Friday, January 15, 2010

I Wonder: "Do You Use a Daily Planner?"

Happy Friday gorgeous people!  I dedicate this "I wonder" to something close to my heart.  Something that completes my day and makes me as organized as I am.  This keeps my life sane from all the hustle and bustle of parties, events, meetings, gigs, etc...

I can also include this in the "Unsung Hero" list ... 

I've been using an organizer for as long as I remember! I am super forgetful and having daily planner saves the hell out of my crazy, busy schedule!  I've tried using electronic organizer but nothing beats scribbling,, writing, highlighting and doodling!

This refillable planner accompanied me for more than 5 years and I guess its time to retire, why?  I have a new daily planner....and it's in HOT PINK! :P

My 2010 Just A Moment Daily Planner

Just A Moment Daily planner measures 103 x 150 mm, approximately 4 x 6 inches. I love it that its available in 6 colors: Hot Pink, Caramel, Powder Green, Baby Pink, Tiffany Blue and Chocolate.

**2 photos above copyright from Jam Studio
I bought this over ebay straight from a Korean seller!  It was shipped pretty fast and I received it a bit late which isn't the fault of the seller but the slow postal service due to holidays.  I remembered early December last year, I was on ebay looking for a refillable organizer/planner and I found a lot, but nothing caught my attention, I was looking for one that screams "NIKKI!"  Just when I was about to give up, I found this...

There's always going to be a comparison especially how attached I am with my boring navy blue planner.

The size of my original organizer is perfect!  I'd appreciate it if "Just A Moment" planner comes in a bit bigger size.  My old organizer is refillable which saves me bucks yearly, I can easily purchase refills in local bookstores.  My new one isn't refillable and it would break my heart at the end of the year.

I also like it when I can just insert business cards, photos, random papers on the side pocket, which I can't do that with the present one.


Before I start to question myself why I bought the new planner, let me talk about the good side of my new planner before I start to cry!  hahaha

Just A Moment Planner, aside from being an "eye candy", come in various colors and  you can choose your favorite color rather than being stuck with a boring shade.  The texture of the cover is really nice and obviously made with quality.  A small factor that added it's functionality is the pen holder that I've been wanting to have on ALL planners! 

Another selling factor that sold me big time?  I  can fold this and malhandle this and it'll still be ok! The pages won't fall off! I like the rubber band that ties everything so nothing would fall off !

You want to know how much this cost?  This cute li'l baby costs  $17.99 + $4.99 = $23.00 (approx Php1,057) .  Don't raise your eyebrows on me baby!  *hahaha*  Blame it on my husband when he said, "You're worth it, you are one person I know who uses organizer like it's a matter of life and death!"  Plus the fact that this cutey can put a huge smile on my face each and everyday! :)

Now, I Wonder:
"Do You Use a Daily Planner/Organizer?"
"Would you even pay this much for one?"

Philippine readers:  If you don't want to spend the money for an organizer, there's a way to have one without spending a single cent!  Click HERE for "It's Time!  Sun Financial Kulay Pinoy Daily Organizer"!  Hurry!  5 winners will be announced tomorrow!  Goodluck!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i pack & travel light wherever i go and i dislike gadgets that add clutter in my bags so i don't use aa planner. i now install all my appointments on my mobile phone and the alarm works like a charm!

    these look cute for those who enjoy a good planner though. lovely.

  2. I used to use a planner religiously all throughout high school and the first two years of college. Now I use iCal/gCal and Things for MAC OSX to keep track of all of my appointments and to-dos. =)

  3. *ouch*! I definitely not one who would splurge on organizers.. and my organizer usually lasts me for years coz i wont have the heart to scribble on it. LOL. *heart* the hot pink!

  4. i have a ecalender that's linked to my phone. i can't carry too much with me

  5. I used to use planners but now organize myself in Outlook. I love the look of these though!

  6. yes i do use a daily planner
    but no honey, i wont spend that much
    probably because i have been getting daily planners for free all my life.
    but your planner is just so gorgeous

  7. I like your new pinky planner! I love this little things, but to use it as a habit is hard.. coz I always forget to bring them out and it became abandon by me in the end. haha. :D

  8. Hi Nikki, your new pink planner is adorable! Yes, I'm also using a daily planner as well, and I just love it! Further, I'm super childish, coz' I stick cute stickers onto the pages, haha...

