Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Wonder: "Does Scent Turns You Off?"

The most recent Burt's Bees product I've finished up is the Burt's Bees Lifeguard's Choice Lip Balm, I don't like it much as its drying,  it enhances my dry lips and it leaves a white color on my lips which made me look sick! But I can't deny the fact that I love the minty feel of Burt's Bees lip balms, I like how it makes my dry lips feel a bit better on a very bad lip day!  

My favorite Burt's Bees lip balm is the first one I've purchased, the Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint.  It's the best I've tried out of all the Burt's Bees lip products I've purchased! 

When my dear beauty products supplier brother came back for a visit a couple of months ago, he gifted me  Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm which he bought from Canada!  Just in time as I just finished up the last Burt's Bees balm.

As soon as I open the cap and sniffed it... I nearly fainted.... not in a good way :(

It smells like..seriously I can't explain! But definitely not the sweet honey I know!  The scent is too strong, smells like beauty creams from the "dinosaur" era! (as if I've been there lol).  But you get the drift.  The lip balm isn't as good as the original Peppermint balm but the quality is way better than Lifeguard's Choice.  You know how I hate to waste products, so no matter how the Lifeguard's Choice didn't work, I was able to finish it up with a breeze.  For BB Honey Lip balm?  I seriously... sorry bro....seriously CAN'T!!  The scent irks me and my hubby!  I'm sorry to Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm fans out there, I am sure it's just me and my sensitive nose!  In fairness to Burt's Bees, I've read reviews from other people and some of them love the scent! 

But that leaves me to an I Wonder moment...

"Would you stop using a product just because 
you don't like the scent even if the product works?"

Your girls know my answer! 
I want to read  yours!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Strong smells bother me, and if it gets me to the point where I become nauseated (like Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel), I'd stop using it even though it's a good cleanser. It took me a good year to finish the bottle, when it's only supposed to be 1-2 months :P Some fragrances sting my eyes and make them water. Or worse, react on my skin and give me a rash (like the lavender in Dermatologica products, aaah!). I reacted from the mint from Burt's Bees lipbalm before; all red bumps and itchiness lol xD

    It all depends. Some products smell chemically/medicinal but are that way cos they're medicated/prescription, and they work wonders on my skin. I say, if the results are worth it, I'll keep using it and try to finish it off. But I usually find and alternative though, since there's -so-many products out there and there's no reason to put yourself through this ordeal when you don't have to. I had a prescription from another derm for my acne residual marks and it smells -really- awful and makes me want to barf every time I use and I don't like being around people when I use it. It works ok, but I found other whitening products that don't smell bad at all. :)

    Know what I mean? xD

  2. Well not sure :/ If the product really works miracles I'd use it and eventually get used to the smell, but if the product smelled bad and didn't do a thing I'd toss it rigt away!

  3. It depends if the smell is subtle or strong. If it's subtle, then I can live with it. If the smell is too strong, that's a different story. I guess I won't use it since it will only irritate me. It's just like using a strong perfume that makes me smell weird or nauseate me.

    Have a nice weekend! I'll look forward to your food tripping post! :)

  4. I didn't like the scent of any burts bee's lip products myself. I do love the minty feel but the scents overpower that, so yes I've definitley stopped using a product because of the smell.

  5. Yes, I do have a sensitive nose too and if a product's scent is too strong, I won't use it or I might as well not buy. I check out the smell first before anything. :P

  6. Guerlain scents turn me off! (a good thing)

    there's something with the fragrance that makes me feel, really nauseated

  7. Smell isn't a deal-breaker for me. Some smells trigger my allergies, particularly smoke, exhaust fumes, dust. As long as the product doesn't smell like any of that (and there's absolutely no reason why they should, lol), then I can live with it. ;)

  8. if using it often would make my nose used to it, then i'd still use the product...but if after a couple of uses and i still get the sniffles (i also have a very sensitive nose), then i'd rather stop using! :D

  9. Hahaha. I have this and it's actually my favorite of the Burts Bees products even though none of them really work very well for me. This one's the most hydrating and the mint oil ones burn my lips. The smell is seriously annoying though, and I think it's actually gotten worse in years. I was recently gifted one of these in a set and it smells wayyyy stronger than the one I remember using up a few years ago. I don't like the smell but it doesn't bother me *that* much since it fades on the lips pretty quickly.

    And... for me it depends on how offensive the smell is. Some smells I can get used to, and if the product is truly life-changing I could probably deal with it to a point.

  10. oh by the way, I also hate the scent of burt's bees honey smells really odd

  11. Definite yes for me.. especially for products that i have to apply around my nose and mouth area. I hate those products that have weird scent (*yuucckks*) or the one that they put too much fragrance in it.
    But should it be the only one that can cure my acne (i have acne-prone skin, sadly :(), i ll consider to use it then.

  12. I have the same problem with my Neutrogela lip balm! It works just amazing but smells like b*tch! But anyways, I bought it and I'll be use it! Hahaha~ Just really like how it works!

  13. When I buy a product , first thing I do is to SMELL it.. if the smell is yucky. then sorry I wont buy it because I do not like my myself smelling "unpleasant".. But if I am desperate enough..maybe maybe I will still give a try .. But I don't think that will happen though!

  14. For me it depends just how bad the scent it. If I don't like it, but it's just bearable, I will probably keep using the product. If the scent is truly awful, then I'll have to sacrifice the use of that product!

