Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MAC's Pink Nouveau Review

When Bright Red lipstick was in, it took me a while to take the plunge and purchase my own MAC Russian Red!  After my so-called "boldness" It was easier for me to give bright pinks a try when Barbie-pink lips are in! The most coveted Bright Pink lipstick (as they say) is MAC'S Pink Nouveau.  Several actresses both locally and internationally have been sporting the bright pink lips!  The Barbie-Pink lips has always been requested by my clients as well, so it won't hurt to own this "always out of stock" pink lipstick and tag this along with me on my make-up gigs.

MAC Pink Nouveau says ---
According to MAC, this is a Bright Pink (Satin) shade

AMW says ---

  • very pigmented
  • a nice bright pink shade that's wearable even on day time
  • nice matte looking lipstick that is easy to apply 
  • long lasting
  • if you love MAC: It's MAC!
  • if you have very dry lips, can accentuate the lines of your lips 
  • even if you don't have dry lips, this can be drying when worn alone 
  • very tricky to use as this shade (IMO) does not work well on all skin tone
  • pricey for a tube of lipstick
  • if you hate MAC: It's MAC! :P
If you are looking for an instant "lift" on your entire look and you're not comfortable wearing red, MAC's Pink Nouveau is the way to go.  I know eyebrows are raised left and right at the moment, due to the price this is quite pricey I have to agree, but this has always been requested by my clients who knew about the "Pink Lipstick from MAC that Ruffa Guttierez (local actress/beauty queen) wore".  

If you can afford the price, go for it, if not, there are always inexpensive alternatives out there that works just like a charm!  

As stated on the "con" portion, this does not flatter all skin tone (In My Opionion).  I find that this works really well for fair skin or dark skin but if you are more on the "yellow" undertone, this may look a bit bland or pasty on your entire look!  Bear in mind that you can be creative and you can always mix and match your lipstick shades.  Do try to complement this look with the right eyeshadow and blush! So go on with the practice!

If you have light colored lips, this will show up as a nice light, muted pink shade.  If you have pigmented lips like yours truly, this will show up really bright (you can check out shade on my lips as you scroll down).

  • make sure to prep your lips prior to application as this can magnify the cracks of your lips
  • if you're using a very moisturizing lip balm, let it sit on your lips for a couple of minutes prior to application or the lipstick will slide off
  • looks "blah" when worn alone but topped with a gloss, this looks very pretty
  • use a lip liner to line your lips to create a fuller lips
  • unsure with your hand's steadiness?  Use a lip brush for a more precised application
  • try to experiment with different "eye" looks as not all eye makeup work with this lip color!
  • bought it and don't like this?  Sell it!  Or mix this with other lipstick shades!
  • want cheaper alternatives?  Look for "close" shades!  I'm sure there are some! 
  • do not purchase this just because it's always Out of Stock (OOS) or because its the "in" shade.  Purchase this after you tried it on your lips and liked what you see!
Will I repurchase?
Yes, great pink lipstick to be part of my makeup train case!

Where to purchase and how much?
At MAC stores for Php950.00 (approx $21.00)

A close up look on MAC's Pink Nouveau on tube

Swatched on hand once
looks a bit shimmery due to lighting and camera flash

Applied on lips, this looks glossy as I prepped my lips with Kiehl's Lip Balm no. 1
I really can't apply this lipstick without moisturizing my lips!

True, this is always "almost" out of stock for the past weeks and months, but you can always call your MAC counter to check if they're available prior to visiting the counter.  Oh yeah, do check out other brands and ask for "matte pink lipstick", who knows?  You may like it even more!

