Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AMW Reports: Shiseido's White Lucent Skin Care Launch

I got an invite last week for Shiseido's White Lucent Launch at the Ayala Museum!  It was a long and lazy Monday but I was actually looking forward for this event because  I know a dear friend works there so I'm  excited to see her!  Hi to Vianca, who aside from being a friend, also works for Shiseido. *waves*

Aside from the excitement of seeing a friend, the brand itself is close to my heart.  A couple of years ago when I went to Hong Kong for a business trip, I left my whole skincare regiment back home *gasp* and you would think I'll freak out?  Of course not!  I'm in Hong Kong baby! Its a perfect excuse to go to Sasa and purchase a trial sized skincare brand!  Amidst all the brands, I've chosen Shiseido's Brightening Cleanser, Emulsion  and Moisturizer.  After 2 weeks stay in HK (sample size lasts more than 2 weeks).  I actually saw a huge difference on my skin, I can definitely see a healthy glow and brightness and I was able to meet people without makeup!  Looking back, I wonder why I never purchase any Shiseido skincare when I got back.  So fast forward to today, I am looking forward for a reunion.

The stage looks simple yet very elegant. The event was hosted by none other than the gorgeous model Ms.Georgina Wilson. I knew she's tall but in person, she's way taller and even more beautiful!

We were also introduced to the Area Manager of International Sales Department, Ms. Momoko Nagai!  I can't help but check out her skin!  She does has great skin!  Wonders if its the genes or Shiseido? I should've asked! :P

We all joined the countdown the bright skin! 


Shiseido's White Lucent!

According to Shiseido:
Since its launch seven years ago, Shiseido's White Lucent skincare line has illuminated the true benefits of whitening skincare to women around the world.
In response to the rising global demand for whitening products, we have researched what women consider to be "ideal skin" and came to one conclusion.  Women dream of vibrant skin that glows from within, with a bright and even-toned clarity.

The newest technology of White Lucent makes this dream a reality.

We succeeded in compounding our exclusive whitening ingredients with new, advanced technologies.  Empowered by this harmony, the formulas help to visibly diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone white targeting various types of spots and helping to prevent their formation.
Enhanced by replenishing moisture that effective improves skin texture, skin begins to capture light with a pure radiance that appears lit from within.

White Lucent Serum on my hand
Gently rubbed until absorbed

It was such a lovely event meeting a lot of people from traditional media, and most of them are also part of the blogging industry!
L-R Ms. Vicky Marchadesch from Luxasia, 
Marichelle Ligon from Metro Society, 
Shen and myself

L-R Me! Jane, Frances and Shen

And of course, who could miss the wall of fame?  Me and my blogging friend Shen giving our final pose before we bid each other goodbye!

Have a wonderful day!  Holy week actually started but Philippine Holiday starts tomorrow!  To my Philippine readers, have a wonderful holiday and stay safe!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. White lucent Shisheido :) I have been really interested about that skin care. :) Looks really fun!!!

  2. Wow! You visited another evet! So cool!

  3. How did you get invited to soooo many cool events like this??? me wanna tooooo T.T

  4. I love attending such events. They bring us close to the real brands out there. Shisiedo is pretty expensive here in India but I have rarely come across any bad reviews about its products. Just waiting for the right time to enjoy them. :)

  5. I honestly, honestly don't know where you get all the time and energy, Nikki! Haha. You're one busy girl! Have a great week of rest & soul searching. Hugs to you!!

  6. For most of the Japanese girls I have seen, they all seem to have fine-textured skin that's snowwhite, they either work really hard to keep their skin that way or their foundation is superb...

    Anyway, I love this line (I am on my 3rd tube of cleansers) it actually fades mt acnes scar and spots.

  7. Ooh you always go to the most amazing events :)
    This brand looks so beauitful, as do you in your photos!!!!!

  8. Shiseido White lucent is the best! Love their eye cream!

    You are so lucky to be able to go to these events!!

  9. Wow, the model is really tall. Anyway, I've read so much raves about Shiseido's skin care line but it's just darn too expensive! :P

  10. Iyah, really? I actually knew about the skincare line but never thought of really purchasing, after attending the event, I got intrigued myself!

    Anastacia, yes, so far, this will be the last I think, for this month?? hahaha

    Hana, well, I'm lucky to be living in a country with companies believing in bloggers like myself! :) Get your butt down here and live here and we can attend events together :P

  11. Rati, so true, it is a bit pricey but if you get to know the brand and the people behind it, I wouldn't mind spending for the brand!

    Dang, lol come to think of it, i don't know how I get to have all these energy too! :) You have a safe Holy Week as well

    Citrine, hey, now you made me more excited with the skincare line! thanks, I have the tester so I may check it out I have heard great stuffs about their foundation too! I wish they can be on sale so I can give it a try!

  12. Sarah, THANK YOU sweetheart

    JC, eye cream you say? NOTED!

    Pammy, I know what you mean, but hopefully if I find that it works, who knows? I may give this skincare line a permanent home on my dresser :)

  13. You're so lucky you are able to go to so many fun events. You look beautiful.


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