Thursday, April 15, 2010

Event: Paul & Joe 3rd Birthday Bash

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Dear Philippine Readers:

Name one makeup brand you can think on top of your head that's a favorite of mine....

No there's no prize for this!  (although there will be a contest coming up sometime this month or next month) If the Japanese/French brand PAUL AND JOE came right on top of your head...bravo!  You know me too darn well!  You deserve a cyber hug and kiss from me! :D  If you don't know, then you can always click HERE and read my fun experiences and reviews with the brand.  I've also attended the Protective Dual Powder Foundation with SPF launch which I did not regret because I got to meet my soul mate!  My Powder Foundation Soul Mate!  

Recently, I haven't been blogging  or reviewing much about the said brand, that does not mean my relationship with this brand has ended.  Can I tell you a secret?  Can you keep a secret?

If answer is Yes...continue reading.... No?   Well, continue reading and be guilty! *hahaha*

I've been to a couple of sales event from Prestige Brand (the company who brought in Paul & Joe) and I hoarded like I have the money to spare!  I have stocks of my favorite Paul & Joe products that I needed to finish up before they expire!  It has been a year...and I'm near the finish line! (Finish Line = finishing all my backups!)  YAY!  

The First Paul & Joe Birthday Bash was a success, I was there!  I skipped the Second because of a busy schedule...and time flew by so fast!  The 3rd Paul & Joe Birthday is coming up!  Thanks to the people who brought  in P&J Philippines, and thanks to Prestige Brands for sending me an invite for their 3rd birthday party!  And YOU, can join the fun event too!

The event will start around 4:00pm Friday and Saturday.  I didn't get the Sunday schedule.  But if you're just around Rustan's Makati area, do check them out!  I may probably be hoarding stocking up (again) on Protective Dual Powder Foundation in shades 20 and 30 and my favorite P&J eyebrow pencils!  

I may be going but it depends on my schedule!  If you see me, please smile and say "hi!" okay???  I'm not a snob!  Promise!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Omg, the invitation card is beautiful >_< Makes me want to do a purple eye look (need to use up makeup) >_< How exciting!! I wish I can go. Hope you have fun! :D

  2. Hmmm... will check that out this Sunday. Hope to bump into you, I'd definitely say Hi!

  3. Love the invite card!! :D they don't have P&J in aussie I think.I usually buy it online. Have fun n show us your haul later :))

  4. such a sweet card! hope u have the time to go so i can read about it! :D

  5. you're one lucky girl who can visit all those amazing events!

  6. have fun hauling :) i wish there was a counter here. just saw their upcoming summer collection pics from blogs. By the way have you checked out their creme blushes that's in their Spring collection?

  7. wow makeup events. i think the only makeup event i went to is MAC's Fafi launch in Makati hehe. i know you love Paul&Joe! good for you, hoard again sweetie haha. i giggled about FINISH LINE lol. i think i haven't reached the finish line for any of my makeup! lol. either they spoil or i get tired of them haha. have fun in the event!

  8. The invitation card is beautiful. I really hope you can go. have fun!

  9. Innerchild, I know i love the makeup of the model!!!! Thanks for the wish! I hope I can go!!!

    Lanie, yes, I hope to meet you too

    Hana, oh no, no Paul & Joe in Australia? Well, who knows? soon?

    Xin, yes, i'll definitely report back if I visited the event!

  10. Anastacia, you're one lucky girl to be living in a land of Kimchi, Bulgogi and Bibimbap! My favorite food!!!

    Evie1121, I haven't tried their creme blushes yet, will take a look! I haven't seen them around before!

    Mhean, dear! hahah its ok, well sana you're here so we can see each other !

    Gio, thanks !

  11. Thank you so much! :) Hope to see you tomorrow! Say hi when you see me as well. :)

  12. You cannot go if you do not have the invitation card?

  13. hi nikki! i was just wondering why haven't you reviewed any LOLA cosmetics? I hope you could review them as i am eyeing for their products. they have nice packaging :) thanks!

  14. Misszerep, of course! :)

    anonymous, you can drop by their area! :)

    Anonymous, I haven't purchased any yet, haven't gotten the chance to go to Megamall and I don't know what to try from the brand yet :)


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