Saturday, October 31, 2009

AMW Reviews: L'oreal Colour Riche in Coral

I am not used to wearing bold colored lipsticks!  Why? Because I am conscious of my dry lip!  

When I braved the fear for red lipsticks, I know the rest of the colors will be easier for me to wear!  Next is a "peachy orange reddish" toned lipstick!  I finally realized that its easier to wear Red than Orange, I don't know if you feel the same.

My Aunt from Canada gave me a couple of L'oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks.  One shade caught my eye and I told myself : "It's definitely a sign, I must try this shade!"

L'oreal Colour Riche lipstick says ---

  • Nurtures lips to keep them soft, smooth, and supple with ultra-hydrating Omega 3.
  • Protects against moisture-loss with the conditioning power of Vitamin E.
  • Creamy, anti-feathering lip liners coordinate perfectly with Color Riche lipcolors.

AMW says---

  • shade: wonderful peachy orange tone that suits both dark and light skin
  • moisturizing
  • very pigmented 
  • applies evenly on lips
  • packaging is quite cute, love the L'oreal etching on the lipstick

  •  scented, not too strong, but if you hate scents on lipsticks, this is a con then
  • do not expect a super long lasting lipstick, need to reapply every now and then

This lipstick shade looks very matte on tube but it gives out a pretty sheen when applied on lips.  For a drugstore lipstick, I find the quality of this quite good!  I like it that it doesn't create flakiness on my lips and I've tried using this without lip balm beneath and it didn't create "crocodile lips"!  I can still see the lines on my lips but that can be solved with a clear gloss.

  • if you have super dry lips like mine, moisturize your lips prior to lipstick application
  • if you find the shade to be overwhelming, blot excess with a paper napkin right after
  • hate the lines created by lipstick on your lips?  Apply clear gloss on top
  • store in cool dry place
  • wait for sales coming up every now and then
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

I believe these are available at L'oreal counters for Php600+ (approx $12.75)

Shade 431 CORAL

Overall look and feel of the lipstick

Swiped 2x, no base
with and without camera flash

Applied on bare lips
no lip balm or clear gloss

Have you tried any bold colored lipsticks lately?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. wow, such a daring coral red lippy!
    and OMG YOUR NAILS ARE GORGEOUS! have you done a tutorial for it yet? :)

  2. that's a pretty shade, but it's something i can't wear. :P

  3. nice review. I also have this color and really love it.

  4. the color kinda reminds me of NYX's round lipstick in Femme. Its an orangey red.. you're right its easier to wear red than orange. the latter makes me conscious coz I think my teeth looked more yellow! =P but orange really looks good on fair skintones.. =) the shade suits you!

  5. i love your nails btw! can you do a tut? hehe

  6. Eep! I don't think I've got the guts yet. I stick to mostly pinks and peaches :D I used to go with nudes, but then I remember reading somewhere that no woman has naturally brown lips, so you're not really fooling anybody with those nudes haha. Maybe I should try something a bit brighter for starters.

  7. This looks so lovely on your lips!! I used to be scared of bright lip colors too, but I think once you find the right ones, they are so easy to wear! I love wearing reds now hehehe.

  8. It looks so pretty and it looks good on your lips and skintone. But it didn't work for me. :(

  9. Maggie, i actually twitted about this, I made this without my hubby around so I got no step by step photos!! I didn't know it turned out ok, i was just experimenting! :)

    Crystal, I think you can wear this color sis! :)

    Angela, really? i'm glad! :)

  10. Khymm, oohh I'm sure NYX will have a similar color on this! NYX is like the biggest duper of a lot of lipies! :) hahaha Khymm! If it works for my skin tone, di ba it'll work for you din??? hahaha I can do a tut on it next time, super sad, no camera shots on these!

    Kaye, so true, we do have pigmentation on our lips and true, NUDES makee me look sick and doesn't suit what the heck? I'll go for colors then!

    Catherine, I don't really love wearing reds or oranges but I'm quite comfortable with it now :)

    Pammy, really? well, at least you know what works and doesn't work for you no? that's the most important :)

  11. I sooo love coral shades too! I think they look sexy as red lipsticks, without much provocation! =)

  12. hey sis. u got an award on my blog. check it out. thanks =)

  13. I really like L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks..they are my fave mass market lippies!

    The coral looks gorgeous on you!!

  14. Looks gorgeous on you! :) I'm not a big coral shade user, because it makes me look sooo yellow. :( But great review, as always.

  15. im not really a fan of lipsticks! i find that whenever i apply a bold colored one, i usually swipe it off bec my lips are naturally red. so frustrating bec i've wanted to try bold colored ones ever since they became the rage.

  16. wow tat is bright
    i dont know if i dare XD since i wear too much eyeshadow to start with

    but u look good of cos

    love ur nails toooo

  17. It's so bright but looks good on you! I haven't tried anything daring unless you consider a darkish colour daring. xD

    Love your nails btw! They were the first thing that caught my eye when the focus of the picture was the lipstick! LOL

    I really hate the scent of the L'Oreal Color Rich lipsticks. It's so..fake(?)

  18. Thanks Abby Dear!

    JC, really? That's great, if you love it, I'm sure they are definitely a good quality for drugstore brand :)

    Teeyah, really? I don't think you'll look yellow no! You'll look great! i can totally see you wear it!

  19. Bea, awww naturally red lips? Lucky you, you must have gorgeous lips!

    Yumeko, oohhh too much eyeshadow..well I think nudey or simple lips are ok! But who knows? You can go for it! :) thanks for liking my nails :)

    Acutelife, same with me! I'd never purchase this! If not because my aunt gifted me with this, i won't even dare try, but you know what? It's actually feasible to wear :) Give it a try!

    Lisa, oohh on my part, I never tried darkish daring lips! thanks for focusing on the nails! LOL You're right, there is a weird scent coming from it !

  20. I loooove this color on you!!!

  21. wow, that's like a true coral, it looks really good on!

  22. B, thanks girlfriend!

    Mona, thanks!

  23. Phew I.AM.LATE. lol Catching up on reading new posts while taking a break from studying :P
    The lipstick looks gorgeous on you :D
    Honestly coral and any other orange red shade is something that I can wear easier compared to red. For some weird reason, I look so fierce in red hahahahaha but maybe I just haven't found the right red lipstick for myself haha.

  24. Shuu, wow, you love Corals? I can't seem to find someone who loves Corals as much as you do :) thanks! You do have to find a good kind of Red then!


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