Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Romper Inspired" Nails

Looking for nail art inspirations isn't that difficult.  I find myself getting amazed with patterns and prints I see everywhere!  A piece of clothing can also be an inspiration to me.  As I was browsing through my dresser, I saw a very eye-catching print which inspired me to create a nail art design.  

I call this my "Romper Inspired" Nails.

Here's a Romper I purchased from Shannaholic Online Store

And here are my nails!

Before I start telling you the steps, first of all, I want to thank my dearest friend Toma!  For being sneaky and sending me a surprise gift!  It's not even my birthday!  She sent it to me "just because..." thank you Toma, you made this nail crazed lady very happy!  This photo is for you

Step 1:
Apply base coat and let dry.  Apply 2 coats of my new ELF polish in Hot Pink.  *raises the polish proudly*.  Let dry completely.

Step 2:
Since I've finished up my ELF polish in black, I am using my Prettynails' 2 way nail art pen and use the thin brush to draw a diagonal line and fill it with black polish.  Again let dry completely.

Step 3:
Drop a any matte white polish in any cardboard or a used CD.  I am using the matte white polish from Elianto.

Use a dotting tool or toothpick to pick up the white polish

And create random dots on the black part of your nails (as shown below)

Step 4:
Do the same step, but this time, use  the ELF Hot Pink polish

Use a smaller dotting tool or lightly tap on the ELF Hot Pink polish on top of the white dots.

Step 5:
Making sure the dots are dry, apply your favorite top coat on top of the nail art.  I have to repeat that you have to make sure the dots are dry as wet dots will ruin all your hard work!

Nails for the week!
Looks very playful, right?

Have a gorgeous day!  Be inspired with so many things out there!
Little things in life count!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This one is so fresh and playful! Love it!

  2. Very nice package of Toma!
    I like that nail design! Simple yet gorgeous looking!

  3. I like the design of your nail art. :-) I might try this one out.

  4. I love this design. It's fun, but polished. No pun intended!

  5. this is so pretty! really suits with the romper. now i want romper!!!

  6. this looks lovely! im trying to think of designs but maybe im thinking too hard so i cant think of any!! LOL.

  7. ganda sis ng nail art mo! black and red,my faves...

  8. oh that's incredibly cute!! Great job, Nikki

  9. sis, i super love this nail tut. looks super easy to do as well. :) i love black and red ang galing galing! :)

  10. Wow! super cute & i love your rompers too! :)

  11. i love this mani! :) it seems pretty easy to do as well.. thanks for sharing!

  12. Ang nice, Nikki!!! I equally like the romper. =)

  13. it looks so cute! love the color combinations!

  14. Love the design, it's so cute and fun! Great job!

  15. wow, you are so skillful in nail arts.

  16. haha so cute nikki,like the inspiration too!!!

  17. So pretty! You're always so creative when it comes to nail art. The cutest thing I've done was a few little hearts :)

  18. wow, brilliant design! Very eye catching indeed.

  19. Thanks gorgeouses!!! For the unending support for my nail addiction! *NAIL HUGS* Wonders how to do that?lol


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