Monday, March 29, 2010

AMW Reviews: MAC Mineralized Blush in Superdupernatural

I've said it gazillion times, I am never updated with MAC Collections, because if I am, I'll go crazy with the purchases!  I"d rather steer away from it to stop myself from lemmings!  Funny how I've purchased several MAC products a tad bit late.  Why? 2 things: I'm big on savings and I'm a cheapo!  Oh...that's only ONE thing right? :P

A good friend of mine owns a brand new MAC Mineralized Blush in Superdupernatural and I'm glad she told me she's selling it! I purchased it in an instant...even faster than a speeding bullet!

I can go without eye makeup but I always make sure to put on a healthy color on my cheeks on regular days to bring out the healthy, natural glow!  A natural makeup lover like myself definitely gets sold with a blush shade called "Super Duper Natural"!  N loves N! Nikki loves Natural!

MAC Mineralized Blush in Super Duper Natural says ---

Superdupernatural is a rusty coral with a subtle sheen. It’s also rich in color and easy to layer for increased intensity.

AMW says ---

  • very pigmented, a little goes a long way
  • looks shimmery on pan but comes out semi-matte on cheeks
  • no chunky glitters
  • very pigmented
  • this will last you forever!
  • lasts longer than regular powder blushes!  I don't even need a cream blush underneath
  • does not accentuate pores or zits!
  •  not available anymore because it's LE
This blush is limited edition launched Holiday of 2009 under "Magic, Mirth and Mischief".   

This blush lives up to its name!  This is indeed very natural looking!  It's peachy in color and this actually reminded me of a lighter and gentler version of Nars Orgasm!  I like how pretty it looks on photos.  Lighter skin tone would enjoy this by lightly dusting this on the apples of your cheeks.  If you have darker skin tone, piling this up a bit would give a natural healthy glow!  This would work perfect for MAC NC20-40 skintone. Definitely a LOVE for me!

  • want a natural healthy glow?  Use a stippling brush to apply it as highlight
  • want to use this as blush?  Use a blush brush and apply on the apples of your cheeks blending outwards

  • never drop your mineralized blush
  • though the name is "superdupernatural" never over apply, due to its pigmentation, this can make you look like a clown
  • over applied your blush? gently apply your regular powder foundation over the blush to lessen the pigmentation

Will I repurchase?
No as one is enough and this isn't available at MAC counters anymore.

Where to purchase and how much?
You can purchase this via friend, as this was part of the limited edition.

Here's a regular day with foundation, lipbalm 
and MAC's SuperDuperNatural!

Have a lovely start of the week!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Superdupernatural looks GORRRRGEOUS on you! And that look at the end is so flawless!! What foundation and powder do you use? ^^ I have Conjure Up from that Collection and am still in love with it =] Love this post!

  2. This blush looks gorgeous on you Nikki!! :D

    I agree... this won't look superdupernatural if you don't use it with a light hand! It's mighty pigmented!! hehe!! :D

  3. You look so pretty! What a gorgeous, healthy glow it gives. I'm glad I'm not MAC-obsessed (nor do I plan on becoming). :D

  4. It looks gorgeous! But here's the thing, does it contain bismuth?

  5. Nikki, you look so pretty in these pics. The shade gave you a natural glow ^_^

  6. it looks SUPERDUPERNATURAL on you Nikki! Lovely shade..

  7. It absolutely looks gorgeous on you. I like how you keep it simple, Nikki. :P

  8. That's a very pretty blush Nikki! It looks perfect on your skintone. I love mineralize blushes too. They'll give you that glow in an instant.:)

  9. it is ineed supernatural on your cheeks. i think you should call this a HG blush to be honnest. it is really nice on you.

    btw, i can't stop looking at the teriyaki boy post. the pictures make me hungry! i can understand why you keep going back.

  10. Superdupernatural is the perfect blush for me. If I can only have one blush, this would be it. And looks like it's serving you well! better late than never eh? :)

  11. That's such a pretty blush! It looks so natural on you and gives your cheeks a really nice glow. :)

  12. Dana, thanks! I've used Revlon's Photoready foundation, will review it within this week! my post tomorrow! :)

    Jenn, hey MAC expert :P Thanks

    Maggie, I know what you mean, I'm not MAC obssessed but I'm glad I get to purchase the "right" MAC product!

  13. Fab Beauty, I don't think so! I haven't seen it on the ingredient list

    Becky, Khymm and Chrystal, thanks sweethearts!

    Pammy, I love keeping it simple! And with our hot humid weather, this is what I sport for the couple of weeks now!

  14. Charry, I love how pigmented they are

    Jojoba, really? HG material? OH NO, and this is limited edition!

    Connie, wow..coming from you , calling this the best natural blush meant so much! I remembered you talked about this being your LOVE!

    Gio, thank you dear!

  15. This Mineralized Blush looks so great! Especially on your face so pretty finish!

  16. Wow, Nikki! So pretty :) And you look sweet as ever with that brush. Mwah!

  17. Ohmigoodness, this looks fantastic on you, darling!

  18. I bought this blush when it came out with it's collection. I had fallen in love with it every single time I went to my MAC counter. I actually got it for Christmas from my Mom when she asked me what I wanted :) Awesome :)

  19. Hi there,

    First time here. I am kind of a MAC Virgin. Have used some of their products but not too many that I could boast of. That blush looks very pretty on you. :)

  20. The blush looks super beautiful on you, Nikki! I totally agree with you, that when applied with a stippling brush, you will get a lovely glow on the cheeks.

    The shade looks absolutely natural on your complexion, but makes you look very fresh and healthy!

  21. Ah, this looks so cute on you! I skipped this one because it's very similar to Nuance from the permanent line... I was so sorely tempted though hehe, this is probably one of my favorite colors and finishes for blush.

  22. Anastacia, thank you

    teeyah, awww, thank you sweetie! Hope to see you again

    B, thanks

    Sojourner, awww! I'm glad you love this as well! It is difficult to spend a lot on a blush and not like it! YAY for both of us for finding a nice natural blush!

  23. Rati, thank you for commenting, nice to meet you! Hey, no need to have a HUGE collection of MAC or any makeup especially if you're doing makeup only to yourself! the reason why I have bigger collection is because I use them for work :)

    Jess, thanks deary!

    Catherine, I didn't own any Nuance blushes, so this is perfect!But I agree with you, so many MAC blushes that looks similar to each other!


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