Monday, April 12, 2010

AMW Reviews: TBS Lip and Cheek Tint

Ahhh, after a long weekend here in the Philippines!  Here comes Monday!!!  Even a cheerful and positive girl *ahem* woman like myself gets grumpy!  I am only human you know!  But a grumpy day can always be brighter for people around you if you exude a nice flush on your cheeks!  A flush off excitement, a flush of happiness! 

In today's post, I will be reviewing my first tint ever!  I know there are a lot of lip and cheek tints available in the market at the moment (a.k.a. Benetint).  Let me start with The Body Shop's first as this brand is available locally! 

Does it give me the flush I expect?

**photo from The Body Shop

TBS Lip and Cheek Tint says ---
A truly versatile product, Lip & Cheek Stain has a cult following - and here is your chance to discover a new shade to give your cheeks and lips a healthy-looking glow.  Use alone for fresh-faced allure or underneath the Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush or Hi-Shine Lip Treatment to intensify the look.  Presented in a sleek bottle with easy-to-use sponge applicator, the product features Community Trade aloe vera, and restores moisture, smoothness and suppleness to skin.  Available in 01 Rose Pink and the new Limited Edition 03 Shimmering Coral, Lip & Cheek Stain is a make-up must have for the new season.

AMW says ---

  • stays until you remove it, I swear! (photo below of me trying to rub off the product really hard!)
  • nice flush of color, matte, very natural looking (not as scary red as on tube)
  • color intensity can be build up
  • lasts quite a long time
  • a little goes a long way
  • no breakouts or allergies
  • clear packaging, you can see how much product is left!
  • can be easily removed with any makeup remover

  • dries up easily once applied on cheeks, have to work fast
  • texture felt a bit weird for a cheek tint, a bit too runny (but this dries up quickly)
  • if  not applied correctly, will create patch of red marks
  • can be drying when applied liberally on lips
  • not hygienic if you use the same sponge applicator for both lips and cheeks

  • tastes weird when applied as lip tint
I've seen this product purchased and loved by many girls out there for the past...hmm..Unforgettable years! I can't believe I own this just now!  I cannot call myself a Beauty Blogger! *sigh*

After trying this, I do understood why girls, no matter what age group are all going "gaga" over this product.  With our super hot, humid weather, it's normal for girls to sport an "almost no makeup"  look!  So a nice tint on both cheeks and lips would be the perfect get-up daily!  This stays FOREVER!  I swear, if I don't wash my face, it'll still be on my lips and cheeks the next morning!
I hope The Body Shop would come up with more shades though!

from TBS Makeup Artist Chase Aston
  • sweep over a nude lip, wearing alone for a sheer flush of color or re-apply to intensify the hue.
  • worn on cheeks, layer with Kiss of Colour, to shape, shade, contour and highlight the cheekbones.
from AMW
  • if you can't work fast, apply the tint on your fingers, rubbing on both fingers to warm the product prior to applying it on the cheeks.
  • if you use the same tube to apply on both cheeks and lips, use a separate applicator.  If you have the extra cash and love this product so much?  The Body Shop do have buy 1 take 1 sale once in awhile 
  • for cheek application: apply your favorite powder blush on top of this product
  • for lip application: I prefer applying this first on bare lips then top with a gloss or lip balm.  Applying a lip balm first will make this tint slide off!
  • after several application styles, I prefer applying this AFTER moisturizer BEFORE powder foundation application.  The moisturizer makes this product easier to blend and the powder foundation covers some of the pigmentation which can make the overall look more natural and even!
  • brush or fingers?  I've tried both and both works! I like using the synthetic foundation brush to quickly blend on the apples of my cheeks!  My fingers are stain free!
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Body Shop for Php795.00 (approx $17.30)

Here's to show you how I apply this prior to foundation application with a light dabbing motion

Applied on cheeks without foundation
You can always add up for intensity!

I am not a fan of cheek tints but after using this brand from The Body Shop, I am not in love with it but it does change my mind on lip and cheek tints in general!  This is great for regular days at work and days that retouching is not an option!

Take care everyone!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I also love this tint, but thank God there are cheaper tints that work kinda the same..
    Im just wondering why TBS keep on reformulating the tint.