  15. If it's something I use on the face or near my head, I try to hold my breath until the scent fades away. Otherwise, if I really can't take it, sorry, off to someone else you'll go!

  16. bummer! Burt's Bees is a good brand but I'm unfortunately allergic to most products that contain beeswax. you know, my very first burt's bees lip balm was a souvenir from the Philippines!
    To answer your question, yes even though I'm not particularly sensitive towards scents. Eg. Bourjois blush. I couldn't stand the scent at all because it was way too strong regardless of the fact that it's a good quality blush

  17. Innerchild, same here, if its really nauseating, just like my BB Honey Lip Balm, I really tried, but my nose and head can't take it! Oh my, you do have sensitive skin so strong scents definitely could make your skin react, thanks for sharing!

    Helena, I understand what you're saying :)

    Madz, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I get ya! Well come to think of it, if the Burt's Bee Honey Lip Balm is subtle, I may give it a try until my nose gets used to it...but its just too strong! Do check back for weekend food tripping tomorrow! Thanks dearie

  18. Neeyuh, the regular burt's bee peppermint balm is ok for me!

    Pammy, same here, I could be deal for goodness' sake but God blessed me with a "dog's" nose!

    KC, really? Oh my, which Guerlain product? All?

  19. jo.frougal, hahaha lucky you, I have this certain scent that I'm not a fan of, you'll be surprised with what I'll be saying next..COCONUT anything on lotion! and vanilla too!

    Bianca, oohh I do agree with you, but dear, I've tried using this Burt's bees honey balm nth time,my nose just won't get use to it!

    Catherine, wow, i guess I got the strong version! or shall i say,my brother!

  20. Olivia, thank you! thanks for agreeing! hahhah I've read so many positive reviews on the smell, I am thinking "is it just me???"

    Nani, well if its acne, ok's a different story, if it can cure my acne, gosh, I can even put poop on my face! :P :P :P

    Anastacia, oohhh Neutrogena lip balm? The white and blue packaging? I don't remember it smells anything! thanks for sharing sweetie!

  21. Jessying, TRUE, I do the same, if I sniffed this lip balm, i would NEVER purchase this! but no choice, my brother wouldn't know! he purchased it for me and I can't help but feel guilty that I'm not happy with the scent!

    Penelope, agree! thanks for sharing

  22. Denise, hahaha girl, this lip balm's scent just won't go away!!!!!

    Connie, really? hahah you bought Burt's Bees balm from the Philippines? hahahha what a nice souvenirr! Bourjois blush has scent? I own their e/s but no scent at all! that's weird..scent on blush?

  23. NIkki!!! I hate this lip balm lol.It smells so bad I threw mine away.

    by the way thanks for commenting. That bangin' title was the first think that came into my mind lol.

    have a great weekend.

  24. smells like beauty creams from the "dinosaur" era! - this made me laugh LOL. i love their peppermint lipbalm but its not moisturising enough. Im really particular about scents, as much as possible i want unscented products for creams, foundies etc.. But for lipbalms i can only tolerate mint, vanilla and berry scents.

  25. I have this but i dont have the chance to use it yet. honestly, i dont like the original one with peppermint. i dunno, anything cold on my lips, i dont like. i had this minty gloss from bodyshop wayback and didnt like it too. shouldve learned my lesson back then. but the chance giver that i was bought the 4lipbalm pack from burtsbees and what i liked is the one with pomegrenate! its got a tint of pink and very soft on my lips. i still use the peppermint because its "sayang". i gave one to my sister.

    as for the honey one, at least i wont expect much when i use it.
    next time, ill defintely buy just the pomegrenate one. or try those lipstick like type of burtbees.

  26. I just got some Orly nail polishes and they came with scented lipglosses. I liked some, but a couple just smelled like strong cough syrup or worse, haha. I like the formula so I've been using them anyway, especially because they don't smell as strong when you're wearing them. If they did, there's no way I could keep using them!

  27. man, i feel you. The smell is like a dirty mop. It works well but i can't handle the stink especially on the lips. I couldn't finish even a quarter of the chapstick. ha ha.

  28. Becky, whew! another one who hates the scent of this! I just can't take it!!! WHY???? why do they make such scent? You have a great weekend too

    Khymm, lol kc, pramis khymm, if you can smell it you'll know what I'm trying to say!

    Jenobebs, let me know when you used this! I hope I just got a really strong smelling version! Yes, it'll be smart to buy just ONE that really works for you, or probably give the rest to others who may enjoy it even more :)

  29. LacquerMuse, oh , I haven't tried ORLY nail polishes, their acetone smells good though! For nail polishes, I think I can manage it as it's far from my nose! hahaha

    Yu, dirty mop!!! You made me laugh girl! But you know what I mean right? I cannot even swipe it on my lips again, even if you give me an ice cream! LOL

  30. Yep! My nose in sensitive to scents. Anything that smells like Candy is an instant turn off!

  31. hahaha!
    LOL at the beauty products from the dinosaur era!

    i feel you,sis
    i hate products that got strong scents even if it is supposedly good. I have a very sensitive olfactory sense & i feel like i am being suffocated everytime i use a product with an overwhelming scent...

    i heard from my friend that the scent of burts bees is not exactly a good one so i already crossed it off my list even if it's said to be good.


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