Friday, August 7, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Ivoluxe Lipstick

Lipsticks --- I am allergic to lipsticks for most of my life! I've always been a gloss person because of my super dry lips! Moisturizing can never be written beside the word "lipstick".

Not until recently, when lipstick makers are taking into account the "dry lips" minority out there! THANK YOU!!!

My favorite lipstick for the week IVOLUXE Lipstick made by iNuovi, my shade is in FLIRT.

Friday=Flirt day *winks*

Ivoluxe Lipstick says ---

Moisturizing Intense Color for Lips.

Plump up your lips for a seductively full and luscious look with Ivoluxe lipstick. Intense and wet shine colors with 3D lip plumping complex glide onto lips like silk for a full and luscious effect. With nourishing Evening Primrose Oil, Squalene and Sweet Almond Oil.

Askmewhats says ---

  • non-drying
  • glides onto lips easily
  • the box stamps the manufacturing and expiration date, at least I don't have the guess the birthday of my lipstick!

  • creates a wonderful shine but not over the top
  • has so many shades to choose from! About 40 shades
  • it does not only prettify the shade of your lips but it helps moisturize your lips like you're using a balm
  • the shine gives an effect of a full lips
  • packaging: nice and simple bullet looking packaging

  • not available locally
  • quite pricey

The texture of this lipstick reminded me of Maybelline Watershine Collagen Shimmer but this one from iNuovi is more subtle with the shine. The first time I visited the iNuovi counter in Sasa, Hong Kong I reached out for the Ivoluxe lipstick right away because they look so smooth and the shade choices are so pretty for my skintone. As soon as I swatched the different shades on my hand, I knew right away that I will have a great relationship with this lipstick!

And I am not disappointed! A pale pink lips is quite difficult to achieve without gloss! And putting on gloss on top of my lipstick makes my already big mouth looks even bigger! So finding a lipstick that I can use on its own without worrying cracks or dryness is a winner in my dictionary!

  • I actually tried using this lipstick as a blush, it looks really subtle and pretty and it does not dry my cheeks.
  • always store the lipstick in cool, dry place. Since these lipsticks are very moisturizing, it can melt easily
  • ask a friend who lives in Malaysia, Singapore or Hong Kong to help you purchase.
  • ask them to help you purchase when they are on sale! (yes, they do have a lot of sales)
Will I repurchase?

I'd love to! But til my next trip!

Where to purchase and how much?

At iNuovi website for USD 21.00 (approx Php1,000)

Here's a close up look on the shade Flirt
Flirt with flash looks like it has chunks of glitters
but they are very tiny and almost invisible
to the naked eye in person

Ivoluxe Lipstick swatched on hand
and on my lips
without lip balm or gloss!

Now should I include this in my favorite lippie stash?
To Flirt? or not to Flirt?
You tell me!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. wow, its so pretty!! its a pretty pale pink. i love how theres shimmer too. you dont even need a gloss on tops. it works well on its own huh?

  2. Looks really nice! I have *really* dry lips too - if you're in search of moisturizing lipsticks, have you tried MAC Cremesheens, Jane Iredale Puremoist lipsticks or the Dior Addict/Addict High Shine lipcolors? Those are my top picks for moisturizing/non-drying lipsticks. The Jane Iredale is my favorite but the MAC Cremesheens are most pigmented/full coverage. MAC lustre finish lipsticks are ok too... but I still get a bit of drying/peeling with them.

  3. Cute! The color looks pretty! I've recently discovered lipstick again. haha. I didn't like how it felt, but recently started trying new ones. This lipstick looks cute!

