Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AMW Reviews: Daiso PE3 Lipstick

When I reviewed MAC's Pink Nouveau lipstick last week, I got such exciting responses on the "dupes" (duplicates) from different brands.  I really love it when AMW readers interact and share their thoughts on my site!  THANK YOU ALL for that!

In today's post, I will be doing something different, I won't be posting brand and shade names of "dupes" for MAC's Pink Nouveau, instead, I will be doing is a review on a cheaper lipstick that has the same impact as the most coveted lipsticks out there!  In short...Sexy Lip Color Minus the hefty price!  

Doesn't that sound sexier?

I recently purchased a Daiso lipstick in PE-3 available at local Daiso Store.   I seldom purchase random lipsticks from brands I haven't tried or heard but I got drawn to its unique shade. You'll know why!  Just pucker up!

Daiso PE-3 Lipstick says ---

Sorry, I can't read Japanese, so I really can't tell.

AMW says ---

  • very unique shade
  • pigmented
  • inexpensive
  • packaging is not bad at all
  • no weird scent
  • VERY drying
  • enhances the lines and cracks of my lips
  • not available anywhere, can only be purchased at Daiso stores
  • made in China, led content could be a problem, so make sure to prime your lips to protect it
  • alpha-numeric shade name which I find it too boring!  "What's your lipstick shade?"  "PE-3!" *gulps*  Doesn't sound nice at all!
The shade PE-3 is a deep warm peachy-pink lipstick that has a stronger peachy tone once swatched or applied on lips.  The shade, no doubt is really unique as I can use this alone on a bare face and it can still manage to brighten up the whole look.  The thing I don't like about this lipstick is its "crayon-like" texture, very drying and enhances the wrinkles on the lips.

For it's price, it's inexpensive so there's no reason to whine.  I can always take time to prep my lips prior to lipstick application and top it with my favorite lip gloss as the shade speaks for itself!

  • use this lipstick alone ONLY if you have very soft and supple lips
  • moisturize your lips several minutes prior to lipstick application, dab your lips with a tissue paper to prevent the lipstick from sliding once applied
  • top with a clear gloss of your choice for a nice shiny lips
  • use a lip brush for a more precise application (Thanks B for the Stila lip brush, I love it!)

Will I repurchase?
No, I've seen the rest of the shades, not intrigued!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Daiso store for Php88.00 (approx $2.00)

Daiso Lipstick PE-3
Applied on hand without base
The shade is "matte" in person, the flash from the camera showed a bit of shimmer

Applied on lips on prepped lips
*prepped lips: moisturized with Kiehl's no. 1 lip balm,
removing excess on tissue paper

Now, the hunt continues...for an affordable "unique" lipstick shade minus the drying factor!
I'll definitely share what's on my map to stardom! *laughs*  (Where did that come from?)

Keep smilin' everyone
Stay happy!


  1. havent been to daiso at all,didnt know they have lipstick..just too bad it is drying :P

  2. wow! i love this shade!! :) must resist temptation.. must!! ... do you think they still have it there?? :) hehehe!

  3. the color is soo pretty :) thanks for sharing!

  4. The color is really pretty. So sad that it is drying though.

  5. Pretty color! =) You're right, I'm bothered with led content, too. =(

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. have you tried maybelline's colorsensational in Raspberry? I just got it and it's a similar bright warm pink. Will review it soon!

  7. that's a unique shade nga! you might wanna try LA Colors moisturising lipstick.. its not drying compared to NYX.. will review it soon =)

  8. I bought a few daiso lipsticks and like this one, the colors are great but the formula's horrible!
    Cheap lipsticks that I like with great colors are NYX round lipsticks

  9. i guess quality and shade are really hard to compromise sometimes eh :P the shade PE3 sounds so like back in school classes. hehe

  10. Nikki, what do you know -- Daiso opened a branch in my city just this week, and I was able to buy a necktie rack for my belts, just like you! I'm a happy gal, lol!
    I didn't know they sell lipstick. I must have missed that. I guess there will be another shopping expedition soon. Thanks for the tip again, and keep them coming.

  11. The color is gorgeous! Too bad its drying. :(

  12. I love this lip color on you. It looks gorgeous! I love finding MAC dupes too. It saves the damage that I put on my wallet :)

  13. this is a pretty shade. too bad it's drying :(

  14. awe! with the gloss on top it looks so great! lovely lip color!

  15. That's such a pretty and unique shade! Too bad the texture's so drying. :(

  16. Maki, I've been there only a total of 2 times and I've purchased quite a lot! hahaha

    Shen, sis, its not a lot but the last time I purchased this, may natitira pa :) GO GO GO!

    Nix, no worries, always my pleasure!

  17. wow!
    that is a nice shade...

    & it's from daiso?
    im sure that it is really cheap..
    what a nice find

    but then..it's drying..

    but i think this is worth checking out.

  18. Pammy, yes, if its moisturizing? I'll definitely go back and stock up!

    Dang, same here! I am not going to apply this on its own, ever!

    Kahani, hmm..I can't remember, I've tried Maybelline's Colorsensational I guess but not the shade Raspberry! Cant' wait for your review!!!

  19. Khymm, ooh Yes, I've seen LA colors lipsticks but didn't purchase it! I was a bit too excited with the polishes! hahahha I'll give it a 2nd look the next time I go back!

    Connie, so true! NYX round lipsticks are great!

    Xin, I know!!!! PE class! Physical Exam!

  20. Jo, wow! yayness! You'll be buying a lot! I have a feeling!!!! *winks*


    Tina Marie, I know what you mean! MAC are quite pricey but they are good in creating extraordinary shades!

  21. Crystal, I know!!! If its moisturizing, this is definitely HG!

    Anastacia, thanks dear, need to make this work! Such lovely color to waste!

    Gio, thanks dear! I agree

  22. wow! I really never knew that so many great stuff are 'just hidden' in daiso, haha.

    need to check it out again :)

    the shade of the lipstick really looks pretty on you!

  23. wow! I really never knew that so many great stuff are 'just hidden' in daiso, haha.

    need to check it out again :)

    the shade of the lipstick really looks pretty on you!

  24. Totally agreed about PE-3 not being the most attractive lipstick name. But then I would, I've been known to crave products just because of what they're called, lol.

    Thanks for the comments :).

  25. Nice shade but if it's still drying I won't try it. Thanks for your caution. :) By the way, I would like to invite you to join and have your say about anything on this new Fashion Forum.You can even win the cash prize for the most number of referrals. See you there! Thanks.

  26. weird you said it was drying as it didn't look like so in your picture. i will take your words for it though.

    i had no idea this brand has lipsticks. i guess it has everything!

  27. Thia, you can give them a try first and see if you can manage the dryness! I knew its drying to start with but its inexpensive!

    Madelyn, indeed, its at the loweer portion of the blushes, eyeshadows etc...

    Cris, who cares about the brand if the shade is gorgeous right? Welcome back Cris!

    Jean, thanks for the invite!

    Jojoba, Oooh girl! I prepped my lips super well prior to use this lipstick! It's not a wear and run type of lipstick, I have to apply a clear gloss on top with a nice lip brush!


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