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AMW Reviews: Something About Marilyn Retractable Kabuki

My first retractable kabuki brush was a very scratchy one, it bleeds and sheds like crazy and seriously smells like a horse's bum! *laughs*  It came with a high price tag as it was one of the super few retractable kabuki brush available in the market at that time.  Law of Supply & Demand, could be devilish at times!

Years after, a lot of companies are coming up with the retractable brushes. Purchase after purchase, reviews after reviews, I find it gets tougher companies are coming up with better and even more gorgeous brushes to please our eyes! And one company, obviously knew what we want!  They've created a really cute Retractable Kabuki Brush worth giving a second look (or even third...fourth..or fifth...)

Sigma's Something About Marilyn 
Retractable Kabuki Brush

Sigma Hollywood Glamour Kabuki Brush says ---
Get some Hollywood Glamour! The Sigma Makeup retractable kabuki is the easiest way to apply powder products such as blush, bronzer, foundation, and highlighter on-the-go. Practical and classy, the Hollywood Glamour collection is a must!

Also Available in:
(both photos grabbed from Sigma website)

Pink (Princess Grace)

Black (Breakfast with Audrey)

AMW says ---

  • such cute concept!  Who would have thought to use Princess Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn as inspiration
  • eye candy!  
  • comes in 3 colors!  Not all kabuki brushes have colors to choose from
  • extremely soft bristles and not scratchy at all
  • made of synthetic bristles so it's soft no matter how many times you wash it
  • very dense yet the bristles moves freely, so going around hard-to-reach areas is very easy
  • no bleeding or shedding, washed this more than 3 times since I got this!
  • size is just right to tote around

  • multi-functional: for powder/mineral foundation, setting powders, beauty powders or even blush!
  • packaged really well, comes with a very nice hard carton box with phrase from the famous Marilyn. "I don't want to make money, I just want to be wonderful"
  • not too pricey for such quality 
  • shipping rate isn't too much
  • perfect to be sent as gifts!
  • do you live outside of the US?  The waiting time may make you impatient, has the possibility to get lost during shipping
  • typical retractable brushes concern, takes longer time to dry!
If you live in the US, there's no reason not to purchase this brush!  This comes in three colors,  so no excuse in saying "The Color is Not me!".  I love the "Hollywood Glamour" theme they added that made the brush even more appealing!  The way it was packaged, you can see that the company definitely took all the time and effort to make buyers feel special and spoiled!
If you live outside the US, there will definitely be reasons NOT to purchase this brush, the long waiting time, the unprofessional postal offices (PO's) some countries may have.  And the fact that there are so many local sellers who sell cute retractable k-brushes at a very affordable price.

Personally?  I wouldn't mind the long wait, I wouldn't mind the extra shipping charge.  This brush  alone speaks for itself.  Very unique and it separates itself from all the retractable k-brushes available out there!  And the best part about this, aside from it being aesthetically gorgeous, it functions and performs really well!  I love how easy I buff my mineral foundation in the morning without the scratchy feel and I like the fact that I don't need to bring a separate blush brush to do my blush retouch midday! 

  • do not close the cap of this k-brush while the bristles are still wet, make sure the bristles are completely dry 
  • wash your k-brush regularly, never think that it is clean because the bristles are covered!
  • lay the brush flat on a towel and let dry, never let it stand to prevent water from getting into the glue thus destroying the brush
  • never blow dry the bristles to quicken the drying time
  • you want to send gifts to your friends outside the country and no time to go to your local postal offices?  Purchase this online and send this to your friends as gift!  Any makeup enthusiast would love to own this brush!
Will I repurchase?
Yes, as gift! Not anymore for personal, judging the way I take care of my brushes, I think this one will last me years! :)  I'll definitely report back if this failed me!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Sigma website for $25.00 (approx Php1,150)
Shipping to the Philippines costs $5.60 (approx Php258.00)
Total amount is $30.60 (approx Php1,408)

A closer look on 
Something about Marilyn Retractable Kabuki

Protected bristles

The brush addict definitely won't stop bringing you more cute and functional brushes out there!  Let me know if you also own the Sigma retractable Kabuki Brush, I'd love to know how you feel about it!

Have a wonderful Friday!
It's party time! :)
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. It reminds me so so much of my Too Faced Teddy Bear Kabuki brush! But thi sone is so cute as well! I am looking forward to trying Sigma products asap!

  2. cute! i want the pink one! =)

  3. The brush looks super soft. And best of all, it's pink! Me likey! :P

  4. the brush looks so cute and lux! now i really wish i could tour the US one day!

  5. my first kanuki was super soft but super small too haha,ive tried different ones but im loving my everyday minerals and my cute blusche ret.kabuki

  6. Retractable brushes are lil nifty things! They're great for traveling <3 I got my first retractable brush from Jill Stuart, it comes with the mix blush =p I usually don't like brushes that come with the makeup because most of the time it's not so good but the brush is very soft to the skin <3

  7. Gosh girl, you're evil!! I love Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn so i'm seriously fighting the urge to pick those two up right now!! >.<

  8. Achi Nikki, I like!!!! :) I like the black one! :) kaya lang ayoko na maghintay. Hahaha! Natural or synthetic hair? Can you show us a size comparison with Charm Luxe Retrac? Thanks thanks!!! :)


  9. thank you Nikki, I am on my way to purchase a retractable kabuki and your post came right on time! I like the Audrey one! Will head on Sigma now and check out their brushes! thank you for your kind review!

  10. Catanya, I heard that these Hollywood Glamour retractable K brushes do remind people of the Too Faced ones! Let me know what Sigma products you would try first!

    Rosey, I want the black one! Actually having them all in your collection would look soooo cute!

    Pammy, they are indeed very very very soft in person!

  11. Xin, if we get the chance to go to the US, we'll be bankrupt the moment we get back home! And our hubbies won't be happy! lol

    Shobe, I guess we've gone through so many stages on the evolution of retractable Kabukis, I'm glad this one came in super cute and pretty!

    Chelle, glad you liked your retractable Kbrush from Jill Stuart, we don't have that brand down here!

  12. Jenn, sorry, I'm not being evil girl! You are the evil one swatching all those MAC new collections! hahaha

    Char, they're made of Synthetic hair! Sure, if I get the chance 'll post a pix of side by side comparison with the Charm one!

    Samantha, thanks for your compliments. I am glad my post came in just in time before you purchase your own k-brush, what color are you looking into?

  13. it's a little pricey, but it's cute!

  14. What a cute brush! It looks very soft too!

  15. Catherine, i know!

    Crystal, it's worth every single cent :)

    gio, I can vouch it's softness :)

  16. its super cute and super soft... i also have this kabuki in pink color... i alwys carry it with me... its just fabulous...

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