Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eureka Moment: Spiral Tie Hanger

I am a fan of neck ties, I use them everyday, whether I wear jeans, slacks, skirt or shorts... I make sure to use a tie each and everday for my entire life!  I wear them no matter what top I have on, either razorback, tube, sleeveless, blouses, long sleeves, I don't care!  I don't even care if the shade of the tie does not match with my outfit, they are my bestfriend!  

Happy April Fools' Day! :)

Sorry, that is one weak joke!  But anyways, my joke is related to the Eureka Moment for the week!  I went..."gaga" searching for a tie hanger last weekend!  To totally erase the pollution I've put inside your head, I don't use a tie, I may have used it in the past for fashion but it's not my thing at the moment.  Why in the world would I even purchase a tie hanger?

Let me show you why....


Yes, you read that right!  BELTS!  My belt collection increased when I hoarded from Shannaholic Onlineshop (search the name on facebook). This post is also dedicated to readers who does not have enough space in their room and those who does not want to spend a lot for a belt hanger.  

Personally, I also like to store my belts inside my dresser because I hate it when my belts start to collect dust!  I also wanted to see them instantly in the morning as I choose my "outfit-of-the-day"!

I'm glad I finally found it!  I've seen a couple of belt hangers at Daiso but this one saves the most space and can store the most number of belts!

Looks could be deceiving, it's not even attractive to look at, but low and behold, take a look at it when you start putting on your belts!  The more colorful, the better :)

One belt hanger can hang 20 belts!  More belts? Then purchase more, its so inexpensive you wouldn't mind purchasing a lot of these!

I hang it on my dresser door and  I love how good it looks together with the other colorful items!  That's my secret in waking up a big smile on my face!  Seeing sunshine! :D

*sigh* for only Php85.00 (approx $2.00), Daiso's Spiral Tie Hanger, you make this girl really happy!

How do you store your belts?  
The extravagant way or the more conservative way like me?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow! so cool.

    I dont have that many belts but I usually hang them on my chairs. haha. messy messy, I know =P

  2. HAHAH. You're too funny. happy April fool twin!!!

    I need a tie hanger too!!! Thanks for posting this. It's such a great idea :)

  3. This is definitely eureka! I myself has been having a problem storing my belts :( Thanks to this great post, Nikki. Mwah!

  4. HAHAHA I just bought this! Was going to feature it on Frocking and you beat me to the punch. I use it for belts toooo!

  5. lollll you are so funny!!! haha

    i have that hanger as well, and use it for my belts :) it's such a great find! <3

  6. Sue, thanks, but true, I started hanging them on my door but there are new belts that you just can't hang! :)

    Twin, lovely girl! thanks for the comment, I am sure you have more belts, I can sense that!

    Teeyah, you're very much welcome dear!

  7. Anastacia, and I have a feeling I'll purchase more belts because of this

    Kahani awww, I'd love to see your feature!

    Lulu, :D

  8. Your eureka might finally be my lifesaver. I want to keep my belts organized and nothing has worked for me so far. The only thing now is finding this where I live. Thanks, Nikki.

  9. You are soooooooooooo not just a pretty face my dear! This is the best thing I've seen in a longgg time!!!!

    That April fools joke was a good one LOL

  10. What a great find! I need something like that too for my belts. Your belts collection is very pretty!

  11. Jo.frougal, I hope you can find it! goodluck

    Sarah, thank you sweetie for the sweet compliment! you are so sweet

    Gio, thanks! I'm glad this post helps

  12. this is why i like get to find cute, practical & handy products.

    I'm not actually a belt-user but this is a nice tool. I think i can use it to store some of my long cloth/bead necklaces.

    nice find!

  13. Thiamere, I know! Funny thing? I saw a couple of charcoal masks and I thought of you! I swear :D

  14. That gives me an idea! Shall I pinch bf's tie hanger? Maybe not... my arm might get chopped off! I haven't got much belt collection although I often think to myself that I need to get some more really. I store mine in my drawer... all rolled up with buckles facing me when I open the drawer :)

    Missed reading your blog sis! Muah!!! xxx

  15. Gracie, hahahah sure! go ahead, I'm sure he wouldn't mind :) Glad to see you dearie, missed you!

  16. That is super great. Can you send me a link or let me know where I can purchase them...thanks a bunch...

    1. Sorry, I bought them at a store so there's no link, maybe you can try ebay? :D


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