Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC 169 Angled Blush Brush

Happy Wednesday everyone! How's the week treating you? I hope it's all great and in just a couple of days, weekend is coming! Isn't life good?

I have a lot of blush brushes, but I've always been wanting to own MAC168, when opportunity knocks for me to purchase a somewhat MAC168-looking brush in the body of MAC169, I said..."Baby, come to momma!"

I've had this brush for months now! Do I sing along with the Big Mountain's "Oohh Baby I Love Your Way"? Or Madonna's..."Now I'm"??? (I am giving you the last song syndrome right? hahaha)

Let's read on my review
while you sing along :P

MAC 169 says ---

Angled for precision, this brush is specially designed for the application or blending of face or cheek product.

Askmewhats says ---

  • very soft
  • synthetic - yay for animal lovers!
  • no shedding, even 1 single hair!
  • the brush hair color is better looking than the white ones! Can you imagine how it breaks our hearts to see white bristles getting stained? *ouch*
  • right amount of firmness
  • for first time contour: this is a great brush as it does not pick up a lot of color so mistakes won't look too obvious!
  • no yucky scent!
  • does not pick up the blush pigments or powder pigments as much as the natural hair brushes
  • not available in the market anymore as this is a limited edition brush
  • there are other synthetic blush brush available in the market that can work just as well

To those who don't remember, the Raquel Welch collection which was launched around February 2007 looks like this ---

Who is Raquel Welch?

Rachel Welch is a stunning Bolivian-Irish American actress and played a lot of classic films. She also published a Total Beauty and Fitness Program book in mid 80's. Yeah..I don't remember her! LOL She does look gorgeous though!

As you click to enlarge the Rachel Welch Collection above, you'll find that the MAC 169 Angled Blush Brush is part of the limited collection. Limited collection sucks big time if you like the product so much and you just can't seem to turn back time to purchase more!

But will you really be in pain not to own this brush?

Nah! You'll live! As long as MAC 168 is around, you'll be fine!

What's the difference with MAC 168 and 169?

MAC 168 is made of animal hair while MAC 169 is on the synthetic side. As seen on photo, MAC168 is fluffier with a buffed edge which makes it easier to apply blush or contouring powder.

MAC 169 is not a bad blush brush, it feels very soft and it distributes color quite nicely and evenly and it always gives out a softer look.


  • personal choice: like what I do to all my MAC brushes, I swipe the MAC brush number with a clear polish for the numbers not to smudge or goes invisible
  • better to protect this brush with a brush guard, if you own one, so the hairs on the edges won't go to different directions.
  • always wash your brushes with baby shampoo and sanitize with alcohol or brush cleanser to kill bacteria.
Will I repurchase?

Not available anyways, but if given the chance to purchase again? NO, I am still eyeing MAC's 168.

Where to purchase and how much?

Cannot be found at MAC stores as this is limited edition. Bought this from a seller who bought this from the US at a good price of Php1,200 (approx $25.00) <-- not bad, so I don't really feel bad purchasing this! If you really want to own a similar brush, MAC168 is a good alternative, or even better!
Up close and personal with
MAC 169 Angled Blush Brush

Take a look into your brush collection, any similar brushes you use that works just as well?
or even better? I'm sure you have at least one! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. While I like some synthetic brushes that are easier to clean/dry...I don't like how little control I have for how much color I get (it's either too much or too little...I can't even get various intensities with different force I exert.)

    Anyway, I heard from many people who said that if you accidentally get the painted part wet, the clear polish might peel off and grab the number along with it...mac should serious reconsider their paint choice.

  2. Thanks for the review Nikki!! This one does look very soft!! I remember lemming for this one when it was released! :D

    And yes, i can totally understand you when you mention how it breaks our hearts to see white bristles being stained!! :(

  3. Citrine, really? thanks for letting me know, I'll be extra careful with the painted number for the brush, coz I didn't polish the others and it's gone! Yup, I agree, MAC should look into that

    Jenn, I have the Smashbox Beyond encounter brush and it really hurts til now to see it stained!

  4. Love the 169, I use it all the time for contouring and bronzing. I got mine from the Sculpt and Shape collection in late '07. Thanks for the review. :)

  5. Hey Ate! I love your page!what type of clear polish do you use for brush lettering!


  6. Thanks for the lovely comment on my previous post. I have the 168 and I love it for contouring :)

  7. I've never owned a blush brush :) I'll try to scout cheaper ones before rooting for MAC's, I guess :) I've heard Bloom's are good daw...

  8. OOhhh Ive never seen that brush before or that collection!! :D Its such a nice brush :) I want one! :D

  9. Wow! This is a pretty comprehensive review. I just use the brushes of The Body Shop--so soft on my face and picks up the powder/pigment well!

    Oh, and thank you for your comment. I feel better now =D

  10. hahaha~ Such a great idea to put a nail polish to the number of the brush :)

  11. The Shades Of U , I'm glad you love your 169 :) So which one is your favorite? The 168 or 169?

    Mary, I use the Sally Hansen one! :)

    Female_intuition, thanks for the comment too :)

  12. herroyalbleakness, ooohh yeah Bloom's make good brushes din :) Let me know if you've found a blush brush for you :)

    Iyah , hey, you want this, I want your 109! LOL

    Frances, oohh The Body Shop makes great brushes! I do own some of their brushes too! Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you're feeling better!

    ☆Anastacia☆ :) It is an old trick but I'm glad that it helps you, fellow beauty bloggers help me out and taught me to do the trick :) So thanks to them :D

  13. I had the 168SE from the Adoring Carmine brush set and I sold it. I didn't like seeing the white bristles get stained and since it is small, it did not do a great job for me. I liked the EDM angled blush brush better than the 168SE.

  14. Hmmm, interesting - I actually prefer synthetic brushes though haha. I like the softer ones. My EcoTools full size blush brush is reaaaallly soft and some people have complained about it not picking up powder well enough, but I actually think it works really well! I use it for my harder blushes and the mineral set powder brush for my softer ones hahaha. Thanks for the review though. =)

  15. Pammy, yes! You reminded me of the EDM blush brush, i've seen them and been wanting them! :)

    Vanessa M, thanks

    Catherine, I own some ecotools brushes too and I do understand what you mean about it being soft :) thanks for your comment :)


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