Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Sophisticated" Nails

Good day gorgeous people of the world!  How's the week treating you so far?  Good? Bad?  Keep your chin up no matter how tough life is!  We've gone this far!  

Enough with the inspirational talk!  *laughs* I know, I tend to preach!  I guess I'm way older than my age!  I do sound like a grandma!  

Last weekend, I had a couple of minutes to spare so I browsed through YouTube (which I seldom do nowadays due to a circumstance! *lol*) and chanced up a lovely YT guru "Love4Nails".  She's done a very cute nail art tutorial which caught my attention and I'm inspired to do my own version!  I've used 3 different shades for this tutorial!  There's my love for pinks and reds I've added brown!  We all know pinks and browns are perfect match!  On makeup and nail art!

Step 1:
Apply your preferred base coat prior to nail polish application.  AMW is using The Face Shop's Base Coat.  Apply only 1 coat of ELF's Bubblegum Pink polish.   The reason for it is that I'll be layering 3 different polish colors!
Step 2:
As soon as the first coat of base polish dries, apply a hot red polish diagonally!  I am using ELF's Polish in Red.

Tip:  If you do not have steady hands, you can use a thin brush to draw an outline first, before filling the rest of the polish color!  

Step 3:
Same as step 2, wait for the 2nd polish color to dry up and apply a dark brown nail polish from Paul & Joe. 

Note from AMW:  You can clean up your nails, apply top coat and you're ready to go with this simple nail art!  If you want to make your life more complicated like I do, continue reading please! :D

Step 4:
Use Prettynails' 2 way nail art pen in silver glitter and apply thin, diagonal lines going on different directions as you prefer.

Step 5:
To make the glitters more obvious and create a nice "3d" look.  Top the silver glitter with a gold glitter from L.A. Art Deco in Gold.

Step 6:
Do not forget to protect your hard work with your preferred top coat.  I am using TFS Top Coat.

Sit back and relax as you wait for your polish to dry completely

Another tip: As soon as the nails are completely dry, you can use a cotton bud and wet it with your preferred acetone and clean up the sides of your fingernails for a cleaner, more sophisticated look!

Another pat on my back for another nail art tutorial!  I am seriously on the roll!  
I hope you like my nail art for the week!  Keep that smile coming and give me that big energy!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I saw her tutorial with blues too :) you combination looks pretty tho :)

  2. another nice one nikki. this looks soo pretty!

  3. gorgeous..2 thumbs up to you..You manage to colour your nail without using any tools..

  4. I know, I say it over and over again, but I think you are really talented with nails! Great work again, Nikki!

  5. wow sis! this is a real complicated one!!! i have not been doing my nails much, they keep breaking :( i think i need more milk

  6. Another great tutorial from the nail guru Nikki!! hehe!! :D Keep it up!! :D

  7. I like the pink nails alone. Maybe you should have a nail art salon or whatever it's called. :P

  8. I drop by Market Market this week they have new stock of LA Colors Nail Polish. I love them....

  9. You've outdone yourself on this one Nikki! Great job! I love the color combination. :D

  10. YOur tutorials are very cute and easy to follow sis. YOu inspire me to paint my nails again which I haven't done in a while. HEHE :)

  11. I love this manicure! The colours go together perfectly =)

    You do some of best nail tutorials Nikki! Keep them coming please!

  12. very pretty!! for some reason, the colors of this nail tutorial reminds me of the queen in the alice in wonderland. the one that yells, "off with their heads!" :P

  13. another pretty nails from the guru...

    galing talaga... Cheers!

  14. The nails are very pretty! This looks very complicated but you did an amazing job like always.

  15. i relaly love this nail work. it's by far the best i have seen on you.

    hey, how do you function with such nails? :P

    wish i could grow my nails long enough for polish. i have seen so many studios down the road that i am itchy to try out! but i know i'd destroy the nails in few hours...

  16. cute nails! I really like how they came out. :)

  17. Really pretty! :)

    Visit my blog too if you want!

  18. i really wish i have the same patience with nails as with makeup so i could be at par with your nail art gorgeousness! pretty pretty nails sis, so fab!


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