Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Asian Twist Fusion restaurant (the Return)

Happy weekend food tripping!  I had a lovely weekend spending time prettifying a mannequin with friends and fellow bloggers.  I will tell you more about it soon!  For now, let's keep our tummy rumbling and let's feast on food!  It's weekend!  There's no such thing as DIET.

I went to Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant last year, I enjoyed my  experience there and told myself I'll go back to try on their other dishes!  My second time experience is as great as the first one!  It's funny though how both times, the photos came out green on both posts!  You have to bear with me though, this was shot using a cellphone camera!  When I'm hungry, there's no such thing as good camera! :P

Are we all  ready to explore?  I know I am!

Sesame Rice Tuna Tataki
Php175.00 (approx $3.80)
4pcs sushi coated with toasted sesame seeds
topped with fresh, spicy tuna and mango sliced

I am no way a fan of sesame seeds!  I am a bit wary on trying this, but spicy tuna and mangoes?  What can go wrong?  I'm glad I tried this dish because the crunchiness of sesame seed blended well with the softness of mangoes.  I like!

Classic Bibimbap
Php195.00 (approx $4.25)
Ground meat, beansprouts, spinach, 
eggplant kimchi and egg

I love bibimbap!  I can eat as much rice as I can ONLY if it's bibimbap!  Served in "fushion", I'm sure original bibimbap in Korea does not taste this way, but it suits my taste and don't forget to ask for extra tomato paste!

Korean Barbecue
Php225.00 (approx $4.90)
Sliced beef grilled and served with bbq sauce,
sliced garlic, beansprouts, spinach and kimchi

sliced beef grilled to perfection, its soft to bite and tastes perfectly wrapped in fresh lettuce.  I like wrapping it together with kimchi, call me weird, but it'll all combine inside your tummy, right? *laughs*

This time, I settled for  Jasmine tea instead of cold drink.  I like drinking warm tea after a nice, fulfilling meal! 

Asian Twist
101 N S Amoranto St. (Retiro)
Corner Speaker Perez Street Q.C.
tel no: 632-711-2248/632-749-3878

They are currently giving out cards wherein customers get a stamp on every Php500 (approx $10.00) food purchase.  Each stamp contains freebies like free iced tea, free slice of cake, etc..  

The restaurant accepts both cash and credit card transaction!  No service charge.
Enjoy your weekend food tripping.   What dish are you craving for?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow, the food looks so good! And the picture are actually pretty good for a phone camera! :)

  2. nikki are you near retiro st lang ba?my mom lives near asian twist,i want to eat bibimbap!!

  3. Your food trippings are just so tempting..!!! i just wish i loose a lot of weight and then im surely going to follow your tradition of weekend food tripping and try all the new places i haven't tried yet..!!

  4. The Korean beef looks yummy! Your food posts always make me hungry. :P

  5. Maggie, thanks for saying so, I felt bad forgetting the camera when we had our dinner here!

    Shobe, so many people lives near that area! yes, its the Retiro branch"

    Priyanka, aww, you can do this once in awhile, doesn't have to be every weekend

    Anastacia, I'd love to taste the real thing!!!

    Pammy, hehehe I am hungry myself everytime I go back to my posts

  6. Mmmmm Mmm!!!! Yummo :) You always have the most delicious food to share with us!!!!!!

  7. I like it, no diet over the weekend YAY! lolz..the tuna tataki looks very special :D :D it's past midnight here n it's so dangerous to see those foods pics XD

  8. I love your food tripping posts! I haven't been back to the Philippines since 1980! Would love to come back and now I have a list of restaurants to go to thanks to you ;-)


  9. The food looks yummy. I've just had dinner but your post has made me hungry again.

  10. Sarah, I'm glad you find this yummy, thanks for dropping by!

    Hana, tuna tataki tastes WONDERFUL!!!!

    Michelle, wow, you have to come back and when you do, Let me know, let's meet up and I'll give you the liberty to choose ONE resto of your choice!

    Gio, ehhehehe glad I serve my purpose, to make you guys hungry :P


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