Tuesday, March 30, 2010

AMW Reviews: Revlon PhotoReady Make Up

One of the biggest challenge as a make-up artist is to create a natural-looking foundation sans the "ghostly" white cast especially on photos! 

High-definition (HD) makeup has been created recently and widely used by makeup artists worldwide.  Most HD makeup available in the market are quite pricey and a lot of us would just leave it to the makeup artists to purchase and for the rest of world?  Probably rely on PhotoShop to create clear looking skin!

One company taps into the emerging HD technology beauty trends for flawless skin under any light at an affordable price!  The collection is designed to provide flawless results even under unflattering conditions such as harsh lighting environment and high definition scrutiny!

That company is Revlon...Revlon PhotoReady provides flawless airbrushed look in any light!

 **photo courtesy of Revlon

Intrigued?  I was too!  

Nikki's Profile ---
  • MAC equivalent shade: MC20
  • Paul & Joe powder foundation: 02 or 03
  • Ellana Mineral Foundation: French Vanilla
  • Inuovi Foundation: 3Y
 Skin type: Combination of dry, normal and sensitive

Now let's get the super long review started! :)  Are you ready? I'm PhotoReady!

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Revlon PhotoReady Liquid Foundations says ---
For poreless, airbrushed skin in any light
  • photochromatic pigments bend and diffuse light to help erase every flaw
  • complete yet undetectable coverage
  • soft luminous finish
  • SPF20
  • in shades from light to deep
  • oil free, fragrance free
Available in: Shell, Nude, Natural Beige, Medium Beige, Cool Beige

AMW says ---

  • nice, even coverage
  • does not create white cast 
  • has SPF20 and again, does not create white cast
  • gives a hint of "glow", which others call it a bit of shimmer (I actually like this)
  • no streaking
  • no allergies or breakouts
  • easy to blend with both brush and sponges
  • can mix with other foundation (tried this with MAC SF Liquid Foundation and it works well)
  • no weird scent
  • held up really well on our weather, does not oil up
  • works well on both dry and oily skin
  • nice, simple packaging, comes in with a pump which is really nice!

  •  NONE
This foundation is LOVE!  This is so far, the best drugstore liquid foundation I've tried, hands off!  I love this!  For the price and its Hi-Def factor, worth it!  I am singing praises for this foundation!  I've tried this on an oily skinned person and she loves it too!  I can totally see flawless!  Did I say love? 

  • if you can cook and egg with your super oily face, use an oil control primer prior to foundation application
  • instead of piling on setting powder or powder foundation, use oil blotting sheets instead
  • use your favorite tool to apply: clean fingers, sponges or foundation brush, I choose my foundation brush then blend it with my Beauty Blender!
  • never pump too much!  start with one pump then increase as needed to save up!
  • always ask to test prior to purchasing, never test on your hands but on the jawline!
Will I repurchase?
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Revlon counters for Php925.00 (approx $20.00)

A close up look on how NUDE shade looks


Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Revlon PhotoReady Powder says ---

For perfected, airbrushed skin in any light
  • eliminates shine and evens skin tone
  • photochromatic pigments bend and diffuse light to help erase every flaw
  • mirco-refined ultra lightweight texture that's virtually undetectable
  • SPF14
Available in: Fair/Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Deep

AMW says ---

  • does not cake 
  • does eliminate shine
  • no weird scent
  • no breakouts or allergies
  • if you're looking for heavy coverage foundation type of powder foundation, this isn't the one!  (this product does state POWDER anyways)
  • does not hold up for long if you have super oily skin
  • packaging could get smaller! and mirror can always go bigger

  • the brush that comes with this product isn't user friendly, takes a long time to apply the whole face

Can I just consider this the drugstore version of MAC Mineralized Skinfinish?  MAC lovers out there, don't condemn me!  :P  This is not the exact dupe for MAC's MSF powder I have to say, but if you're looking for similar function as MAC's MSF at a more affordable price, this can be the one.  Why?  Both works great for retouch, piling up never creates an overdone look nor iit cakes!  Both can even out skintone without the heavy coverage!