I will be featuring a pink lipstick that's way cheaper that I found!  Not the exact shade for Mac's Pink Nouveau but its a pretty pink shade!  Do check back for the inexpensive pink lips! 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh this looks really nice on you! I think Lady Gaga said that her Viva Glam lipstick is supposed to be based on this shade. It's a little too pasty for my complexion though, I just look a little sick. =/

  2. Nikki I look forward to the alternative pink lippie! Yes that's very pricey I can buy several Maybelline's with that. Ask Me What makes me smile all the time! Cheers! - CJ

  3. pink lipstick makes my day! :) and this mighty popular one is one of my fave. :) love the review! Nikki makes me smile everytime!! :)

  4. This is a very pretty pink lippie! Very vibrant too!

  5. awe! this is so cute lip color! looks absolutely nice!

  6. I agree!! I own the MAC Melrose Mood which is a real pink pink like this one, and it looks really off on me! :P

    This looks really pretty on you though!!

  7. haha i don't think i can pull off this shade, but you're right about having a barbie pink lipstick in your makeup case for MUAs.

  8. You're right, a bit expensive, but if it looks good, I'm sure we girls can save up for it. =) But I'm afraid because my lips are always dry & chappy. But it looks good on you, Nikki! =)

  9. I LOVE this colour, a friend bought it when she visited from Australia and it looked so pretty on a variety of skin tones. Plus it's nice and bright!

  10. Super bagay on you, Nikki! :) And I love MAC lippies! But you're right, always OOS. I saw this on Liz Uy as well and it was so nice!!! :) Great review!

  11. lovely pink shade! im into bright pinks right now LOL.. i love MAC lippies but i dont own a MATTE shade yet. A great alternative for MAC lipsticks are NYX round lippies. Popular pink shades are strawberry milk, louisiana and narcissus.

  12. I love bright lipsticks and this is so pretty! Too bad it's pricey.

  13. It looks pretty but it is so pricey!! haha I can buy a lot of lippies already...I hope you can post some cheaper alternatives :)

  14. Catherine, I know, I even reserved Lady Gaga, I guess I have to cancel it, I have a feeling it'll look similar and thanks for your confirmation!

    Hybrid_Cha, awww, I'm glad you smiled! hey, I'll let you know the cheaper pink lippie that looks just as nice!

    Shen, you ..girlfriend, look great with HOT pink lipstick! I can vouch on that!

  15. Jess, agree!

    Anastacia, I'm sure this will look great on you!

    Jenn, oohh yeah, I heard about that shade and how it's a hit and miss to others! :)

  16. Crystal, girl, I think you can pull off this shade! I can totally see you wearing this!

    Dang, oooh *high five* to the sisterhood who has dry lips!

    Marce, so you own this and love it? that's great!

  17. Tara, awww thanks!

    Khymm, Yes, I'm sure there are so many alternatives out there as the price is not a joke! I heard Louisiana is the closest match!

    Gio, so true!

  18. i am surprised to see it being so glossy as MAC l/s gave me an impression of being too dry on lips.

    i like the colour on you though it will be too cool for me. i need some nude in the pink.

  19. Jojoba, oh girl! I had a lipbalm underneath so it looks glossy, its actually quite drying!

  20. I've also been wondering about Ruffa's color, thanks so much for the info. And I'm so looking forward to the alternates.

  21. i already have Pink Nouveau, thanks to a friend hehe.. Louisiana is darker than PN. =)

  22. can mac lipstick pink nouveau makes the teeth look yellowish?

  23. JO, my pleasure.

    Khymm, I think Louisiana is more on any people! The Pink Nouveau takes time to get use to it!

    Miss Purple, so far, no !

  24. Can't wait to get my hands on this! I love it!

  25. you are right! just posted on my fb status that there are just some people who looks weird with it. i guess they need to understand that it does not work well on all skin tones!

  26. I wonder how this would look on me. I haven't tried it yet. Does the MAC counter in MOA Marionnaud have testers for this shade? I'm kinda shy to try them because I'm not buying right away. :P

  27. @Dahlj :) Thanks for the comment and for agreeing :)

  28. @Janinay Most lipstick shades have testers but some are "used up" already especially the "known shades" do ask for testers, and go to different MAC counters and check on testers, do not buy without testing ok? :D


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