Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: Fruit Salad Nails

Happy Thursday gorgeous people!  I know a lot of local readers are jumping for joy as it's Thursday!  Because....after a long weekend holiday last week, tomorrow is another National Holiday!  To the rest of the world?  No worries, Friday is just one sleep away!  My weekend will be very busy, nothing much to say but it covers me doing what I love...prettifying people!  So excited!

I am being good as I've done nail art tutorial once a week!  Oooohhh give me a pat on my shoulder!  :D  Thank you!  I've been a bit in a mood to use my Fimo clay.  I have reader request asking me to create Fimo nails, but the thing is...I've purchased my Fimo Clay on stick so we have to cut it on our own, and...I got lazy in slicing them so bear with me if I use the same Fimo Fruits that Keith sliced!  :)

Since my nails are fruity, I created a Fruit Salad Nails!  I hope you like it!

Step 1:
Prior to polish application, do not forget to apply your favorite base coat to protect your nails.  I applied 2 coats of Caronia Polish in Goddess.  Let dry.

Step 2:
Since "sparkle" is the in thing this season, I applied Caronia Polish in Crystal on top of the Goddess polish.

Step 3:
Create French Tip using L.A. Colors Art Deco in white.  Do not worry if lines are not even.  You'll know why on the next step.

Step 4:
Below the white French Tip, line a glittery gold polish just below the white line to create an illusion of a better French Tip :)

Step 5:
Using any clear polish that's a bit sticky in consistency, I am using my 3rd bottle of The Face Shop's Top Coat.  Apply on top of the nails.

Step 6:
While the clear polish or the top coat is still wet, place your desired Fimo clay on your nails pressing them to make it stick. 

You can be created on this part and use as many Fimo clay if you're comfortable.
Tip: You can use nail glue if you own one, if not, make sure to press the Fimo Clay while the clear polish is still wet, once it gets dry, the Fimo Clay will stick hard.  I've done this many times and the Fimo clay stayed put for at least a week!

Step 7:
Apply another layer of top coat to protect your nail art and Fimo Clay.  I even applied 2 coats to make sure everything stayed put!

Enjoy your Fruit Salad Nails! 
I love staring at the mini fruits mid-day!

I am wishing you a sunshiny day!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. It somehow amazes and puzzles me how you do your nails, attend events, pig out on the weekend, and go to work and attend to your personal life all at the same time! :)

    Your nails look lovely as always, I wish I get the same drive you have, I've just been getting the usual one color mani and pedi for the past years. Yeah, I'm boring. :)

  2. Awe! Your nails looks such fruity and fun :) Like it :P
    Have a safe Friday!

  3. love the fruits!!! so cute! can i have a piece? :D

  4. That's too cute!! :D

    I agree with Madz - you're definitely living the life!! :D How i wish i can be as enthusiastic about you... nowadays i'm so tired that all i want to do once i'm home is to crash!! >.<

  5. Hi nikki,

    Yup..yup.. i agree with them too! you are living your life to the fullest. Sometimes i wonder, how do you manage to do everything in just 24 hours?

    Anyway, your nail is pretty. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. i love fruit salad! very pretty Nikki!

  7. hi nikki, where did you get those fimo clay-thingy?:)
    i love your nails!

  8. wow, so much labor of love went into those nails! so summery and cute, hehe fruit salad talaga? LOL

  9. i agree to the girls above. i usually say if people doesnt NEED sleep, there's so much more we can accomplish!! I have lots of things i want to do but most times i feel lazying around and i just end up realizing iv been sitting infront of the laptop for 4hours reading blogs and whatnots!!

    thumbs up for the adrenaling Nikki! whats ur vitamins?? you should do a review! LOL.

  10. Achie Pikki, don't bite your nails! hahahahahaha!!! I am chuckling right now because of the cute factor!!!! Supperrr cute! =))

  11. wow!
    so pretty!
    envy you nikki
    you're multi talented

  12. Your nails look edible! Fruit--yum yum!

  13. yum!! i want the caronia polish you used..

  14. Madz, dala ng kikayness! hahaha Many people ask the same question how I got the energy, actually, I'm born with the energy, I'm not used to staying idle. Thanks for the nice compliment! Hey one color mani and pedi works good! No need for intricate designs naman! Kaartihan ko lang :D

    Catherine, Maggie, Anastacia, thanks!

    Xin, sweet sister, you can bite the whole stick if you want! :) Do you want some? I can send you some sweet sister!

  15. Jenn, don't get me wrong, i do get tired, the problem is, no matter how tired I am , I just can't stop! hahahah

    Thinay, thanks!

    Nani, I do sleep very late! On work days, I sleep at 1am or 1:30am and I have to wake up at 6am! hahaha

  16. Charry, thank you!

    superchuboink. ebay! Just type "FIMO Clay" and find the best price! :D

    Margaux Denise, I can go over the board with the names of my nail art! hahahah

  17. Khymm, thank you!

    Jenobebs, wow spending 4 hours reading blogs? You're definitely NOT lazy! What's my vitamin? Centrum! hahahha Plus the fact that I have "hyper worms" inside my veins! hahah

    Gio thanks

  18. Shobe ha! You are really calling me PIKKI for good na? Wag naman! hahaha

    LyNn, aww thank you sweetie

    JC, thanks! Looks edible, and its low cal! *winks*

  19. omg this is too cute!
    so creative of you, nikki! :)

  20. i'm getting hungry and craving for fruit salad now. :) hehehe!

  21. Lavender, thanks

    Fifi, thanks! I'm glad you find this creative, I find this a bit too childish! I shouldn't be playing with these at my age! lol

    Shen, :P I am craving for yoghurt naman!!!!

  22. That's cute, just like a fruity party, hehe ^_^

  23. BeautyOnTheWay, thanks for the comment sweety

  24. Yay for you doing a nail tutorial once a week. I know it's not easy so you certainly deserve a pat. :) Love love loooove this. The base color is gorgeous!

  25. I'm really amazed at how neat you do your nails. I tried copying some but I can't seem to make any artsy looking nails on my left hand (since i'm left handed). LOL. yesterday, I dropped by Trinoma and saw this kiosk selling Korean Nail Up nail polishes. they have a wide array of colors and styles! I ended up with the glittered versions that came with thin brushes. I tried it at home and realized that the glitters are too big to adhere to the thin brush. I was planning on doing something like your Valentine Ready version. I was thinking of transferring the contents to another bottle with a normal brush, and transferring normal polish to the thin brush bottle. *whew* Have you tried doing this?? Is this even possible? Hope you could help me. Thank you! =)

  26. B, thanks for the pat sweetie *hugs*

    Peaches, thanks for the compliment, instead of transferring polishes, why not just use the thin brush to the "new polish' that you have that has smaller glitters? Transferring is a huge hassle , so I suggest you just use the thin brush and dip it on the regular polish bottle :D

  27. hi nikki! where to buy those artdeco polish? thanks!

  28. Hi Nesz, locally Market! Market! sells them, but they don't have a lot of color options left!

  29. very cute nails and great guide. Thanks!

  30. it is very suit for holiday, save your time to make your nails beautiful

  31. You write that you don´t use nail glue, but I would like to know what exactly did to it (to fimo nail held at least a week) do you use? Somehow I can not translate the whole text (English is not my forte). Thank you

    1. yes, I did not use nail glue. While clear coat is wet, I attach the FIMO and press it hard. Let the polish dry then apply another layer of clear coat on top to keep the FIMO from moving. Hope this helps :)

    2. Thank you very much. I get it now :).


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