Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HD Makeup Quick Drying Professional Brush Cleaner Sanitizer Review

Brush cleansing, if I may stress *in preachy voice* is very important.  It's like taking a shower, washing your face, washing your hands!  It's second nature!

Most of the time, I make my own "home made brush cleanser" so you won't hear me complain  about it!  Recently though,  I have stopped making them because I finished up one of the ingredient to make my own brush cleanser, the dish washing liquid with conditioner (which can only be bought at a certain grocery store).  Thank goodness a dear friend Steph told me about this brush cleaner they are carrying and she was raving about it and I told myself I have to check this out and experience this first hand, because, there won't be enough brush cleansers for me!  The OC-me!

HD Makeup Studio, the Philippine Dealer of Graftobian Hi-Definition Cosmetics, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) and NYX cosmetics, also carry their own brush cleanser.  First reaction?  It's pink and it smells great! But let me go beyond that....

HD Makeup Studio
Quick Drying Professional Brush
Cleaner Sanitizer

HD Makeup Studio Brush Cleanser says ---

  • Fastest drying brush and tool cleaner in the market.
  • Spray on brush and tool directly. No need for cleaning jar.
  • Kills 99% of germs and bacteria.
  • Unlike water-based cleaners, will not damage the wooden handles of your brushes.

AMW says ---

  • available locally
  • very easy to use
  • smells wonderful
  • dries really fast
  • does not dry up my brush bristles
  • works for both natural and synthetic brushes
  • looks and feels clean
  • no sticky residue
  • no alcohol scent
  • straightforward packaging

  • not readily available internationally
  • you  may finish this bottle really fast as spritzing is addicting!
  • the letters printed on the sticker disappears after several usage!  Be careful not to mistake this as a facial mist!
I actually like it!  It smells really great and spritzing this in front of a client does not scare them because there's no alcohol scent.  HD makeup says this is the fastest drying brush and tool cleaner in the market, I can't vouch on that as I haven't tried a lot!  But this definitely dries pretty quickly, quicker than my home made brush cleaner.  Another good side on this is that clients appreciate it that I disinfect brushes in between usage.  I always get the "wow, that smells good" line, and it felt good to hear it, although they weren't referring about me! *hahaha*
You have to bear in mind though that owning this HD Makeup Brush Cleaner Sanitizer does not mean that you skip the weekly deep cleansing!  No...No...No!  and .... NO! 

  • to help save the environment, purchase a soft cloth specifically for brush cleansing instead of using a tissue paper
  • the HD Makeup Studio Quick Drying Brush Cleaner Sanitizer can also be used to sanitize makeup tools like eyelash curler, tweezers, mixing plates etc...
  • never forget to deep cleanse your brushes at least once a week, never rely on this, it is NOT enough
  • spritz approximately 2 times for regular brushes, spritz 3-4 times for bigger brushes
  • gently wipe it back and forth against a soft cotton cloth or towel
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
At HD Makeup Professional multiply store for Php300 (approx $6.50) for 150ml.

Here are some samples of the brushes cleanse using HD Makeup Quick Drying Brush Cleaner (note from author: A paper napkin was used in this post for visual purposes, author uses a towel all the time to protect the environment)

Gel Liner brush

Lip Brush

Foundation brush

Several spritz are needed to remove more

It's getting fun to clean my brushes!  Thanks to companies who are coming up with good products!
What's your favorite brush cleanser at the moment?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. ha. this is interesting. i don't think i've tried that many brush cleansers i tend to use my own facial wash and be done with it. it's nice to read about something new even though i won't have access to it. :)

  2. The brush cleaner looks really nice and it's cheap! And it's pink! :P

  3. Gusto ko nito! I want a brush cleaner na mabango! thank you

  4. the color is similar to MAC's brush cleaner :) but its definitely cheaper! very nice. i agree with you on cleaning brushes, its a MUST! :)

  5. I like washing my brushes with a baby shampoo. But I think I have to get something like this just for spot cleaning

  6. i also used to make my own homemade brush cleaner e (but different from the enkore method) ..kaya lang when my acne flared up, i stopped using it (although i think it's not the cause, but just as an extra precaution.

    from then on i made sure that i really wash after every use just to make sure that no bacteria will be left behind. since im only using my brushes for myself, no sweat in doing so. but i think if i should need to use it on others then spot cleaning is a must..

    this is 1 of the cheapest spot cleaners that i ever saw!if ever i would need one, this would top my list!

  7. It's affordable, and looks very fresh. And when you say it smells wonderful, I TRUST YOU! =)

  8. i'm glad that this is affordable. i still have a lot of brush cleaner but i'll definitely think about this when i run out.

  9. at the moment im still using J&J baby shampoo to clean my brush, but i hate the processing of getting my hands wet. gosh i wish we had this here too! it looks fun to spritz spritz!

  10. I'm currently using the MAC one. I decant some of it into a spray bottle too!! And yes, it can get quite addictive to spritz this on your brushes!! hehehe!! :D

    Thanks for the review!! I wish this is available here so i can try it out! :D

  11. I'm using a cleanser from Kryolean and I quite like it . It becomes very addicting and fun watching all the dirt come off. Nice review!


  12. wow its not that expensive! =) yes, i agree deep cleaning the brushes is really important, di ko gusto magka-breakouts LOL

  13. for rinse-free brush cleansers, I really like the MAC one (which I should be replenishing). I dilute it with water in a spray bottle and it gets the job done really well! for deep cleaning I use a facial soap

  14. This looks amazing!

    I'm kinda scared to purchase though because I go through brush cleansers so fast that I also have my own made-at-home cleanser.

  15. oooh I really like the idea of a spray- I always tend to get brush cleaner everywhere! If it was packaged like this it would make it so much easier!

  16. looks like a good product and very affordable. available pa locally wow! i might check this out. thanks for the review Nikki!

  17. Jojoba, I know what you mean, its easier if you use stuffs you always use and you don't have to purchase a separate brush cleanser, same with you, I enjoyed reading those stuffs that you blog available only in Australia!

    Pammy, I know! PINK talaga!

    Anonymous, go ahead and purchase na! :)

  18. coffretgorge, oh yeah, the MAC one is in PINK too and way cheaper :) Thanks for agreeing on my OCness!

    Anastacia, I do the same with baby shampoo too, this one is great for spot cleaning!

    Thiamere, oh no on the acne, so true, you have to be careful with washing your brushes as it can be breeding bacteria!

  19. Dang,, aww thanks

    Crystal, what are you using now?

    Xin,I do use JnJ baby shampoo mixed with dishwashing liquid for a cleaner wash! I think baby shampoo is not enough for me :( Goodluck with the wedding dear!

  20. Jenn, spray bottle is just heaven sent!

    Roxy, Kryolan , isn't it quite pricey? is it good?

    Khymm, this is not bad considering you can use this for a long time!

    Connie, I haven't tried the MAC one yet, I wonder how it fairs with this one!

    Bea, same here! I can finish up brush cleansers in an instant! I just can't stop spraying!

    Sarah, so true, you can decant your current brush cleaner in spray bottles like most beauties do!

    Nehs, no problem, always my pleasure.


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