  4. The shade of lipstick looks so nice! Seems pretty glossy and moisturizing!

  5. What a pretty nude color!!! And it look so natural on you too!! :D

  6. So pretty Nicky! It's like a muted pink eh?

    I wish you could've posted a full face shot. Hehe. Have a great weekend Nikki

  7. The color is soooo nice on you sis! =) But yeah, it's a bit steep @ 1k per lipstick =P

  8. i have a I Nuovi lipstick too and I like the texture. Too bad, this lipstick is a free gift from purchasing I Nuovi products thus I cant really chose the color I wanted. Ended up with a bright pink which I would never use unless I'd got crazy .. ahaha

  9. yes! I think the color is sexy on your lips. it's subtle yet alluring color. Btw, I have an award for you....please check out my post entitled "The only way out is THROUGH". Thank you! stay pretty! ;)

  10. moisturizing lippie will be my choice too! great find nikki. i want to try this too (when their sale is on) hehehe

  11. to flirt! haha that's a very pretty color Nikki..congrats on finding a lipstick that works for you..though it is quite expensive :)

  12. The color is so pretty! Looks natural and quite shiny on you too!

  13. Sis, I love it :) It suits you well because it's such a sweetie color. Bagay sayo :)

    BTW, I love the Friday=Flirt Day. LOL. How cute :)

  14. Such a pretty lipstick. The color is just the right shade of pink. :)

  15. Like you I used to HATE lipsticks but now I prefer them over glosses. The trick is to have a good conditioning base prior to applying the lipstick. MAC's Lip conditioner does wonders for me. I am lovin' this color on you!

  16. nice shade. sayang it's not available locally.

  17. to flirt! este.. not pala..

    yes, you should! this is such a gorg color on you but i do love the lippies you've been wearing everytime we see each other. :) bold colors are so nice on you. :)

    it was nice to see you again sis! :) super!

  18. BECKY , yes! I love that it really works well on its own :) Thanks!

    Catherine, hey, thanks for the recos ! I've tried MAC Cremesheen but it's still not enough for my super dry lips! I will try the others you recommended, thank yoU!

    Shopn'Chomp, aww thank you!

  19. Jasmin, yes! I know what you mean, it's nice to use moisturizing lipsticks nowadays! I'm glad to be in love with them again!

    ☆Anastacia☆, yes, so are you into moisturizing lippies or matte ones?

    Jenn,thank you dear!

    Tish, yes, it is muted pink with the right kind of shimmers! ooohh yeah full face shot, I think I've used it once in my previous FOTDs..I may try to look for it again :) I was just thinking you gals don't want to see my face daily! LOL

  20. Khymm , thanks!

    neurochiq, yes! I know what you mean, it is best to buy it on sale!

    Syn@3sTh3sI@, ooohh free gift so you don't have a choice eh?? Well why not try to use the bright pink and tone it down with a different shade?

    Abby, thank yoU!!!! ahahaha

  21. prettybeautiful , ooh lucky you! You have their stores there so it's easily accessible! :)

    Crystal Girl, oohh come to think of it! I've been with my hubby for so long, I forgot how to flirt again! hahahaha

    Gio, thanks!

  22. Teeyah, thank you! like me in sweet/pink stuffs eh?

    Pammy, Yay! I'm glad I'm getting positive notes from readers! at least its not just me appreciating this shade! LOL

    B, you ROCK the lippies and gloss! you ROCK on anything!

  23. Grace, so true, I would love to have this brand come down here!

    Shen! Sis!!! you're home safe! It was great to see you! You look tooo pretty!

    fuzkittie , thank you dearest!

  24. Nice review! $21 is kind of expensive for a lipstick but dang girl, yo got some nice lips! ;)

  25. I love makeup with expiration dates:) Great post.

  26. Pang, no no no! If you can see my lips up close, its super dry! and its not as pretty as the one on photos coz I had a nice lippie on :) $21 is worth it then? lol

    THSG, thank you! :)

  27. it's a pretty shade! something that i'd wear.

  28. I agree that it's a pretty shade :). Your lips look lovely :D
    I do have one, exactly the same shade, which I got for free during my last purchase. It's on my fave list too :P
    What I like is even if the glitter isn't that chunky, yet even after my lipstick has disappeared, the glitters were still there :)

  29. Crystal, I can see it'll look wonderful on you :) for this shade? this is a great freebie as the shade is great for daily use :)

  30. The lipsticks are really the best products from this brand! when i was given some products to try, its lipstick stood out among the lot. I actually think it can compete with many high end brands and even better!

    i have bought a couple of them as gifts as a result. many friedsn who received them still love them till this day. i think these are some of the best kept secrects.


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