Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something New: DKNY Fresh Blossom + Coming Soon!

One thing I like about fragrances are their packaging!  The more eye-catching the packaging, the more intrigued I am to take a sniff.

Floral scent has always been my choice!  Florals are always associated with being romantic, sweet and of course!  Feminine!  I recently took up a "What's Your Signature Scent" quiz and I was a bit surprised I came across to be a Citrus-y person.  I am actually between Citrus-y and Floral.  As I checked back the scents I have in my collection, the quiz result was actually right!  I am in love with floral and citrus scents!

No wonder when I got my own DKNY Fresh Blossom (thanks Rizel from DKNY),  my nose hairs are doing the "Happy Dance" *laughs*! Am I gross or just plain gross? *hahaha*  But scroll down to see why I'm so excited about this!

The  DKNY apple is transformed into its comic counterpart filled with ben-day dots and thought  bubbles  Take a juicy bite of a scent that is innocent, lighthearted, intensely feminine, and radiant in a pop art inspired limited edition bottle.

Aside from the wonderful sweet smelling scent I've always loved about DKNY, they've also packaged this in the cutest packaging ever!  The color is just perfect for a pink lover like myself!  This will definitely be displayed on my "fragrance" collection even if I finished this up.

Suggested Retail Price: Php3,100 (approx $67.00) for 50ml
Available at Rustans Department Stores

And you think they'll stop there?  A "little birdie" told me that there's going to be a new scent coming this May under DKNY Brand: CANDY APPLES.

This is the ultimate treat dipped in syrup of urban sweet.  Creating a candy apple is about pairing the sweetness of candy with a juicy, ripe apple.  This pairing has been made perfected and with that, they are able to create three new Candy Apple Fragrances:  Sweet Caramel, Ripe Raspberry and Juicy Berry.

More and more cosmetics, skincare and fragrance companies are housing their stuffs in a really cute and eye-catchy packaging!  I like that!  You know why?  Because for someone like myself,  and to a lot of you out there...little pleasures in life, as simple as these, can make my day!  I hope it does the same to you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love that cologne! i have the old packaging though :(

    the new packaging looks uber cute though!

  2. candy apples??? sounds so yummy!!!

  3. i like red delicious best out of all the dkny apple-y themed perfume. but what i'm currently obsessed about is the ysl parisienne. i love it. red delicious was my favorite but i was replaced by parisienne. you should try it! it's citrusy floral and sexy!

  4. Hi Nikki! Thanks for the feature! :) Nakakatuwa... may preview na! :)

  5. I have a travel size of the green DKNY scent and like it, but this sounds like it would be even better! And the pink bottle is so cute!

  6. so pretty! :D I like the original green one (and smelling the autumn harvest one on a guy..heehee) but might just have to take whiff of this one to see if its nice.. :D

  7. Anonymous, my hubby owns the old packaging too and we already found it too cute to throw it away! This came in even way cuter

    Shen, I know right? Something new from DKNY, galing!

    Dustbunny, thanks for the reco! I'll definitely go and have a sniff!

  8. Rizel, thanks too! Glad to meet you!!! We'll see each other again for sure!

    ' * : . b | u 3 . : * '. awww travel sizes are perfect

    Bee, I love the green one too! I think that's the best prior to this new collection! Take a whiff on this one, I have a feeling you'll like this!


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