Wednesday, October 28, 2009

J&J Contest: "Your Worst Pimple Moment" (Contest Closed!)

Good morning friends!  There is something fun happening on my blog for my dear local readers!  Remember my Something New: JnJ Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit post?  Well, fortunately, Johnson & Johnson Philippines somehow read my blog about it and saw all your wonderful comments!

So something good is coming up!!!  You can own your own set of the Acne Control Kit for FREE!!!

  1. Simply comment on this post briefly telling us your "Worst pimple moment" (true story please)
  2. Type in your full name and your email address
  3. No duplicate entries 
  4. Contest starts NOW and will end October 31, 2009.
  5. I, together with our JnJ Friends will be choosing the "Worst Pimple Moment" story
  6. One winner will be announced first week of November 2009
  7. Sorry, Philippine Readers only  :)
Want to know more details about the Acne Control Kit and other promotions they have in store?
You can always visit their website, by smiling and clicking HERE.

Go ahead and share your stories!
Those worst pimple moments can finally make you win something!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. I was on my college years when i was attacked by heartbreaking pimples, its not just the cheeks and forehead...lam mo ba yung " pimples na tinubuan ng Mukha?" that bad!! talk about cystic pimples even on my nose,really, I was visting my PMAyer boyfriend pa that time, after not seeing him for 8 months,yun pa yung face na ipapakita ko diba? it took me serious and painful derma treatments and peels to recover, good thing products like these became very affordable and true to its' promise. They would never feel ashamed of their skin ever again, and nobody would dare call them rudolph ( the red nose raindeer!)

  2. My skin has been oily since forever, and cystic acne just kept coming back and the horrible effects are dark scars I still have till now! I remember during my college days, there's this subject that we have to stay in front of class and just read articles, and I had this huge zit with pus! It looked like a volcano ready to erupt, being a very conscious girl that I was, I always touch my face with my hands (not a good practice!) I hit my pimple unknowingly and it just bled that I don't know what am I going to do! (don't have a tissue paper with me!) haha! Buti na lang somebody from the class tossed some tissue paper and I finished reading the article with my hand on my forehead san kapa! I still feel ashamed of myself whenever I remember that moment! Moment ko talaga yon!

  3. I have super oily skin, and I've spent a fortune on dozens of dermatologist and facial clinics. I used to do some modeling gig when I was younger, and days before a major fashion show, I had major breakouts from all the makeup and stress. I tried to cover up the biggest zit on my nose (with icky pus!), but to no avail. That night after the walk, I heard one of the bosses told my scout from the agency, "I like her, but I need someone with perfect skin." It's not only embarassing,I also lost a fortune from not landing the job! =(

  4. this sure sounds fun.
    good luck to those who join :D i sure have quite some embarrassing moments..and a pimple is spotting on my nose now! :(

  5. My worst pimple moment: After meeting my boyfriend's mother for the first time, I chanced upon a text on my bf's phone saying: "I like her...sayang medyo may di masyado makinis ang mukha." What a way to make a first impression, right?

  6. Worst pimple moments.... It was ALWAYS when there is a occassion coming up. Like a day or two before the event. Cystic pimples keeps on popping up and nagpaparamdam. I'm fair so, its really obvious.
    The sad part is, i was pimple free during teen years... So, its was during adulthood and until now... I'm still having a new one every week. With or without occasion.

  7. My skin is oily and when under stress, I tendency to have a breakout. My worst experience probably was when I was in college defending my thesis. Everything was in good order except for the big pimple in my nose and small pimples in my forehead which is quite irritating too.

  8. I had the worst acne outbreak when i was in my second year of college. It was undeniably evident on my face. I had to comute everyday to school which made my breakout worse every single day. The worst experience with the pimple outbreak on my forehead and all over my face wasn't any specific moment, rather it was walking in school and feeling that when people looked at you they see your pimples and not you.

    It totally brought down my confidence. That is something you can't lose when you're in commarts. So therefore my grades went down too. It was terrible. When walking down the hallways I couldn't keep my chin up since it was so heartbreaking to have people stare at your pimples and not you. It was a tough time because I couldn't wear make up!!! You know how I love make up, the acne hindered that. So that's another horror. And no matter how good you put on make up, I totally believe a clear face or good skin will always be the perfect base for make up.

    So that's my horror pimple story... Losing confidence and being able to put on make up. hehe :)

  9. My worst pimple moment happened just a few weeks ago. I rarely get pimples, but somehow a big red one appeared on the tip of my nose, smack right in the middle of it. I decided to hasten the healing process by pricking the pimple with an insulin syringe (a new one of course and wiped the needle and the pimple with alcohol) not once, but twice. Bad move I know, so needless to say I made it worse and now I have a mini-crater on my nose with a dark spot surrounding it. :( I was so self-conscious about the scar that I didn't wear makeup for a week and just resorted to wearing glasses to work, hoping that my red frames can somehow distract people from noticing the ugly scar. It didn't :(

    So moral lesson of the story? NEVER prick your pimples. Actually just put pimple cream on it and wait for it to heal. Don't ever pick on it or even touch it.