  • use this with your favorite K-brush (kabuki brush).  Love how this instantly makes your skin more even and clean!
  • if you're not a liquid foundation user, make sure to conceal your flaws with your preferred concealer prior too using the Revlon PhotoReady powder.
  • do you have gorgeous skin to start with?  Use a sunblock, tinted moisturizer and set with this powder!  works really well!
  • keep this free brush as I'll tell you later on where to use this instead! (ooopss, don't scroll down too fast!) :P
Will I repurchase?
Instead of MAC's MSF, this can actually do what a MAC MSF can!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Revlon counters for Php975.00 (approx $21.00)

A close up and swatch on 010 Fair/Light 


Revlon PhotoReady 
Translucent Finisher

Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Finisher says ---
For poreless, airbrushed skin in any light
  • universal translucent shade
  • eliminates shine and sets makeup
  • photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light
  • micro-refined, ultra lightweight texture that's virtually undetectable
  • oil free, fragrance free

AMW says ---

  • gives out a nice shimmer (if you're comfortable with a hint shimmer on face)
  • best for highlight
  • comes a bit shimmery on photos if flash is harsh 
  • applying too much will show a bit shimmery/oily face  (be careful)
  • again, packaging could get smaller! and mirror can always go bigger :P

Out of the 3 products from PhotoReady line, this is my least favorite and I think I can go ahead with PhotoReady liquid foundation and Powder.  If you are into slight shimmer, then this is quite convenient as this is a pressed version and easy to bring along for night makeup!

  • be careful not to pile up too much, the face will look oily on photos once applied too much
  • do not apply this all over your face, instead use this to highlight areas you'd like to highlight (ex. bride of the nose, under the eye area, cheekbones)
  • instead of throwing the free brush that comes with this palette, use this brush for highlighting.  It's actually perfect for this purpose!

Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
At Revlon counters for Php975.00 (approx $21.00)

A close up and swatch on 001 translucent

And now, this is it!  This is the shot of me using all 3 products!  No primer, no other forms of makeup used except moisturizer!  The shot without flash evens out my skin while the flash version has a certain glow on certain areas due to the translucent powder applied on areas I like to highlight!

After testing this trio and alternately using them on different combination, I came up with a conclusion, with the right choice of shade and right application, I agree to what Revlon PhotoReady says...there's no such thing as bad lighting!

Are you ready to pose on any angle with your current foundation?  Or do you want an HD makeup like Revlon's PhotoReady?  Tell me what you think!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yey! to the foundation! Seems like a very good stuff. Also it's turns really nice pics!

  2. Hi Nikki! Thank you! I saw this at the mall and I want to purchase this but stopped, told myself I need to read your review first. And boom! I saw this post! Thank you! I appreciate the hard work and I will head out to purchase ASAP! Your skin on final picture looks beautiful! I'm a fan!

  3. Thanks for the review. I have this foundation. I need to revisit it.

  4. Tried this too and like you, I am so in love with this foundation!!! It makes me flawless in an instant!

    Love reading your post always though I'm really busy with my work and not updating my blog har har!

    God bless Nikki!

  5. #4 works for you eh? it was too dark on me!!! i should be darker than you but that #4 just oxidized on me almost instantly. i agree with you that finish is nice. i wish i could get a colour matched.

    ps: i do see a slight white sheen on you with the flashlight on. there is difference between the face and the neck. but it's minor.

  6. Hmm, looks promising no? Especially that we're talking about PERFECT PHOTOS! =P

    Thanks for the review, Nikki. I'll keep this in mind when I need a new one. =)

  7. i love my photoready! nice review nikki!

  8. waaah. your review makes me wanna buy this!

  9. okay okay im gonna have to get my cousins photo ready and try it myself kasi duns a counter i was moved back by the glitters kaya it didnt caught my eyes,some says its good some says its bad agh hehe.but what matters to me are the reviews here kasi syempre iba yung environment nila ty ms niks

  10. OOOO... I've been following your blog for awhile, and I found out that the Revlon stuff in the Philippine market comes out faster from the US than in Malaysia.. You're so lucky!! I would really want to try the PhotoReady foundation, hahaha.

  11. reviews of this are mixed so i'm not quite sure yet that i want to try it but your review is quite tempting!

  12. Ooh. The PR foundation seems to be really a love/hate thing. I've heard all sorts of things about it... curious, but scared LOL.

  13. great review..love the photos ☺☺☺

  14. Thanks for the review. They all seem very promising, especially the foundation. I so wanna try that now. :)

  15. You've convinced me!! I'm getting the liquid!

  16. youtuber xteener said that the photoready had shimmer in it..did yours have any?

  17. Anastacia, thank you

    Jessica Ong, thanks, don't forget to give the tester a try on your entire face prior to purchasing ok? Choose the right shade! Enjoy!

