Friday, April 16, 2010

Readers' Corner: "Brushes I Use Daily"

To my dear AMW Readers:

Thank you for asking questions via Cbox, email and comment page per post!  Thank you, from the bottom of my huge heart, for entrusting your personal beauty problems to me!  As much as possible, I answer the queries directly to save time, but if a question concerns majority of the readers, I will be sharing it here! 

I got a reader query regarding makeup brushes.  Reader knew the "brush whore" in me and wondered how I know which brush to choose "from the huge brush collection you have" (quoted from her)

Well, to make it clear, I do  have a good number of brushes but more than 75% of it are meant for professional use.  I do keep them clean and away from dust.  I have a couple of brushes displayed for personal use but there's top 5 brushes I've been using daily!  Read on and take a peek!

1. Dual-ended foundation and concealer brush both from Dollface and Essence of Beauty
If I use liquid foundation, this is my favorite foundation brush.  But since the weather is very hot and humid, down here, I use the "foundation brush" to apply concealer under the eye area and on the sides of the nose.

2. Ecotools Kabuki Brush
Surprisingly, this is a very good k-brush to apply my mineral foundation or setting powder! 

3. Sigma Eyeliner Brush/Ecotools Eyeliner brush
I love to use pencil liners on a daily basis, but on days I go eye shadow-less, I prefer using gel liner and my best tool to apply gel liner is the Ecotools Eyeliner brush and I also alternate it with my new Sigma SS266 brush because I'm too lazy to wash my brushes daily!

4. Thevi Dome Blush
Thevi sent me this brush more than a year ago for review.  I love this brush so much I use this daily!  I am proud to say, I wash this brush often because I don't like breaking out especially on my cheek area!  This is the easiest blush brush to use for that fresh "blushing" look!

5. Eyebrow brush from G-lish
Oh my, my ultimate eyebrow brush ever and I sad to say, I can't even repurchase this alone!  This was made by a local brand called G-lish and it was part of a travel set!  I love how I can easily fill in my brows with a brow powder or an eye shadow shade that matches my brows.  I can't live without this brush!

On some days, I can go from 5 brushes to 3!  It really depends on my mood and my skin condition!  Thanks for asking this question, I enjoyed rummaging through my tools and show you my li'l nook! 

Have a wonderful Friday!
Do share your top brushes!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. nice brushes! especially the dual sides looks so nice!

  2. I use the MAC 239 and 187 every time i put on makeup! :D If i'm in the mood for contouring i use my MAC 138. For highlights i use my MAC 165, and i'll use the MAC 182 to blend my it in together with my cheek color! :D

  3. Ooh, thanks for sharing! I love these kinds of posts. I really want that Glish brush lol. I'm always looking for a better brow brush!

  4. thanks for sharing Nikki! I also love my Ecotools Kabuki brush, its so versatile! I can use it for setting powders and loose powders..

  5. thanks for sharing, Nikki! My main brushes are my stila #30, kabuki brush and duo fiber blush brush

  6. great set of brushes! :D I love ecotools! they're so soft! :D

  7. Thanks for sharing your daily tools, they are pretty and practical. =) Have a great weekend! I can't wait to get a massage! Muah*

  8. I like the look of Thevi Dome Blush.. isit expensive?? ahh.. i must resist. >.<

  9. I agree that the EcoTools kabuki brush is good. :P It's nice to know that there is a brush you use from a local brand. ;D

  10. ooohh...i'll check out the dual ended foundation brushes because i'm on the lookout for a good foundation brush now.

    thanks for the tip!

  11. Hey Nikki! I've missed ya and your blog! <3

  12. nice! ive been eyeing for a perfect blush and flat top brush.. the thevi dome seems promising. hehe!

    by the way do you use dollface's stippling brush? kase i find it the cheapest so far natetempt na tuloy ako bumili tho wala akong nababasang revies about it. thanks!

  13. Anastacia, I love the dual ended one! Out of the set of 3, this is my favorite!

    Jenn, you are definitely a MAC lover! thanks for sharing!

    Catherine, I know, I can't repurchas this brush alone! and I don't think I needed the rest of the travel brushes that goes with this!

  14. Khymm, winnier no? I love the Ecotools K brush, its just so simple looking, I thought I'll hate it! Guess I'm wrong

    Connie, Duo Fiber blush brush is great for daily use! thanks for sharing too

    Iyah, same here!

  15. Dang, indeed, with all the brushes I have these are what I reach for daily! What about your brushes?

    Sue Thevi blush brush is pricey but after using it for more than a year and it still looks new and soft as ever, its worth it!

    Pammy, of course! I'm not a snob! hehheh

  16. Jill, goodluck! And you're welcome!

    Fuz, I miss you too! Glad you're back

    Joice, I haven't tried the Dollface Stippling brush because I own a MAC one, Charm one and Sigma, I don't think I'll need another one :) Sorry :)

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