    My favorite formulation was when it was in a small roller bottle. It was easy to blend and lasts long, and it has more of a cooler tone to it.

  2. This is my ultimate travelling blush!! hehe!! :D So easy and fuss free to use, plus it travels well too! :D

  3. i still can't imagine putting something on my lips and cheeks at the same time hehe. but products like this still intrigue me. thanks for the review! very in depth! ;)

  4. The colour is quite flattering! And girl you have amazing skin without foundation!

  5. The flush looks really natural on you. Pretty. :P And I agree, you have really nice skin.

  6. Wow, your skin looks very smooth, Lucky gal!

  7. i used it before (the old packaging) but it turned purpley on me.. i think they changed the color now, looks like a bright red based on your pic.

  8. great review! I've used this one the very first time I tried looking for a dupe for Benefit's Benetint :p not great for the cheeks (prefer Origins Pinch Your Cheeks) but I like it for the lips!

  9. awww i have this too but it leaked like hell in my handbag n stained everything :( so in the end i said goodbye to the tint

  10. thanks for the review, I'm really intrigued by this now. It looks so flattering and natural on you.

  11. if you can't call yourself a beauty blogger, i should kill myself then as i didn't even know this product existed. LOL

    the colour is very natural on your cheeks. unfortunately, this is the kind of product that i can't use because it will accentuate my brown spots.

  12. i had this before but for some reason i cant make both cheeks even! lol.

  13. Pls review the tint from Ellana. I have one at home but I haven't tried it yet. :)

  14. i've had this for ages and tried cheaper variants, too (avon, careline, etc..) but body shop is still the best. just a tad expensive as compared to avon and careline.

    what i do with the tint is add a little water on my fingertips so it will not leave red splotches on my cheeks.

    i'm a follower of your blog, and i like your nail art tutorials the best! nice job!

  15. this is my first tint too! love to bring it around when i travel becuz it's almost fuss free! and travels well too!

    the price tag is quite okay too, so if i ever run out, i'd buying it again! lol. i doubt benetint will have a chance to be in my blush list. :P

  16. i love cheek tints...i like dabbing TBS Kiss of colour cheek blush in Golden Coral after applying the tint to give my cheeks a little shimmer :)

  17. I bought this tint last month, I was dying to try the gradient lip those pretty koreans do. The first time I tried the TBS tint (the one with the roller bottle) it tasted really bitter. The cheaper brands tastes as bitter as the old TBS tint so I ended up buying the pricey one instead.

  18. K, so true, I heard they reformulated this, probably they want to improve their "Bestselling" product, this has been around forever!

    Jenn, really? I'll be traveling early next month and I'll be taking this with me!

  19. Mhean, so true, same here! its just unhygienic, but I guess people like 2-in-1 products! Just look at Ice creams ! We do have 4-1-in flavors now! hahahha ang layo no?

    Blu3. thank you sweetie!

    Pammy, thanks!

  20. BeautyOnTheWay, Thanks *knocks on wood* I do have bad skin days prior to..the monthly thing! Ugh

    Khymm, I heard that! I guess they changed their formulation, I can ask them if I visit the store again!

    Connie, thanks dear for your insight! I may have to try this on my lips more often, I love using this on cheeks!

  21. Xin, oh no on the leaking! Can't you return it!?

    Gio, thanks too for reading

    Jojoba, hahahhaa you are soooo cute! Ok, I'll rephrase, I am LATE in reviewing this so I can't call myself an "Updated Beauty Blogger" hahahha

  22. Jenobebs, do top it with powder so you can make it even, it is difficult to make both blush even with this type of blush

    Mai, ohhhh I haven't tried Ellana one, if I get the chance to purchase it, I'll definitely feature it!

    Ahiemoon, I have seen the Careline and Avon ones, was a bit intrigued but haven't really tested on it! Thanks for the adding water tip! and thanks for liking my nail art tuts!

  23. Plue, same thoughts! Thanks! I don't think I'll run out of this soon!

    Chariz.burrell, good idea, I did it last week, I love the effect!

    Kai, ahh,I got it! Thanks for sharing your experience. I've bee wanting the "bitten lips" look by the Koreans too!!! It'll be the next project I'll be doing!


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