Thursday, April 22, 2010

AMW Reports: JnJ's Soft Look Launch with Bayo

BREAKING NEWS: DollFace will no longer be participating at the Eastwood Vanity Fair due to a sudden change of schedule. Instead they will be holding a private event on April 30-May2, 10am-9pm at Unit 6c Burgundy Plaza Katipunan Ave. in lieu of the canceled bazaar. Please submit your names to to be included in their guest list.

Back to regular program....

Around August last year, I was invited to Johnson & Johnson's Body Care Launch, I was able to take a peek and report back to you all how beautiful skin can go hand in hand with fashion!  The line was presented through a fashion show with Manila's top fashion and beauty icons.  This year, JnJ did it again!  Yours truly got another invite for an exclusive multimedia fashion show event with this in mind....
Get Softest Summer Skin with Johnson's Body Care
Flaunt it with Bayo's Soft Look Collection

The event will showcase limited edition collection of specially-designed summer ensembles that will help women showcase their beautiful, soft skin!  The launch of "Soft Look" Collection by the leading female fashion brand, Bayo.  This event was hosted by Ms. Sarah Meier

According to Johnson's Body Care Senior Brand Manager, Ms. Via Abano
"Johnson's Body Care is delighted and excited to launch the Soft Look Collection that will enable women to choose outfits that highlight their best asset this summer --- their beautiful soft skin."  She also added: "Summer is indeed one of the most appropriate times to flaunt beautiful skin.  The benefits provided by Johnson's Body Care are definitely best paired with pieces from the Soft Look Collection."

Seventeen pieces of the collection was featured, and here are some of them!

as quoted from Ms. Mary Grace Magcamit, Bayo's Merchandiser
"Off-white eyelets and lace are the base fabrics of the collection with a little blush as an accent color.  The silhouettes are meticulously definied with a gorgeous variety of tops, dresses and bottoms in styles ideal for the summer season.  Halters, tunics and strapless pieces with a soft, flowing feel, show off more skin to soak up the summer sun."

Ms. Abano also added that Bayo was chosen as partner for the Soft Look Collection because Bayo appleas to the modern and confident Filipina, with fashion styles and clothing pieces that naturally accentuate a woman's soft skin.

Via Abano and Mary Grace Magcamit from Bayo

Good news to Philippine readers.  Special freebies and discounts await women up to June 15, 2010.  By purchasing any item from the Johnson's Body Care Soft Look Collection in participating Bayo outlets, women will get a free 100ml Johnson's Body Care lotion and a 20% discount coupon for a succeeding purchase of a 200ml or 400ml lotion or wash at Watsons.  Alternately, when women buy 200ml or 400ml Johnson's Body Care Lotion or Wash at Watsons, they will get 10% off any item from the Soft Look Collection!  Great deal!

For more information abut Johnson's Body Care and the Soft Look Collection, simply log on to Facebook and become a fan of Johnson's Body Care at


And you think I'm done with this report?  How could I end this without sharing to you the wonderful people I've met during the event?

Saw my high school mate Ms. Jane Kingsu-Cheng of Style Kit

Gorgeous Bloggers and a Hunk *winks*
L-R Me, Earth, Jennifer, Wendy and Azrael

L-R Tara, Dang (nice to FINALLY meet you)
Me, Frances, Shen, Jamie and Jheng

First time meeting Maui in person, great to meet you Mau!
(leftmost side)

A group shot with Strategic Edge's Annie (leftmost side)!

I had a wonderful time!!!
Thanks to the people from JnJ, Bayo, Watson's, staffs from Encore (former Embassy) and the gorgeous ladies from Strategic Edge!  Thanks to Bobbi Brown too for the makeover!  I'll tell you more about it soon!  

Ooohh, that felt like an Oscar Speech.
Should I start thanking my family too?  *laughs*
Oh!  Thanks to hubby Keith for the shots!  (that's family!)
And that completes my Oscars' winning speech!

*flying kisses*
Sorry! Can't help it! :P
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Nice to see you again Nikki dear! :) I had so much fun. Next time hopefully you and Keith can stay and hang out. Mwah!

  2. Super emjoyed the event, and it was great GREAT to meet you, finally! =)

    You and hubby Keith are soooo cute! Stay for dinner or coffee next time please! =)

  3. You look gorgeous, that pink top really suits you!

  4. i heart the very first ensemble!

    and i noticed that you pop in every picture haha, love the girly but still modern look of your dress! kitang kita ang puti at kinis mo, hihi! i hope soon i will get to meet you also!

  5. What a cool event. It looks like you had fun. NIkki, I love your dress!!!

  6. Good day!

    I am new to this forum and look forward to making some new friends

    Look forward to 'meeting' you all.

  7. What a fantastic event! You're such a beauty reporter!

    Love the dress!

  8. More great events! Nice pictures!

  9. Hi Nikki! It was so nice to meet you guys! :) Hope to see you around again

  10. I said this in shen's aand Teeyah's blog na hehe but again Sayang I arrived at 8:30 tapos na. Would've loved to meet all of you! Next time! :)

  11. Slowbrogal, thank you

    Tara,I know! Yup, next time, we have to stay!

    Dang, me too! it was great meeting you for the first time and you're obvious as lovely as you are online!

    Fuz, thanks

    Mhean, hahah of course! I'm a camwhore! hahaha I hope to meet up with you soon!

    Becky, thanks! The dress is random dress I bought way back and it was a first for me to wear it! Glad you liked it!

  12. Anonymous, thanks!

    JC, I know! I love being a reporter!

    Anastacia, thanks

    sush, same here! See you again

    Caby, I know! Sayangg!!! but hey! We'll have more chances to meet! Who knows right?

  13. What a fun event! You look gorgeous. I love your dress!

  14. Gio, thank you! glad you liked the dress too!

  15. It's so great that you share this with us


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