Friday, April 23, 2010

AMW Reports: My Bobbi Brown Makeover

Happy Friday friends!  As promised, I will share to you my wonderful experience at the Bobbi Brown Philippines counter! 

Bobbi Brown has always been one of the most trusted brands for makeup artists and regular people.  It's also a brand quite intimidating, I am sure a lot of you feel the same.

I got an invite to try on the Bobbi Brown's 10-Step Guide to Perfect Makeup recently.  I said yes because this is definitely a chance for me to get to know the brand first hand and share to the rest of the world (a.k.a YOU)

The best part about this experience?  The makeup artist, FINALLY gets her own makeover!  Are you ready to read through my journey?  Hang in there! Here's how I look like on regular days. 

I was asked for the look I was aiming for.  I told them I wanted a look that's "soft" and "sweet", as I will be attending an event for JnJ that night! 

I got to meet up with Bobbi Brown's Brand Coordinator, Ms. Ina Casas (super lovely lady by the way) as she cleansed my face with Bobbi Brown's Cleansing oil and prepared my skin prior to makeup application with Bobbi Brown's Brightening Hydrating Lotion and Hydrating Serum.  I was told that a good foundation application starts with a good skin.  

Here's Ina gently massaging my face as we talk about the new skincare line from Bobbi Brown.

Here are the products used for my makeover
Products numbered and more details can be read further below

Prior to makeup application, 3 shades were swatch on my lower cheek area til the neck line for me to be able to pinpoint my foundation shade.  My make-up artist for the day, a very talented, Ms. Maureen Marquises did the following steps:

1. Undereye correcting - After eye cream application, a corrector was used to counteract the darkness of my undereye circles.  A Light Peach corrector was used. 

2. Foundation - Since my skin is very dry, Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation (launched April of 2009), was used on my face.  The perfect shade for me is Beige.  Maureen concentrated the foundation application on the center of my face blending outward.

3. Setting Powder - A pale yellow setting powder was used to set the foundation.
4. Blush Application -  2 shades are used for a more dimensional look. Warm colored blush was used to contour the face and Peony blush was used to apply on the apples of my cheeks for a natural flush.

Did you know that?
Bobbi Brown believes that every women should do blush application right after foundation application.  Not  everyone has the luxury of time, if you need to dash out the door in minutes, having a nice flush on the cheeks is enough for you to get through the day!

5.  Eyebrows - After spritzing the eyebrow brush with water, Cocoa eyeshadow (which was closest to my hair color) was used to reshape and fill in my brows.  

Note: Always choose an eyebrow pencil or powder color that's closest to your hair color.

6. Eyeshadow application - a matte, cream-colored eyeshadow called Bone was used as a base, Champagne on my lid area and Cocoa on the outer crease was used to deepen the crease of my eyes.  A light sweep of Shimmer Wash on the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes for an awake look.

Ina says ---
You can purchase single eyeshadows and fill them in Bobbi Brown's refillable palette.  It's easy to create your own palette with the colors of your choice!

7. Gel lining - my favorite part!  The famous Bobbi Brown gel liner was used on me.  I love it that they used SEPIA instead of Black Ink as the effect looks more natural.

8. Mascara - Perfectly Defined mascara in black gave my lashes the volume and length I want after 2 applications.
9. Lipstick application (not on photo) - A lip brush was used to apply my lip color.   I forgot the lipstick shade used but I love how moisturizing it is!
10. SMILE! :D - the easiest step of all! Seriously, it's 10-steps including skincare, but isn't it great to incorporate this on ALL makeup steps?


Introducing, the ladies I met at the Bobbi Brown Counter, Rustan's Makati
L-R Ms. Maureen Marquises - Makeup artist
Charlotte Espiritu - Counter Manager

L-R Ms. Maureen Marquises - Makeup artist
Ms.Blossom Santiago - Brand Assistant - thanks for taking the shots for me
Ms. Ina Casas - Brand Coordinator

Here's my look at the JnJ event.  Make up works really well on harsh lighting!

I want to thank the ladies from Bobbi Brown Philippines for the time and the makeover!  
It was a great experience and I had fun learning more about Bobbi Brown products beyond the famous Bobbi Brown Gel Liners!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. How gorgeous do you look. What fun! And I love your dress.

  2. I love it Nikki!!! I really want to try their concealer and foundation :)

  3. wow Bobbi Brown! Loveeeeee the corrector and concealer! and they last for ages. LOL. i bet mine will easily last for 2 years. i have a BB lip gloss too, have no heart to use it yet <3

  4. Nikki, ang ganda mo! With and without makeup! Thank you for doing this and sharing your experience. I am scared to go to counters like these too! thank you so post mo, I will try to visit! I've been itching for the corrector kasi and gel liner!!! I'll go for Sepia na, dati gusto ko black ink! More power! Long time reader!

