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AMW Reviews: Montagne Jeunesse' Chocolate Masque

I've always been whining about not being able to go to facials!  It's my fault though, I've been too busy doing a lot of things for someone who only has 24 hours in a day!  So given in between breaks on weekend, I grab different facial masks available in my "stash" to keep my skin sane!  A couple of weeks ago, I was given the chance to try Montagne Jeunesse' Chocolate Masque

The brand isn't new to me, I've tried their "leg soothing gel" way back early 2000.  I remembered my bonding moment with my sister at Manila Midtown Hotel (currently non-existent) as we massaged each others legs with soothing gel as we cried over romantic Chinese movie!  It was "Love on a Diet" by Andy Lau! :P

I am not afraid to try this brand because it has been around quite some time, a bad product wouldn't survive this long!

Chocolate Mud Masque says ---
Add this to your list of guilty pleasures: Chocolate in the middle of a busy buzz!  Excuse yourself to the ladies' or lock that office door for the most inspired and inspiring calorie-free perker-upper:  Montagne Jeunesse' Chocolate Mud Masque.  Smooth it on, relax and come out smelling like...chocolate (dewy-faced too)!

Other Variants available:
Peach Kernels & Walnut Exfoliating Mask - exfoliates and brightens up skin.
Aloe Vera & Green Tea Face Tonic - softens the skin and protects it from oxidative damage
Dead Sea Mud Pack - cleans deeply and nourishes with seaweed and minerals from the Dead Sea, with a hint of lavender.
Aromatherapy Masque - is a good choice to calm your skin after a day in the sun or a particularly stressful activity.  

AMW says ---

  • easy to apply, spreads easily
  • has real chocolate scent! 
  • makes my skin super soft!  Even days after!
  • instantly brightened my skin!  
  • face smells so good even after washing, hubby was sniffing my face like a dog as he's a chocolate lover :P
  • enough product for the face and neck
  • inexpensive
  • easy "tear open" packaging

  • check out the ingredients as you can be allergic to it (please read my experience on Overall)
  • messy! 
The first time I've tried this product, it was a great experience and I told myself I will follow the 20minutes rule.  On the 20th minute, I got a call from my brother and we were blabbing away as I felt the masque harden.  On the 40th minute, I washed my face and everything was great until I felt the itchiness and rashes occur.  (Photo below)

I told myself I will give this product another try so I repurchased and this time, followed the 20minute mask rule.  I was a bit scared this time as I don't want the rashes to happen again.  So turned out ok.  I think my face was a bit surprised that time with the ingredients of the mask plus the fact that I left it overtime.  Here's my skin after the second mud pack.

Moral Lesson:  No matter how great a product is, precaution is still advised.  If you have very sensitive skin, do test the product at the back of your ear or your wrist area leaving it for 20minutes prior to putting them on your face.  

I'm glad I gave this product a second try, I've learned to take extra precaution as my skin is very sensitive to new products.  My overall insight of the product, aside from the first rash experience, the next experience was really good.  My skin after the wash felt really soft which lasted for 3-4 days and my skin instantly brightened up!  Even without moisturizer or makeup! 

  • do not prolong the product on your face, the product states 20minutes, follow it!
  • do not wear white clothing when using this masque as it will definitely make your clothes look dirty!
  • close your eyes and relax, no point in walking around doing household chores with the scary face.  I have to follow my own tip, I did scare everyone inside the household for fun! :P
  • wash the masque with lukewarm water, gently remove it, never rub hard
  • test the product at the back of your ear or the wrist for 20minutes prior to applying it on your face to make sure you're not allergic to the product
  • try not to use a lot of new products on your face in a day or week!  Let your skin breathe.
  • do the masque application with your friends or loved ones!  The more, the merrier!
Will I repurchase?
Other variants..yes!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at Watson's, Landmark department stores, Gaisano Metro Group, Gaisano Regional for Php77.77 (approx $1.70)

The amount of product per pack
For the positive minded person: this looks like yummy chocolate
for the negative minded person: I don't need to say it! hahahahah

I seriously can't help laughing!  
My teeth looks really white!
Gotta have Hello Panda because the chocolate scent 
made me crave for..Chocolates!

Here's my skin after washing the Chocolate Masque off, no Photoshop, no flash.  See the "brightening" effect I was telling you about?  Plus my skin is super soft!  If not because of the first-time rashes, this could be a HG (holy grail) face mask for me!

Ohhh, at least, I know  how I'll look like when I stayed 24 hours in the sun without sunblock! hahaha I still look ok right?  Pretty please say yes??? :P
Have a wonderful weekend!  I hope you enjoyed laughing at my photo and I succeeded in making you feel good :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Great review as always, Nikki! And I definitely enjoyed your photo with the chocolate mask on, hehe...