  10. The very worst pimple moment that I can remember was 2 years back. It was a stressful period in my life since I was preparing a wedding which will be happening in 2 days. I saw a small pimple in the side of my nose but I didn't do anything about it thinking that it will get smaller after a day or two. I'm not a pimple person which I'm thankful for. Come my wedding day, the pimple gets bigger and it's too late for me to fix it with creams. It's the biggest one that I ever had and of all the days it decided to get mighty big! Talk about perfect timing.

    Of course my make-up artist tried his best to cover it ;)

  11. I have had a bout with acne since I was in the 6th grade. There were good skin days and bad ones. When I was in my 4th year of college and graduation was nearing, I was so busy with finishing my thesis, defending it and typing up my manuscript that I barely had the time to sleep. Lack of sleep is my number one enemy, along with my super oily skin and pollution. Weeks before graduation, my skin was in the worst condition I've seen and going to the dermatologist at the last minute didn't really do the trick as my acne-ridden skin needs some time to heal. I was really hoping that I would look my absolute best during my graduation but with the breakout I had I felt so conscious and I really lost my confidence. I didn't want to have my pictures taken and I felt really down.

  12. heeeeeeeeey nikki! =)

    Okay, this was more like the worst pimple "phase" it started last year when I broke out all over my cheeks, side of my face, and chin in BIG CYSTIC pimples. It got to the point where my bf would be like, "look, theyre talking to each other" or "don't come near me, that'll explode and hit me in the face" hahahaha and the driver of a tricycle, even with my hat and hair covering most of my face, asked me "do you have chicken pox?" and a classmate I hadn't seen in a year also asked me "what's that on your face? did you get chicken pox?" it was terrible. I am still suffering from acne right now, although not as heartbreaking. Hahaha Thank God. Acne is terrible, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


  13. My worst pimple moment was when I resigned from work in 2002. I was jobless for quite some time then and my pimples made it worst because I totally lost confidence in applying for jobs and facing other people. I became gloomy and worst was that I do not have enough money to have it treated due to lack of income. I would only go out of our house if they are “tamed”. Me and my sister even call it pigsawat. I guess my social life was affected and would even cancel meet ups with friends because they know me as someone who has a clear face and I do not know how to face their interrogation as to what happened to me. I remember crying once and even asked God on why these things are happening to me. I experienced walking with my head down and not establishing an eye contact whenever I talk to someone. It took me sometime to finally accept my “faith” and learned some tricks on how to camouflage it (even thought I know that doing some things may actually worsen the case) to survive a day outside “cruel world”. My experienced made me become less judgmental and pitiful to those who have actually experiencing the same because I would always tag them as “someone who does not know how to take care of themselves”. When I finally had courage to face my problem, I did some research and found out that I am going through an “adult acne” stage. Acceptance is the first thing that I did and learning to have a confidence despite of my condition helped me get through it and going through this stage made me realize that there is always a solution to every problem and it only takes a matter of time (to heal) and using the right product.

    Name: Bagel T. Betorin
    E-mail Address:

  14. Hey Niks, I forgot to include my full name & email, hope it isn't too late =)

    Bernadette Villanueva


  15. Pimples. They were never an issue for me until I shifted careers in my 30's. Sad to say, my worst pimple moment is right now.

    Two years ago,I started working as child clinical psychologist for a foundation that takes care of street children. I spend my "office hours" doing puppet shows, story-telling, art works, and play therapy for little children living (and often working) in the streets of Metro Manila.

    I've found niche in this line of work but it took a serious toll on my skin. I stay out in the streets of Manila from morning to noon, exposing my skin to harsh environmental conditions: heat, smog, dust, and dirt. My skin is at its worst, with pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads sprouting on the most exposed areas of my face - cheeks, nose and chin.

    When I bump into old friends or acquaintances, they sometimes look at me strangely. The tactful would not say anything. The more curious ones would ask, "What have you been using your skin lately?" The more helpful ones would offer, "I know a good dermatologist.."

    I feel self-conscious, who wouldn't? I even ask myself at times, why don't I just go back to the clean and air-conditioned world of the corporate setting. But, the thought is fleeting. For when I am with my kids, they look at me like I am the prettiest person on earth: pimples, blackheads, and all.

    Emeline Cruz

  16. Congratulations to ANGELA!!!! AMW and JnJ finally made a decision and chose YOU as the winner! Thanks everyone for joining!!!!

  17. wow! haha! I don't believe it. Thanks Nikki and JnJ! weepee! This is the first contest I've won...LOL!