Friday, October 30, 2009

AMW Reviews: BECCA Silky Hydrating Primer

Good day everyone!  Thanks for enjoying my Becca Cosmetics Counter Report.  Let me clarify that the guy who stopped us from taking photos is actually nice and friendly, he told us that it's prohibited in a nice manner, so I don't have any grudge against him :)  To those who asked if Becca counter is customer friendly?  Base on my experience, yes.  Why? Because they have testers for almost all of their products and I don't have any saleslady hovering around me pressuring me to try on products I don't even plan to purchase!  I had my freedom and I enjoyed it!

My piece of advise, no matter how cheap  or expensive a product is, always understand the product you are purchasing and make sure the "need" is there. Always check for the availability of testers (especially for pricey ones) and please do not feel obligated to purchase just because you "tested" their testers or you took the time of the sales lady.  In times like these, spend your hard earned money wisely!   

BECCA Silky Hydrating Primer says ---

Silky Hydrating Prime with anti-oxidant vitamin E, works to moisturize and prepare the skin for foundation by creating a soft, even surface.  Helping the skin retain moisture and creating a silky smooth texture, it allows liquid and cream based products to glide on easily, and stay fresh looking, longer.  
  • Visibly improves the look and texture of the skin by smoothing fine lines and pores. 
  • Provides a protective barrier, sealing in moisture 
  • Allows liquid and cream based products to glide easily over the skin and stay on longer
  • Keeps makeup looking fresher longer
  • Prevents moisture loss during air travel and in air conditioning
  • Doubles as a moisturizer 
  • Provides the perfect base for eye shadow to glide over

Size: 50ml/1.7 fl oz tube

Made in Germany


(you can click to enlarge)

AMW says ---

  • dermatologically tested
  • absorbs to the skin easily
  • no skin flaking for the whole day, skin is moisturized and hydrated the whole day
  • wonderful for my "mature-skinned" clients as this is super moisturizing so makeup won't budge and skin remains moisturized!
  • makeup stayed the whole day with a bit of touch-up on areas that aren't too dry
  • I can use this without moisturizer on some days - sunscreen, this and foundation!
  • cream and liquid foundations that are usually dry on me glides on smoothly!
  • I also use this to gently pat on my eyelid area so my eye primer doesn't came out too dry when applied
  • product is sealed to ensure "freshness"


  • the strong floral scent, I am not a fan of the strong scent, it stays with me more than 30minutes!
  • has a bit of "tacky" feel right after application (read tip below on how to deal with this)
  • have to store this primer laying down or the other way around to make sure the product won't "burst out" when I twist the cap 
  • even when stored properly, the opening looks like this when twisted to cap to open

  • doesn't fill in fine lines, it decreases a bit but do not expect too much!  Botox will always be Botox, do not expect this product to totally erase your lines
  • the box and the tube's product shelf life is confusing


BECCA Silky Hydrating Primer lives up to its name!  Silky and super hydrating!  It took me quite some time to review this product as I've tested this primer with cream foundation and liquid foundation and even powder foundation!  I've found that it doesn't create flakiness or dryness and it made my foundation application easier because it goes on smoothly. 

Another primer I own that works for dry skin like mine is the Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer but this is multiplied by 3x for its super moisturizing properties!  No other primers I've tried could moisturize my skin this much so please...for people who's reading this review having Normal or Normal to Oily skin, they have other primers from Becca that will suit your skin's need. This product will work best for people with dry or even super dry skin! 


  • tacky feel: leave for a couple of minutes before you follow up with foundation application, make sure the primer has been absorbed to the skin
  • set the foundation with a setting powder to prevent from oiling up
  • normal to oily skin, do purchase different version of their primers suited for your skin type.
  • use a small pea size amount for the whole face, I once applied too much because the product squirted out too much accidentally and my face felt weird and heavy the whole day!  A little goes a long way
  • can use your clean fingers to apply this or a foundation brush
  • let the product sink in to the skin approximately 5-10 minutes before you start applying your foundation
  • if itchiness occur, STOP using the product
Will I repurchase?

Yes, because this will work great for my makeup gigs for mature and very dry skin!

Where to purchase and how much?

BECCA Counter, ADORA Greenbelt 5 for Php2,350 (approx $50.00)

Here's a sample amount I use for my whole face
this is the "perfect" amount, not too much and not too little

Rub gently on my hand, 
gently massaging and patting it


 Absorbs to my skin easily


And here's a close up shot of my skin using MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC20, this foundation flakes on me the most so I don't use this much due to my dry skin, so I tested the primer with this, no moisturizer used and the result is...


The usual flakes on my cheeks and sides of the nose isn't that visible as before.  So the primer really works, it gives out a subtle glow and skin stays hydrated.  

I just wish the scent isn't that overpowering!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Happy Friday!


  1. I LOLd on the product shelf life. They're confused! :) Great review, as always, Nikki :)

  2. thanks for this! i have dry to super dry skin and been looking for a primer that works like a moisturizer also! :) i really really love this review and super helpful in terms of how you described the product! :)

  3. Hi Nikki, thanks for another helpful review. I'm just too scared to try something new because my skin is SOO sensitive, it breaks out with just about anything!!! =( It's so sad that it limits me to try new products =(

  4. Great review!

    I just tagged you. ;-)


  5. wow, this is promising sis. i have been looking for a moisturizing primer for ages! some that i got can moisturize but doesnt help in making the makeup last longer. i need this one too for gigs.

  6. wow sis yr skin looks really great! perfectly smooth in the last pic. come to think about it...i dont have a primer for face!