  2. I always see these around, but the pictures on the front are a little scary, haha. Your results the second time look great, though! I might have to give these a try at some point.

    You know what's really scary? One year we made pumpkin pie from scratch, and used the pumpkin insides to make face masks! It was bright orange, stringy, and slimy! That was really quite terrifying, but my mom loved what it did to her skin. ;)

  3. Yay! It's gonna be very tasty smell :D

  4. does this mask have firming effect?

    Your face is flawless!

  5. I've never been one to try out facial masks. I've always thought this was unnecessary :P I also am a lazy bum when it comes to getting facials. However, your fun review (Hello Panda included) makes me want to run to the nearest Landmark and grab some of these. Whot other facial masks would you recommend?:)

  6. Haha, so cute with the chocolate masque, Nikki! :)

  7. ooh :) i've seen this mask at Target & Priceline. hhaha, never gave it a try cause it looked really weird and thick messed compared to the Asian sheet masks from Missha or FaceShop. Have you tried any other mask besides the chocolate one? i'll give this a try next week :P

  8. You look so cute with the chocolate masque on. :P I haven't tried that masque yet but seeing the brightening effect on your skin made me want to. :)

  9. You look yummy with the chocolate mask, now I'm craving too, lol!

    It was a surprising review though, the product after effects look really good will try it soon. Thanks

  10. you have great skin talaga! haha. anyway this looks like a good product to try.

  11. owhhh
    i wanteed to try this mask for the longest time
    i've tried the dead sea one
    its good but i hate the smell
    this one is yummy
    im gonna try this sooon

  12. great review as always nikki! :0 Ive always been curious about that chocolate mask haha

  13. oh, i must give this mask a try then <3

  14. You look lovely in Chocolate, dear!

  15. Jess, hahaha enjoyed? I did not enjoy the photo! hahahah

    LacquerMuse, I know what you mean about trying something new, it is definitely scary on the "after" effect, I am always aware with the itchiness, the redness, everything! :) thanks for sharing your experience!

    Anastacia, enjoy

  16. Lavender, so far, I don't feel any firming effect but smoothening, definitely felt it! Instantly!

    Jean, I'm glad you liked the Hello Panda photo, it's one way to divert attention from my really scary chocolate muddy face! hahaha You have to grab the mask that works for your skin type though, if you have oily skin, then don't go for it, they have masque for different skin type :)

    Tara, thanks dear!

  17. Kellynym, I'll probably give the others a try, but for the moment, I'm giving my skin a time to rest :)

    Pammy, :) Glad you've seen the brightening effect, I've seen it in person but not sure how the camera will catch it!

    Kitten, hahaha trust me, if you can smell it, its even yummier!

  18. Crystal, aww thanks for saying so, I do take care of my skin!

    LyNn, oohhh if the masque doesn't smell good, I'm not a fan of it! Smell ..really is very important to me!

    Sush, glad you find this review helpful! thanks for the comment

  19. ning*star Goodluck!

    JC,hahahah thanks! And I thought only my hubby thinks I look nice with mud looking stuffs on my face, the rest of the family was laughing at me hahaha

  20. I think I would rather end up eating it. lol!

    Lovely review. :)

  21. i really love the smell of this mask! want to try their other variants =)

  22. Rati, nah, the scent is chocolatey but sniff it a bit closer, you know it's totally different from the chocolate we love :)

    Khymm, ditto!

  23. Rati, no~~~~~!!!! :)

    Khymm, yes, let's!

  24. Hey Nikki! I tried this actually, and I luff it <3 :D You know what, the sachet is good for like three uses. and, call me biased and all, but I just really think it's great! Actually, my personal fave is the cucumber peel-off masque and the tonic cloth mask thing, much less messy.

    Oh, it was featured on Myx. and guess what, I ended up talking about it...and I used one of your tutorials for my makeup! haha :)

  25. Nikki Aawww thanks for using my tutorial to do one of your makeup! Appreciates it! and I'm glad this works for yoU :)

  26. Ive always wanted to try that Chocolate Masque out but Ive read some reviews that it leaves unnecessary color to the skin. Im afraif it'd turn out like that to me.

  27. @Kristen Rafaelle Do a patch test before you apply it all over your face, I dont' think it will leave a mark on your face as long as you're not under dermatological treatment and leave it on within timeframe as written on instructions :D

  28. How often do you use this product? :) thanks and gbua :D

    1. If you plan to use this product, use this at least once a week :) IF the product works for your skin :)


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