    Mine is from the brand Filofax. It's this one (in white - actually a pearly shimmery white)

    I always take it around with me in my purse, although it's quite a heavy piece. ;)

  9. LOL...I have one! mine's from Paperchase, and I've been consistently buying a new one every year - all the way from Singapore, no less! :D

    ...and it's not cheap too...costs about SGD$28 I think. but that's worth it for a choice of such cute designs, right? ;)

    your planner is ADORABLE, btw...and happy Friday!! *wheeee*

  10. Heck yeahs to planners! My planner is basically my life. I have alot of swaps going on in one time, and so I can't remember that AND schoolwork. It keeps me organized.

  11. hotpink planner is love! :) but i've been using belle de jour for years now :)

  12. I started to use planner when I have my 1st professional job and I badly need it... just like you I tend to forget necessary stuffs (hehehe)

    I've been using the Starbucks Planner for the past two years and this is the first time I'm not using one... I don't like the new ones... good thing when I have my skin foods haul back in December, I received the SkinFood Schedule Diary/Planner... this is a limited edition and I think you can get this only from Korea :(

  13. I don't used everyday planner but I can't live without monthly planner. Which I also have to get.

    These notebooks looks very nice! The pink one super cute :P

  14. Havent used a planner since birth!

    (NPSB) haha

    but I won the Belle De Jour contest.. so I guess this will be my first year using one

  15. Your planner is absolutely cute! Very you :)

    I've been using those free planners all this while because I abuse them terribly. Scribbles everywhere!

    Finally, this year my boy bought me a planner and now i'm hesitant to write in it. Lol

  16. I use a planner off and one XD Some school years, I'd feel like I absolutely NEED one, but not so much this year... yet :P The pink one is so cute!

  17. I love your new planner! I don't usually use a planner. My planner is in my head :P Now I use my phone too but I tried to use a planner this year. So far, fail! :P

  18. woah! that's an expensive planner.. but the color is so cute! =)

  19. Hi N, yes, I use planners daily...Yep, plannerS. I have one for personal, another one for my online business and the Outlook calendar for my day job. Whew. Is that OC or what? =D

    Your planner really shouts "NIKKI!!!" =D

  20. In my line of work there are honestly days when I wake up wondering 'what day is it? what am I doing today? hang a mo.. what WEEK is it??"

    So yes me has planner and needs it badly. I have a pocket-friendly red 18-month moleskine planner that goes everywhere with me. Gift from a dear friend. =)

  21. I WISH i am as dedicated as you in using the planner. im so unorganized and I need a planner. I tend to use it for the first few months then stops -.-"
    anyway, Nikki I have received the Karmin curler, thanks so much, please pass my thanks to the karmin people. I will use it and post on my blog!!

  22. I've been using a planner since high school to make use of the sticker and stationary collection I had when I was in elementary hahaha! I had a refillable planner until college, then when starbucks started to have those planners, I switched. This year I'm using the "This Journal will really change someone's life"

  23. I used to use organisers (spent loads on them too - Moleskine, leather Filofaxes, you name it), but after I bought the iPod Touch, I sync my to-do lists, events, etc from Google Calendar (I use it heavily) to my calendar in the iPod. As much as I'd love to continue using the organiser, I hardly write in them anymore. Plus, the iPod Touch is a lot slimmer to carry around with me :P

  24. I like that pink planner as it looks so cute and girly. :P

    I was never into planners. And I was never into the Starbucks planner craze. I dunno why but I don't like organizing my life or sort of having a schedule for things. :P

  25. i use a planner for everyday too! i just use BDJ.

  26. Your pink planner is so cute! I used to use planners, but now I just use a calender instead.

  27. idk but i have this weird habit of constantly buying a planner and start being oc for the first few months then eventually get lazy and stop writing stuff.. and then it gets lost then buy another one and yeah, same routine.hahaha :D but i guess i need to stop doing this for 2010.haha

    btw, yours is lovely! cute and fab!:) xoxo

  28. I'm still in uni so i use a planner to write down my homework + random things I need to remember. I'm sure i'll still have one when i'm done with uni, because I tend to forget important things if i don't note them ;p

  29. And you don't even have to keep recharging it or changing the batteries. Looks good.

  30. That is cute! But, I wouldn't spend that much on a planner... cause I don't use them. I've tried in the past to get into the habit of using one but the fact is I'm a total homebody, I don't typically have much to do anyway! Anything that I do need to get done gets scribbled onto one of my calendars (usually the one in the kitchen) and I set a reminder of it on my cell phone as well.

