Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant

First day of November!  I will be off to the Cemetery to visit my loved ones who passed away.  I hope it won't be crowded or even rain!

Sunday Weekend Food Tripping!  It's a "green colored" newly opened restaurant that I've been wanting to try for so many times but it's always crowded!  When we found a parking space, we gave it a go right away and see what the people are buzzing about!

 A lot of dishes to choose from! 

Grilled Squid
Php195 (approx $4.15)
Marinated Big Squid Served with 
BBQ Sauce and Fried Onion Rings

Teppanyaki Fillet Bibimbop
Php175 (approx $3.70)
Korean styled Bibimbop
with Teppanyaki Fish Fillet

Black Gulaman
Php55 (approx $1.00)
Wonderful taste of black gulaman plus small sized sago 
served on a very tall slim glass

Asian Twist
101 N S Amoranto St. (Retiro)
Corner Speaker Perez Street Q.C.
tel no: 632-711-2248/632-749-3878


By the way, I want to thank the wonderful readers who joined and shared their "Worst Pimple Experience" for the JnJ Active Clear Acne Control Kit giveaway!  Contest is closed and I will announce the winner anytime within the week! :) Stay tuned!

What's your weekend food tripping?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. omg that last drink looks so good lol and $1?! thats such a deal!! Something like that in New York costs like $4 at least.

  2. that's heaps cheap! making me hungry ..

  3. I like their food too! You could have knocked on my door as I'm half a block away from the resto :-)

  4. hehe this is just 2 blocks away from our their cakes!!thres a new resto nmed metro city or something like that just got opened just across starbucks

  5. i always thought that sago is a malaysian thing!! looks like i'm mistaken! hehehe!! :D

    That drink looks so refreshing! Me wants! :D

  6. that's super cheap for Bibimbop. hey have you ever cooked for yourselves on weekends? would love to see recipes and food from your country. :)

  7. looks good but the portions looks small. I'll have to eat 3 plates of each lol.

    happy halloween nikki!

  8. Agreeing with the drink.. looks so good.. yum
    making me hungry...


  9. that's the resto very near to my house! ^.^

    I celebrated my birthday there last time and it was great except the time I injured my foot when I bumped on a coarse hollow block the homeowner of the big house in front of Asian Twist placed; it was dark and there was no light so I really can't see where I'm going (And the homeowner is my boyfriend's relatives haha 0_0)

    Try their seafood bibimbop, I forgot what it's called but it has a cheese like cream covering the bed of rice topped with shrimps and crabsticks. It's my fave! ^.^

  10. The black gulaman looks great! Yum! ;P

  11. I want some Black Gulaman! OMG! I am so craving it *runs and tells Adrian* :) Must get some tomorrow :D

  12. Stacieee, yes, its a wonderful drink and I'm sure you'll love it! AND YES! $1.00!!!!

    Jo,you have to visit Manila again and let me take you to your favorite restaurant !!!! My treat!

    Nikkiz, really? you live near there? Me and hubby even walked around, we went to Red Ribbon and Starbucks!

  13. Shobe, we should have blogger meet up there! hahaha!

    Jenn, I've always thought Sago is a Philippine thing! Glad to know we share the same SAGO! LOL

    Jojoba, yes, we do cook for ourselves most of the days, that's why the weekend food tripping is born, we wanted to go out at least once a week to relax :) Like a date..boyfriend and girlfriend date! :)

  14. Becky, they aren't huge in portions or not too small, it was just right :) Happy halloween to!

    Purple snowflake, :)

    Chelle, another blogger meet up! LOL Grabe, a lot of you girls live close there!!! I am sorry about the injured foot story, but belated happy birthday and it must be a great celebration! I've wanted to try the seafood bibimbop but I can't! Allergies!

    Pammy, yes, it is yummy!

    Iyah, hahahhaa where do you usually buy your gulaman? Nearby Filipino restaurant?

  15. yumm! im obsessed with squid! haha that looks good

  16. Seems like you changed your camera :)

    The Teppanyaki Fillet Bibimbop looks yummy!

  17. @Nikki: *hugs* Thank you for your kind words.

    Wow, I didn't know you were apprehensive with your stint in China.. All along I thought it was just a happy one.. But guess that really makes someone very strong -- tough decisions. Now I see you are a wise woman and I'm grateful for the words you give me every now and then -- even if we've never met :) Thank you sis, mwah!

  18. The food looks good. Your food posts always make me hungry.

  19. The Black Gulaman looks so good!!! I love your weekend food tripping posts! They make me drool too much =P LOL

    And good luck to those who entered the JnJ Contest. Too bad I couldn't enter =[ *sniff*

  20. Nikki, if you do a blogger meet-up, I'm in. Starbucks or Asian Twist go ako! Red Ribbon is my block :-)
    I've tried Metro Cuisine too and it's okay.
    Have you tried their Asian Twist cake? Not sweet at all and really yummy!

  21. Drooool...yummy!

    I made some ramen at home last night in Muscat, and I burned my lip! It was good though....

  22. Sush, really? So I bet you love Gerry's???

    Anastacia, no, sorry its just a cheapy phone camera so the shots aren't clear...

    Teeyah, my pleasure, anytime you needed for advise, I'm here :)

  23. Gio, sorry those weekend food trippings come over the weekend :)

    Lisa, hahahah do you drink Black Gulaman? the winners will be announced within the week :) A lot of judging to do, sorry you can't join for this one, but there will be more :)

    Nikkiz, yay! I'll let you know :)I haven't tried any of their cakes yet! BUt I'll surely will!

    JC, :)So sorry about burning of the lip! but you enjoyed the ramen I believe!

  24. I'm addicted to Bibimbop! This looks so good!!


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