settles into fine lines! I know what you mean! :)

    Khymm, no..its the regular concealer and I go for the ones that matches their skintone..the normal tones one :)

  31. An idea struck me with this post, N.

    The 1st woman that caught everyone's attention with her before and after pics had a firmer skin... perhaps the reason why she stood out.

    is she younger than the two?

    gosh.. i dont want to have a saggy skin (anytime soon) para pretty pa rin pag tanda. look at how make up improved the first lady's face!

  32. Herroyalbleakness, hahah seriously I didn't ask about any of their ages! But I do know they are on the category on "mature" skin :)

  33. i used the MUFE liquid lift foundation. I haven't tried the HD yet. :)

  34. They all look gorgeous and younger! You did an amazing job, Nikki!

  35. WoooW! You did amazing job! All the make-ups looks totally fresh! Esp the first one! I like that make-up so much!

  36. nikki i love this! you are such a versatile MUA. you make all these women even more beautiful :)

  37. galing! ganda nikki. sabi ng asawa ko ang galing daw ng ginawa mo :)

  38. I am a 62 years (very mature indeed, lol) woman in Sweden. Since my teenager years, I have had a problem skin and I have spent a fortune (several fortunes)on foundations of all kinds. Until a couple of months ago, when I found out about BB creams from Korea! A new life began for me, really. I have several BB cream favorites, most of them are o u t s t a n d i n g. After applying my BB cream and letting it sink completely into my skin, I dust a little pressed powder (SANA CoverCom or Etude House BB Pact) on my oily nose (mature women can also have issues with oily T-zones, for sure) and I am done to face the new day. At least, as far as my skin and my 'foundation' are concerned. Best of all, my skin stays moist yet matte almost all day, even during these very hot summer days. Thank you Korea and Japan for all lovely products I did not know about until having become such a very mature woman! Going back to 'western' brands? I very much doubt that. Birgitta

  39. Grace, ooh I see, thanks for clarifying :)

    Gio, thank you for always making me smile with your comments

    Anastacia, thank you !!!

  40. jo, thank you for saying so, that warms my heart :)

    Birgitta, thanks to you for sharing your experiences, I have a feeling I need to incorporate bb creams to mature skin, but I'm just a bit uneasy on special events as some could get allergic reactions to it :) Thank you!

  41. oh wow nikki! excellent job! really admire your works! i especially looove the first and last pics.

    anyway, about your question. my answer would be a mousse or a light cream or liquid foundation, which will hydrate skin and avoid settling in fine lines. also one that has light to medium coverage since a heavy one will look unnatural and might emphasize mature skin.

  42. I love the pics,before and after! :) so awesome how you do it?

    foundation put on still can see.:( must be lack of something.

  43. Gel, thanks to your asawa for saying so :)

    Thanks Anonymous :)

    Steph, I'm glad you like it Steph :) Thanks for the recommendations too :)

  44. wow you did an amazing job!! like a piece of art I must say :D

  45. Great makeup skills! The ladies look fabulous!

  46. My mum swears by a particular foundation by Shiseido. I can't remember the name of the foundation, but according to her, it's really moisturising. That's the thing with foundation on mature skin - it's got to be moisturising, which means it can be quite rich. Well, that's according to me mum :P

  47. Nikki you are amazing! The ladies look younger & more flawless =)
    I'm no expert, but there's the Visible Lift line by L'Oreal, tried their pressed powder, and it doesn't settle in the line =)

    But looking at your pictures, I think you know the perfect solution! =) Kudos!

  48. Tine, thanks for sharing your mom's tips! :) I'm sure it'll help!

    Neurochiq, thanks for the info! Aaww that is very sweet of you to give such sweet compliment :) I'm now getting happier with my work :D

  49. Great make-up on the ladies! They looked very happy with the results :) and that's whats important :))

  50. you've done an amazing job on the ladies! they look amazing!

  51. @kissandmakeup I agree! As long as clients are happy, I am the happiest :D

  52. I love the visual evidence in your post. Personally I'm very fond of Lancome's Renergie foundation for older skin


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