Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something New: This Summer, Play It Safe with Clinique

On my side of the paradise, it's very hot and I can't stop complaining about the heat of the sun!  I am sure a lot of you share the same sentiments as I do!  If only I could purchase an "air conditioned" clothing!  Patented by yours truly of course! 

Aside from worrying on keeping cool cool, I worry about the damage caused by unprotected exposure to the sun!  I have been a good girl for the past months and I just finished a tube of my sunblock and I'm off to repurchase a new one! 

My favorite skincare brand Clinique came out with a Sun Collection, I like it when they say:  
"Safe is Always Sexy"

The line includes:
  • SPF50 Face Cream (50ml) for Php1,540 (approx $33.00)
  • SPF50 Body Cream (150ml) for Php1,650 (approx $36.00)
  • SPF30 Face Cream (150ml) for Php1,550 (approx $34.00)
  • SPF25 Body Spray (150ml) for Php1,700 (approx 37.00)
  • After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe (150ml) for Php1,200 (approx $26.00)
Sunless Tan is also available for those who weren't able to go to the Beach but wants the sexy tan to look gorgeous!

The line includes:
  • Body Airbrush Spray (150ml) for Php1,500 (approx $33.00)
  • Face Tinted Lotion (50ml) for Php1,300 (approx $28.00)
  • Body Tinted Lotion (125ml) for Php1,350 (approx $29.00)
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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Stay sun-safe!


  1. I complain that is always cold over here lol.

    nice post.

  2. wow, the self sun collection line is a must try! where can we possibly buy clinique products here in the Philippines?thanks Ms. Nikki =)

  3. Becky, let's switch weather, even just for a day! :) heheheh

    Anonymous, Try it at Rustan's Shangri-la, Rustan's Robinson's Place and Makati branch :)


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