Friday, April 2, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Summer with Fimo" Nails

Friday holiday down here!  I'm definitely taking all the zzz's I need!  I've done another nail art for the week!  It's still related to the heat, to the sun, the beach and of course...let's not forget to include the "feminine touch" I've always loved!

Summer Nails with Fimo
I haven't touched my pre-cut Fimo Clay since my last nail art tutorial.  Since I was in a bit of hurry to create this nail art, I've decided to stick on the flowers instead of drawing them!  I hope you like it!

Step 1:
Use a base coat prior to polish application.  Apply 2 coats of San San polish in number 14, or use any creamy nude shade of your choice.

Step 2:
Create gradient nails with any "summer" color of your choice.  I am using Fantasy Nail polish no 66.

You can add the shade as you go to make it more vibrant.

Step 3:
Apply a clear polish or top coat on top of the polish, while wet, press on Fimo clay flower.  I alternate the yellow flower and blue flower on each finger nail.  
If you have more color choices on the flower, you can apply different color on all 10 finger nails.

Step 4:
Apply shimmery polish of your choice to create a nice shine!  I am using Elianto's glittery polish then top with The Face Shop's Top Coat.

My nails art definitely all ready for the sun!  But I'm not!!! I am ready to..doze off and sleep like a pig!  I guess my body part isn't coordinated with my brain! :D

Enjoy the weekend!  Do something worthwhile, on my part, something worthwhile would be watching dvd's while I eat my favorite Sun Chips.  Sleep late and wake up late while I chat with friends whom I haven't seen for decades!  Enjoying the scent of coffee while taking a sip as I read my Eclipse book (sad to say, I haven't finish it  yet)

Different people have different definition of LIFE..and mine is really simple!  Making my loved ones happy!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Super fresh and cute! I love the ideas you come up with!

  2. Ohh... the cutest nails ever! I love the color combo!

  3. enjoy your holiday Nikki!

    i gotta work tonight so no holiday for me. im re-reading the twilight series. im on the.. was it new moon or eclipse.. ha! i cannot remember as its been weeks since ive last touched the book. I guess im not as crazy bout it as i was the first time i read it. boohoo.


  4. Your flowers always looks absolutely lovely!!!

  5. love all your nail tutorials..... you really inspire me!

  6. Hi Ms. Nikki,

    Loving your nails! :) Really beautiful intricate work.

  7. this is so pretty and girly! Love the flowers.

  8. Hi Nikki

    Note that you do not use glue, wonder how long the fimo will last. Mine cannot stay long.

  9. The Muses, thank you

    PinkyKathy, thanks for the compliment

    Jess, Glad you like the color combo!

  10. Jenobebs, thanks, awww, I am so sorry you have to work on holy week!!! I know what you mean, I read Twilight like a breeze then I'm getting a bit bored with Eclipse!

    Anastacia, thank you

    Carrie, thank you! I hope to inspire more people!

  11. Kitten, thank you!

    Gio, glad the simple flower looks gorgeous :) Love FIMO!

    Lavender, I've never used any nail glue, so far, most of my nail art lasts for a week or even more! For fimo clay, I press them quite hard so it really stays, I even find it a bit difficult to remove!

  12. John, thank you, I appreciate such compliment from a male's point of view :D


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