Thursday, January 14, 2010

Contest Alert: Kotex Luxe No Compromise! (Contest Closed!)

Dear Philippine Readers:

The new Kotex Luxe is the first ultrathin pad that gives you breakthrough Fusion Technology, a revolutionary combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to help you get the dryness of net and the softness of cotton with just one pad!  No more compromises!

No Compromise!

When faced with life's choices, you stick to your guns.  Nobody tells you what you can't do, or what you can't have.  You're in the driver's seat and you're not going to apologize for your choices.

You may go this way or that.  Or have it both ways, just because you're you.  It's not fence-sitting if you get exactly what you want.  One thing is for sure, you will settle for no less than perfect!

You are a Kotex Luxe woman, and you never compromise.

Thanks to the people of Kotex for giving away 15 sample packs (2pcs per pack) of Kotex Luxe for AMW Readers!  How to win?
  • Comment in this post and tell us your "No Compromise" moment
  • Do not forget to type in your name and email address
  • 15 winners will be picked via and will be announced January 24, 2010!  
  • No duplicate comments please
  • Sorry this is for local readers only!
  • to sign up for a free sample, head on to THIS site. 
Before I end this post, let me share my experience.
I've compromised many times on things that I really wanted to do because I've always put others first in all my decisions.  But the moment I've decided to be a professional make-up artist, going to school right after a full day work, lugging all the heavy stuffs, going home late, lacking sleep...all those did not bother me!  It's a NO COMPROMISE experience because this is what I want and I know I've been wanting this all my life!  And it's the greatest decision I've made!

Now I'll excited to read yours! :)
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. nice! Too bad I can't enter. I'm having a blogsale, if you want to check it out!

  2. not entering, but good luck to everyone! :D btw, did Kotex bring in the LE 5pc tins to PH? they're adorable!!

  3. It was a choice between: I'll take a shot of brandy (because bf's friends are insisting) or a fight with bf if I'll refuse(since I don't drink and I know he'll think "ndi ako marunong makisama"). I chose to refuse. And I was right, we had a big fight. And I never felt sorry with my decision. They can't make me do things that I don't do, which in the first place they are aware of.


  4. my dad told me to sacrifice my studies and work first because we have less money at that time... hehe, but what I did was I do study at night and do my work at day...

    I was really happy that I still become successful at both...

  5. No Compromise moment for me was when my mother refused for me to get married. Just like any parents, they have high expectations for their eldest which happens to be me. Despite her protests and saying a lot of things about the wedding, I stand by my decision to get married. This time I decided to follow my own happiness. More often than not, I always have to please them or put them in my priority that I always sacrifice my own simple pleasures. This time I follow what I wanted and my mother had a changed of heart on our wedding day. She came and everything is all okay now.

  6. No compromise moment for me was when my mother got hurt by stepping on something and she refused to go to the doctor to have it checked. I really forced her to have her checked and have an anti-tetanus vaccine and to have it cleaned by the doctor. We cannot compromise her health because we love her dearly.

    Bagel Betorin

  7. I like Kotex liners. They don't "shed" or "bunch up" like other brands. Of course, when it comes to my children, I can't and won't compromise. It's only the best of everything for them -- the best that we have to offer, that is.

  8. my no compromise moment was when I have to choose between my job and the health of my baby in my tummy because I need to have a complete rest. I could not compromise my baby so I resigned from work immediately.

  9. can i join? hehehe

    I am a freelance MUA and whenever im out on a gig, i make sure that i only use products that i've personally tested and found to be working great no matter how expensive it is. i am after quality work though it means using my most expensive makeup stuff on client, no matter how big or small her budget is. i want to make my clients beautiful and feel good about themselves...seeing them smiling and loving my work is more than enough for me. :)

  10. NO compromise on our thesis. when i heard news of others soliciting theses for a price, i wanted my group to experience the pains and struggles of its entire process, that we may reap the natural high and pride of finishing it and defending it, with flying colors! when i look back, i'm glad i stood my ground and became a good influence to my groupmates. NO compromise on knowledge.

    iamtorque15 at gmail dot com

  11. I will not compromise the safety of others. I was riding my bike one day when a child ran across the road and caught me unawares. But instinct would save me from inflicting harm on the errant child, even if it meant multiple gashes on my arms and leg, plus a fractured knee. Hidburn is @ hidburn[at]gmail[dot]com

  12. No compromise when it comes to the food I cook for my siblings.I see to it that their hunger are satisfied and they will crave for more!


  13. When i do my blog posts, i give my best no matter how much. I would never compromise the quality of my blog even if a product is given to me by a company or by a friend.

    I would always be telling the truth since my readers deserve the best!

  14. my no-compromise moment is actually a phase in my life and a very important one. i decided to exclusively breastfeed my baby for 6 months and continued to breastfeed her after she started to eat solid food. i am also proud to say that i breastfed her for 3 1/2 years and she was never given milk formula. i stuck to my guns despite "well-meaning" advice from family, friends and a pedia (who we never consulted again) to give my baby formula to "fatten her just a bit". i have no regrets seeing how healthy and smart my little girl is despite her lean physique.


  15. There's no compromise when it comes to my family's welfare. I remember when I had to sacrifice my job to take care of my dying mom and I had no regrets because I believe that it should always be "Family First"


  16. There is no compromise for me when I had to choose to work straight from graduation or take a few months off to unwind after going thru the education phase.

    The day after graduating from college, I signed my contract and started work and until now, working non-stop.

    Thanks to my work, I can now afford those little out of town vacations and indulge myself to anything I want!

    my email address is:

  17. what i will never compromise - my child and his education. i am committed to giving him his needs and maybe not all wants :) and a good education.

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