Tuesday, April 6, 2010

AMW Reviews: L.A. Colors Color Craze Polish

I've recently purchased a L.A. Colors Color Craze Polish when I found it being sold locally at Market! Market! Mall.  I've done a nail art tutorial inspired by this shade and I'm ready to talk about this polish!  

L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish says ---
Color Craze is an exciting new collection of vivid, bright colors for fingers and toes! Brilliant colors intantly add character to any style. No matter what your mood is - these playful, dazzling, flirty shades will surely brighten your day & nails! 

Available shades in L.A. Colors website  
*sigh* I wish all the shades are available locally

** Base on the bottle shades, I think the one I own is in NP421 Static Electricity

AMW says ---

  • cruelty-free, meaning, not tested on animals!
  • shiny colors 
  • very pigmented shades
  • does not turn my nails yellow, could be because of the base coat I've applied
  • lasts more than 1 week no chipping!
  • brush does not shed and easy to maneuver
  • very cute packaging, the cap is removable, for a more precise application

  • locally, not a lot of shades available
I love this polish, I've used OPI polish and the quality reminded me of the said polish!  I wouldn't mind spending a bit more (compared to local brands) as one swipe is even enough to cover my nails!  I love this polish!

  • in any nail polish application, always remember to apply a base coat to protect your nails
  • protect your polish with your favorite top coat, apply the tips as well
  • store your polishes in a cool, dry place

Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at Market! Market! for Php85.00 (approx $2.00).
International readers, you can purchase this at Nonpareil Boutique for $2.50 or Cherry Culture for $1.99 

This is how gorgeous L.A. Color Color Craze in Static Electricity, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Have a wonderful day!
I can't help but sing the song "Electric Youth" from Debbie Gibson each I see this polish!  Must be the name!  Gosh, I am so stuck in the 80's!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. wow! this is such amazing nail polish color! Looks so pretty on your nails!

  2. Does the price depend on the shade? I got one for P49 and one for P60. All thats left are pink shades when I went :(

  3. so pretty nikki, i want! haha

  4. Same problem here... L.A. Colors doesn't restock regularly. I've been thinking about buying this variant but the first nail lacquer I bought from them was too dull for words... -__-

  5. Gorgeous color, Nikki! I'm not much on blue nails, but this shade looks adorable on you! (or maybe bec. you have cute hands! And I don't! =p)

  6. agree! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Static Electricity! wow the color is really pretty!

  7. Awesome! I saw some at my Dollar Tree (american dollar store chain) today but didn't have enough money to get them (needed groceries!)

    I think I'll go back and get some!

  8. they have very pretty colors! its only php 60 here in cebu.. =)

  9. Oh dear, you didn't make me smile with your comment, you made me laugh! I look silly here. LOL. I don't have much to flash (sadly!), but I'm trying my best to be a good girl & smile, kaya dito nalang ako nagrrant kesa in real life. Thanks Nikki, you're really super! =D

  10. Wow, that color is beautiful! It looks so nice on you!

  11. Anastacia, thank you sweetie

    Jenobebs, really? I guess so, maybe if the stocks are new or if its from the Color Craze line, its more expensive? Ugh, they should really restock!

    Lelila, it is very gorgeous!

  12. DianeShishio , I've heard not all shades are pigmented!

    Dang, awww, my nails are not too gorgeous to look at to be honest, it looks cute because of the polish color! :D

    Nehs, super pretty no?

    Yoetke, get those colors that are matte, I heard they are way better!

  13. Khymm, wow, cheaper in Cebu, lucky you!

    Dang, natawa din ako sa type ko, glad to make you laugh :) Hugs, hope to meet you na!

    Gio, thanks

  14. Nix, the 49 and 60 pesos are both color craze. so im thinkin must be the color with the price differencee. i got a nail lacquer too and its 60pesos. all in shades of pink.

    im confused now on the price. lol.

    and yeah, i agree,great color on you.

  15. Nikki! Where in Market Market. I love that shade of blue *drools* :P

  16. Jenobebs, oohh must be! ang weird, I don't get the price difference, I will take a peek again once I have the chance to go back to Market Market!

    Anonymous, inside their department store, just ask for the area that sells soaps, shampoos, etc.. :) I think first floor!

  17. I tried this nail polish before too! I didn't know the cap can come off... Mine can't for some reason and it's also LA Colors: Color Craze :S

    But either way, I love the quality of this nail polish!

  18. helloooo po
    where in Market 2x can i find d store...thanks a lot! =)

  19. Juli, same here, the quality is fab!!! :)

    Redslippers28, at the Market market department stores, area where they sell shampoos, soaps, deos etc.. :)

  20. Where can I buy online po na Philippine-based? :)

  21. Landmark sells this one for Php 89.00
    Online shop sells each for 60 pesos only


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