  5. B, thanks sweetie, you rock girl! you're always leaving sweet compliments here!

    Becky, I love their foundation! It's super light and it felt like tinted moisturizer with the good coverage!

    Xin, really? I am thinking about purchasing the foundation for clients! It feels so good on skin!

    Cheska, thank you dear!!! Glad this post helped you own in choosing the right shade of gel liner, do give the counter a visit and try both black ink and sepia on each eye! The corrector gives a nice brightening effect on the entire GO GO GO! :D

  6. hi nikki, love your look! it's indeed soft and sweet!

    Maureen looks good as a makeup artist, unfortunately, she's one snooty SA, I experienced first hand how unaccommodating she was when I bought my cabo coral pot rouge at Bobbi Brown Shang, I was really interested to try the brand but thanks to her, I decided I'm better off with NARS and MAC. I've heard the same experience (with her) from other girls too (mostly forum members).

    I hope the Bobbi Brown management train their SA's well, in all aspects. Sorry to rant here Nikki, I just got irritated when I saw her pic haha.

  7. you look lovely, sweetie! And that pink dress is so cute!

  8. Beautiful look and how fun!!! Wish I could find a good counter for a makeover haha. The only one I've ever gotten was at Ulta and it was quite the disaster (but then again, it was at Ulta...)

  9. "The makeup artist FINALLY gets her own makeover!" LOL.

    Kaya pala you're ever blooming that night, and you really achieved that "fresh, soft look". =)

    Loveyah, Nikki!

  10. Always choose an eyebrow pencil or powder color that's closest to your hair color.

    I've always wondered about this. And your advice makes perfect sense. Thanks! :D And btw, you look gorgeous!

  11. Love your reports! You've done it again! I like the "did you know" tips! After reading the comments here, I am intrigued with the corrector and I want the foundation they used on you!

  12. I agree that the makeup looks fresh and pretty but I'd have to say you look fresh and pretty all the time! :)

  13. you look lovely Nikki! tagal na akong curious sa Peach corrector nila =)

  14. Wow..!! the makeup is really fresh and gives you a very awakened kind of a look without looking very heavy and all. You simply look gorgeous. And you know what you should become the brand ambassador for SMILE. haha. hugs and kisses.

  15. Love the makeup, it's fresh and pretty! You look gorgeous!

  16. Is it just me who thinks that you look much nicer before the makeover?

  17. Lelila, hey! i am so sorry about your experience, I do think Bobbi Brown Philippines will be able to read this and your comment is a great help for people to voice out their concerns! Thank you sweetie!

    Connie, thank you!

    Catherine, you can always go to a counter and have them do a makeover on you, especially if you know you'll be purchasing anyways :D

  18. Dang, hahahaha Hey Dang! Parang pinalalabas mong hindi ako blooming pag walang makeover! ABA! Humanda ka when we get the chance to meet again! Love yah too!

    Mariel, I'm glad this post helps and you learn something! I'm glad to share!

    Tara, thank you for saying so!!! You saw me with no makeup na pala! hahahah You are an HONEST girl! bwahahaha Joke lang!

  19. Anonymous, thank you for saying so, I'm glad my extra tips is a learning experience for you! Glad to share!

    Khymm, same here! I am thinking about their corrector and foundaton na!

    Anastacia, thanks dear!

  20. Priyanka, I KNOW! There really should be a brand called SMILE and I'll apply to be a spokesperson for that!

    Gio, thanks dear!

    Anonymous, hey, thanks for saying so, that means I'm ok prior to makeover! hehehe Well true enough, I prefer myself with the least makeup as much as possible, but on events that I know with lots of photos and harsh lighting, makeup is a bit of help for me to show up "alive" :) Or else, I'll probably look flat! hahhaa :)

  21. yeah i think the skin foundation is great too :D been using it and it just wont finish. LOL

  22. Very pretty indeed. Love your dress too!

  23. ang shoray nung anonymous comment. lol! tawa na lang tayo!

    don't you just love the ten-step? I do I do! It's been a practice of mine to do exactly those since i learned it. :) lol!

  24. Thank you, my glam beauty blogger! love the BB look, and that foundation is FAB! Love the concealer too!

    What shade are you in MAC?

  25. Xin, I will save up for the foundation!

    Shen, I do apply my blush first prior to the brows and eye area!

    JC, I am MAC20 in MAC liquid and probably MAC25 in powder foundation. Light in MSF :D

  26. gorgeous nikki!!!!! love the makeover! simple but sweet just as you like it!!!!

    love the pink dress too.. suits you very well!

  27. Elsa, thank you , glad you like the "after" shot :) I am happy too! and I'm glad you like the dress I originally thought does not work well on me! :D

  28. gorgeous! I love BB makeup, their shades are natural for any skintone and type.. and it looks good on you!

    1. Thanks K! :) I love their foundation too! Seems promising and looks very natural :)


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