Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eureka Moment: My Popcorn Pen

Warning!!! This post is super childish!  If you are not into "kid's stuff",  consider yourself warned!  Continue reading at your own risk!

About me --- my happiness is definitely not relative to price tags!  Anything can make me happy as long as it can make my heart swells.  As long as a huge smile can spread across my face! my measurement to simple happiness.

Early this year, I wrote about my 2010 Just A Moment organizer, it's an organizer that traveled straight from Korea to my humble la-la-land.  It came with a "not-so-cheap" price tag but it's the prettiest organizer I've  ever own in my entire life so it's worth it.  

"With such great organizer comes great resPENsibility"

I couldn't bear to use a regular pen, nothing could look right with this organizer!  I've searched high and low for a cute pen that I can slip into the "pen" holder but failed miserably! 

Until recently, my eyes laid on this....

I was reminded of my favorite teenage movie "Clueless" back in high school played by Alicia Silverstone.  A certain scene got stuck in my head because of the cute "feathered pen" she used in class while she was day dreaming. 

Silly 'ol me was able to purchase one and used it for the rest of my high school years.  No wonder my teacher calls me most of the time for recitation!  My pen calls for attention!!!

I got addicted to it so much I've gone through feathered pens in different colors.  The sad thing about this pen is the "balding" issue!

Finally!  I've found "THE ONE" that goes so well with the color of my organizer and my personality!  The Popcorn Mink Pen.

This product is made in Korea and made by the company called Popcorn!  Beats me!  I can't read Korean but this is one pen worth purchasing!  Cute packaging and very cheap price tag.

The PopCorn Mink Pen is available locally at the ultimate destination to look for unique items called the Clipper store.  Located at selected malls for Php49.75 (approx $1.20)!  NOT BAD!  Keep in mind that most of these pens come in blue.  With perseverance, I was able to find one in black!  Lucky me!!!  We are destined to be together!

Do cute pens like this make your heart flutter like mine?  Are you as childish as I am?  
I hope I'm not alone on this!!! 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Happy weekend!!!


  1. Yesss I LOVE cute pens, pencils, stationery stuff, etc.! Super cute!

  2. the pen is cute but you are definitely cuter.. i love to read your blog because you are one person who can find happiness in really small things.. and i can feel the positive vibes all the way traveling till India.. love you for this :)

    The last pic of you is priceless! xD

    And wow it matches your journal/notebook really well.

  4. love it.. i wanted to use one in law school but was too afraid that my professors would notice and call me for recitation because it was too conspicuous...hihi

  5. awee! it's korean stuff! how cute!

  6. that's adorable! It does look more sturdy than the other fluffy pens.

  7. It looks really cute! And you also look really cute holding that organizer and pen. Kid at heart. :P

  8. Aw what a cute post!
    I think fun pens are the best!!! And I love that being a girl we can soo get away with it ;)

  9. Nikki, I loooooove these! They are SO me.

  10. you are not alone Nikki! :D i love cute pens too! specially pink!

  11. I love your pen..Cute and pink color..^_^..

  12. sooooooo cute!
    i have a penchant for using cute pens too..

    i even have a pen that got blinking teacher always have to ask me to switch to another pen because it's so!

    have a happy weekend,hun

  13. I am a total sucker for cute pens, and this one is too cute for words. Love it! :)

  14. HEEHEEHEE. That is TOO CUTE! I totally want one too!!!!

  15. e.motion in motion, yayness! I can totally imagine you holding this pen and look gorgeous!

    Priyanka, hey aren't you the sweetest one? You left me such warm compliment you made my day! I swear, readers like you makes me survive the day!

    Maggie, the last pix of me made me look childish :( hahaha

  16. Donnarence, so true! You shouldn't ! Especially in Law school!

    Anastacia, I know! I am in love with Korean stuffs and I plan to go to Korea with hubby!!!!

    Connie, so true!

  17. Pammy, talagang "Kid at heart" specified talaga ha? hahahah Lagot ka sa akin when we meet! hahha

    khymm, thanks!

    Sarah, so true! Who cares what my age is? As long as this makes me happy!

  18. B, aahahah B! You are sooo cute!

    Nehs yay! I'm not alone!! *high five!*

    AnGiepink , thanks!

  19. Thiamere I have a penchant for everything and anything cute! I own the one with blinking lighs too and another one with cute animals! You have a great weekend hun!

    Recessionista! Thanks girl!

    Catherine, you..would definitely like this!!! I can see totally see it now!

  20. nooo it's not silly at all! i <3 <3 <3 pens too and you look really cute with your pen and planner. it makes me happy. n_n

  21. I'm a sucker for cute pens and this one is too cute! I want one too!

  22. Pfefi, thanks for saying so! glad you girls are liking it too! I thought i was being super childish!

    Gio, awww, have you found yours?

    Elsa, thanks!


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