  7. Great review, I've been thinking about trying some primers recently and that one's off the list (can't stand strong florals). And the shelf life thing is seriously weird.
    I'm still testing my first primer (ever! Can you believe it?), The Body Shop Skin Primer Moisturise It. Works well, but it's not that moisturising; just enough for my combination/oily skin.

  8. 6 months lang the life of the primer? (the one you encircled in yellow). I guess if it is used daily, 50 ml of product can be used in 6 months.

  9. Wow!! The finish is very very nice!! :D Thanks for the review girl!!

    Yeah... why are the shelf life indicators different? :S

  10. Thanks for the in-depth and very comprehensive review. If it has a scent and it stays for that long, I am totally crossing it off my list. But it really does work for you. Your skin looks amazing and smooth and had no sign of being dry. :)

  11. Wow!

    I've been wanting to try Becca for the longest time, but unfortunately their only shop is too far from where I live and work.

    This looks amazing on your skin. Flawless! :-)

  12. Oh wow you're a NC20 foundation from MAC!?!? I thought you were darker or at least it looks that way in the pictures... hehe~

    Thank you for the compliment on my blending skills!!! :)

  13. Oooh, this sounds really nice! The ingredients actually look pretty similar to the Fresh Rose primer I just got! Hope I get as good results. =)

  14. This primer looks really nice on you. Sayang kasi I find it too pricey. :(

  15. the primer makes your skin so glowing! wow! It's too bad we don't have Becca cosmetics here or I wouldn't hesitate!

  16. I also have trouble with tube type liquid products, I have The Face Shop's egg white peel off mask and it leaks when stored down so I store it upright nalang.

    How about your Paul and Joe primer? does it also leak?

  17. thank you so much Nikki for this product review! I have very dry skin and I've been searching online for primers that aren't drying, and thanks to you! I know where to look for! I am excited to head over Becca over the weekend, thank you!

  18. Teeyah, I don't know if I am the confused one or they really confused me lol!

    Carladoo, thanks! I appreciate it that you take the time to comment and let me know that at least, someone out there has similar skin type as mine and needs moisturizing primer!

    The NeuroChiq, oh yeah! if you have very very sensitive skin, you definitely have to be careful in testing any product in general! :) If the current one works, stay with it :)

  19. Lipstick Rules, thank you!

    Jheng, I know!!! For clients with super dry skin! Ang hirap no? This is great for gigs for sure!

    Prettybeautiful, well you look great! So you really don't need it, I don't use primers daily , only if I know I needed the long lasting makeup!

    CucumPear, wow..The Body Shop has a primer? I didn't even know that! goodluck! I hope it works for you :)

    Anonymous, true, this can be finished up in less than 6 months if you use this daily or even every other day! :) I think the shelf life is ok due to its ingredients I guess, but its just that, the shelf life is quite confusing! :)

  20. Jenn, no worries! :) Don't ask me about the shelf life, I am as confused as you are!

    Pammy, I know, it is so hard to hate this product when you see the "end" result :)

    Gingerbee, where do you live again? Down south? Hay hirap nga to go to Makati, I find myself not going to that area much too!

  21. Ahleessa, yes, I am quite surprised I guess, I think its the BB cream that whitens my skin even more? heheheh :) But trust me, i don't use NC20 it dries my skin, its actually for clients but it actually blends in my skin well!

    Catherine, I guess most of the ingredients are quite similar to a lot of products out there :)

    Golden, well, for me, the price is ok naman since it works and I use only a little, you can NEVER use too much as this product is so rich in texture! :)

  22. Connie, let me know if you want to purchase, I can help you :) But you have oily skin right? Or is it dry?

    Chelle, the Paul & Joe one doesn't leak :)

    Lauren, hi there! First time to comment? Thank you, glad you found a "similar" skin type on me, its such a hassle no? Well goodluck with the purchase, let me know if it works for you :)

  23. It makes your skin look so healthy! Then again you have great skin to begin with, but still :) I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

    BTW, will the P&J Protective FOundation Primer work on combi skin?

  24. Miss Desert Dry Skin will be on the look out for this one!

  25. The white primer in my wish list! But the shelf life is so short :( I can't use any tube for 6 months...

  26. Kaye, aawww thanks for the compliment, but this works well on those foundation that dries up my skin! it doesn't make my skin flake!

    JC, goodluck! let me know if you found it!

    Anastacia, I know what you mean! I'll do a revisit if I did finish the tube

  27. whoa that's quite pricey! it looks like a good product though.

  28. your skin looks glowing!! glad it worked for your skintype.. did you use a liquid foundie from MAC or the studiofix?

  29. Crystal, it is pricey but I think that a lot of primers are pricey anyways :) So as long as they work :) they are ok :)

    Khymm, yes, its the liquid version of MAC Studio Fix :)

  30. Great review. The finish of it looks great. And your skin looks flawless there!

    LOL at the shelf life label :P

  31. Ay Nikki, you reviewed this primer na pala! your skin is gorgeous in the final shot, now I feel bad I didn't purchase it today, I will go back t try this. My mom will want to try this too kasi she has very dry skin. thank you


  32. Chelsea, oooohh your mom is "kikay"? I'm glad! :) I hope she give it a try and see if she likes it :) Purchase one first and share with your mom before you take the plunge :)

  33. Ooh I remember my film professor Doy del Mundo, he's the genius who penned the film 'Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag', when he was doing a documentary on Filipinas working as maids in Singapore, we were thinking how he wasn't caught filming in public places. His answer was don't ask if you could film or not; just shoot and when they reprimand you then you just go. At least you got some shots! =p


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