Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Easy Breezy Royalty Nails

Good morning everyone!!! My nail art of the week is fab and perfect!!!!
You know why?
Because I used stickers! LOL I had my nails done in a salon because my nails are growing weird, after having my once in a month manicure and pedicure, I chose a nail art design to brighten the gloomy and rainy week.

Turn your head upside down
that's a king's crown :)

Step 1:

Apply 2 coats of your choice of polish color. I chose Golden Pink from Bobbie Polish.

Step 2:

Making sure the 2 coats of your polish are dry, choose a nail art sticker you'd like to use. I chose my "Royalty" stickers.

Step 3:

Folding the stickers to make sure the edge pops out, I use a tweezer to carefully pick up the stickers.

Step 4:

Stick it straight to your desired location and angel.

Press the sticker using your fingers to make sure all sides of the stickers are intact.

Continue doing so for the rest of your nails

Step 5:

Apply a top coat or clear polish to protect the stickers.

Easy Breezy Royalty Nails!
Now this is perfect to those
who cannot draw their own nails!

Have a wonderful day!
Have you used stickers on nails lately?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Those are pretty...Where can I buy the golden pink polish?

  2. oo super cute stickers! damn! i always take them out with my fingers lol! gna start with tweezers too

  3. Ahhh... nail stickers make life easier for artistically challenged people like me!! :D

    Thanks for sharing Nikki!! :D

  4. loveeeely. nail stickers are just so awesome! i have been so busy lately :( havent got time to paint my nails for 2 weeks already! gosh

  5. I love nail stickers!they are so easy and pretty :) is yours glow in the dark type??

  6. now this really is easy!

    i used to put nail stickers too, but i hate it when the edges sometimes stick out :(

    but its really cool especially if im on the go but i still want my nails to be funky


  7. As always, you did amazing Nikki! =)

    And for always leaving me with awe, I'm nominating you for a blog award, pls. claim yours from my site =) Muah*

  8. That is so cute!!! I need to find nail stickers like these! :D

  9. Totally easy, but still looks so nice and cute!

  10. this is my first time commenting, ate nikki!
    i really enjoy your blog so much. :)
    my titas are going to come visit from the philippines and they've been asking me what kind of pasalubong i would like from there. do you have any suggestions what they could bring me beauty-wise??? i'm totally clueless. help! hehe.

  11. Janny, Golden Pink polish is from Bobbie :)

    Vanessa M, yes tweezers make your life easier :)

    Shopn'Chomp, thank you! :)

    Jenn, hahaha I know there are a lot of you who would prefer using stickers rather than drawing your own nails :) You're welcome!!!

    Prettybeautiful, aww I know what you mean, I've been busy too but I'm just addicted to nails I guess :)

    Hana aka acutelife, no they're not glow in the dark though they look like they are! hahaha

    Thiamere, hahahah :) Edges sticking out? You really should top the stickers with a nice top coat that's not too watery in consistency, go for The Face Shop's Top coat :)

    neurochiq , THANK YOU for the award, that is super sweet of you!!!

    Catherine, let me know if you have a hard time looking for it :)

    Anastacia, thanks!

    Claudine B! Aawww thanks for commenting, it's nice to know you! About pasalubongs..what are you looking into? FOOD? Skincare? Makeup? Ask them to purchase more The Face Shop products as I've seen you're liking them, I think it's a bit cheaper down here compared to the US? Also try Skinfood, or those local mineral companies or skincare line companies but they have to purchase some of them online :) Let me know what you're looking into :)

  12. this is really cute. even with just the base coat, its a beautiful color. Stickers really make life a lot easier. :D

  13. This is so cute, love the base coat color!

  14. nikki ang ganda ng nail mo, kahit stickers lang... ako nabibili ko palagi flower stickers eh. san ba meron ng ibang designs?

  15. Your nail's highness sure looks pretty! The polish color is perfect for the nail art, too!

  16. MyMy, thank you! I think the color itself is pretty enough!! There I go, already not contented with regular looking nails! lol

    Gio, thank you! Golden Pink is the shade! :)

    I Am Me, I sell them on my online store :)

    herroyalbleakness, thank you my princess! You can go forth and marry your prince ! lol

  17. gosh Nikki, super ganda ng hands ang nails mo! i super love your NOTD!!!

  18. I love the stickers! However, I haven't seen them in the USA.

  19. its sooo cool. see i can do something like this. it looks super easy!

  20. wish i have nails like that! very easy tut!

  21. thank you, thank youuu!! i totally forgot about the face shop...duh! haha. i already asked them to bring me my first BB cream from skinfood. i'm so excited to try it! thank you too that you became a follower of my blog. this gives me incentive to post more. lol. i've been so busy with school/life.

  22. Nesh, awwww I'm glad you like my nails and hands, in real life, they don't look that good! hahhha

    Y, thank you!!! Hmm...i'm not sure if they're available in the US, I do believe the Face Shop sells stickers but not these types :)

    Becky, :) I'd love to see your nails

    Khymm, you can have nails like this sis!

    Claudine B, hahahaha yay!! more stuffs to haul! Also try Skinfood products..and do not forget about the PAC cosmetics too!


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