    T, let me know your thoughts! I know its a love/hate foundation to a lot of people

  18. Elsa, awww glad you love this! So you've tried the liquid version? God bless to you too!

    Jojoba, thanks, i know! it's the shimmer and the flash, in person, I promise it matches! :)

    Dang, yes, I think you'll like this too! :)

  19. Khymm, yup, seen your review, you do love it nga!

    Abby, sorry :( Not intended!

    Shobe, give it a try, we have it at counters na! ENJOY!!!!

  20. Hanny Kee, really? that is not all the time though, I think most drugstore brands, we do have it a bit early, but for those on the more expensive brands, we do have them a bit late, like MAC :)

    Crystal, yup, I know its mixed, I'm actually expecting to hate this, but I'm glad it works for me, but again, i'm not a fan of the translucent powder..you really can't be pleased all the time :D

    Catherine, girl! You have great flawless skin with the current foundation you use! :) I don't think you even need this!

  21. Chiz, thanks

    Gio, have you tried any of the Revlon foundation?

    JC, goodluck, let me know how you like it!

    Christine, it does have a bit of shimmer..but not that obvious, I am referring to the liquid foundation, but the powder and the translucent powder has its own story, especially the translucent powder, it has more obvious shimmer so I use it sparingly! For the liquid, you can always set it with a matte setting powder and it won't be a problem at all!

  22. The shimmers made me decide not to get this, but i really want to!! haha *confusion*

    oh love your nails! :)

  23. Sush, the shimmer on the liquid foundation and powder isn't THAT obvious , its actually ok, just a hint of healthy glow :)

  24. im really not sure if im going to buy this since im afraid that the 'glow' might just sink in my pores & emphasize my acne marks & spots.

    i wanted to try the colorstay first but considering that the price is almost the same (just a mere hundred peso difference) im not really sure


  25. Yes, I've tried the liquid foundation and topped it with the powdered too... loved it!!!!

    Sis Thiamere... I'm also hesitant to try it at first cause we have the same fear that the foundie will sink in our pores but its so unbelievable that it does not and it does have the staying power on oily skin like us...

  26. hello there, i'm glad this foundation is working out for you rather well.

    i have a fear of this foundation because of youtuber's emilynoel83 and lisaz09 who warn of the sparkly shimmer. that is inherent in this foundation. the words disco ball was mentioned by lisaz09, (LOL).

    i like the packaging though, i can move my other revlon foundations in this new pump bottle they have ^_^

  27. thia, I guess Elsa our dear friend answered your concern :) You can give the tester a try on counter! :)

    Mary, you're welcome

    Elsa, thanks for sharing your thoughts, glad you love the liquid foundation as much as I do :)

    Marge, definitely NOT disco ball! I have tried more glowy or shimmery makeup in the past and this is quite ok! my colleague actually commented on my skin when I used this liquid foundation. If you're scared of the shimmer, you can use the liquid foundation and top with a matte powder to "set" the look! :)

  28. ey thanks for the reply. I'd certainly give this foundation a try, then if it's too sparkly i can just mix in some of my revlon colorstay or active light to mute it.

    thanks thanks

  29. I should have bought the 004! I've got myself the Medium Beige when I'm actually in MAC NC25. Medium Beige is way too dark for me and I can't wear it alone at all. All I do is to mixed with Maybelline Angelfit Liquid Foundation that I bought year ago (too pink and fair for my skin, this is the problem with drugstore foundation when there's no testers and I have no clue how to choose the correct shades for my skin). The shade is great but I don't like the combined texture. Personally, I'm still prefer Revlon Photo Ready dewy and slight shimmery look. It gives me healthy and smooth skin, which I prefer rather than matte skin.

  30. Maybe this is too late, but have you tried using this on mature skin?

  31. @Marge I have actually used this without mixing on a client so far maganda pa din! :) set lang with a matte powder sis :)

  32. @Syn@3sTh3sI@ Sad naman that they don't have testers! THEY SHOULD!

  33. @Jamie Yes I did, but the mature client does not have very dry skin, her skin is actually healthy and supple so it works for her :)

  34. @Askmewhats
    ey Nikkie:
    yep i have it on now, either the finishing powder from the colorstay mineral aqua or its foundation sets this foundation well.
    yep i'm loving it so far, well worth the price i paid at duty free LOL

  35. @Marge Bongga lang siya If I want instant brightening! :) Buti ka pa, you bought yours at Duty free, the best place for cosmetics talaga!

  36. @Askmewhats
    hehehe duty free is love LOL. di ko keri mag take ng chance sa 900+ na item for something halos hati ang reviews hehehe


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