  31. i have been using planners since i was in fourth year high school :)

    and now, i can't seem to live without a planner. freebie planner. nbs planner. planner from taiwan which i orderd from my classmate. and now, a belle de jour planner :) (courtesy of someone special).

    i even kept all my planners HAHA!

  32. I definitely do!
    I have an agenda from school that I get at the beginning of each year and I write everything in it! I have a bad memory otherwise.

  33. Jojoba, lucky you for being able to use a digital version, I wanted to as I hate taking along planners too :) But that's what I'm comfortable with :) hehehe

    Catherine, I've been using planners religiously for the past hmmm forever! I think I started Highschool too, til now :)

    Xin, oh, it is difficult for me to use my "new" planner, but it does take time! As soon as I started to use it, I'll be forever scribbling for me!

  34. Mona, oh yeah, ecalendar is useful!!!

    Lipstick Rules, Outlook, I use it for my work! :)

    LyNn, really? Free daily planner all your life? I wish to have the same! :)

    Sue, I know what you mean, I hate big organizers because I will FORGET it on purpose! hahaha

  35. Jess, ME TOO! I just stuck some cute Hello Kitty stickers on it!!! :) I have used Filofax myself! been there, used it :) lol

    Bee, wow...if its worth it though and you use it each and everyday, its definitely worth every single penny!

    Y, ohhh girl ! *high five* I get a bit lost without the planner!

  36. Superchuboink, really? i've only used Belle De Jour once, I had a hard time lugging it because of its size :)

    Ayn, so true, if you started to work and have a lots of responsibilities, its important! :)I have NEVEr use the Starbucks planner

    Anastacia, I prefer daily planner to monthly ones :)

  37. K, really? SINCE BIRTH? Wow! Do you want to try to use one?

    Connie, I hate using those free planners from insurance companies! usually BIG! :) I like medium sized!

    e.motion in motion, pink really is a huge selling point for me! :)

  38. PB, hahahha a lot of people use the phone as organizer, I find it a bit hard! :)

    Khymm, yes, it is crazily expensive, but worth it :)

    Dang, have 2????? You are a nerd! hahahha

  39. Kahani, hahahah you are one crazy gal! You wake up not knowing what week or day or month it is?? It never happens to me!!! :)Moleskin is quite pricey down here! :)

    Acutelife, I am very dedicated with planners, I am dedicated on everything OC-ness! hahaha :) Thanks for letting me know about receiving the Karmin :)

    Kai, we are definitely girls with similar interests :)

  40. Tine, iPod touch, never thought of using one as organizers :)

    Pammy, yes, it is super cute and girly! :)hahahah you don't like organizer as a whole :)

    Crystal, a lot of you girls use BDJ!

  41. Gio, calender is great too! I do circle my wall calendar too! :) aside from organizer!

    Sushiflower, hahahah yes, you should stop, or you should try to collect organizers instead? hahhaa

    Carine, planners are really useful for schools! :)

  42. Blackwatertown, I know what you mean :)

    Red, if you don't use planners, definitely do not spend a lot on them! Whatever works for you right?

    Arezu, yes, I have to write everything too due to bad memory! :D

  43. i don't usually use one but i got one this year because my boss gave me one for free haha. it's too bulky though like a textbook so i leave it at the office lol. yours is very girly and handy!

  44. I want the Tiffany blue! haha your hubby is so sweet ^_^

    I do love to have one but that's too expensive and big for me..I prefer pocket sized planner because I usually have a medium sized bag and with all my stuff (umbrella, water bottle, wallet, cellphones, kikay kit...)I'm afraid I can't fit a big one anymore.

    Thanks for the post! you make me want to get a new one for this year ^_^

  45. My gosh! Those planners are too pretty! :)

  46. wah! i'm selling those types of planners! kaso tapos na. oct na ulit. ang dami kong planners. baka malula ka. hehe.


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