Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AMW Reviews: L'oreal UV Perfect Advanced Cream-Gel Protector

I got to admit, I haven't been faithful with my sunblock application, but its a big improvement as compared to no sunblock for the body at all!  After finding the right kind of sunblock, it isn't hard to stick to the regimen and the feel of protection is definitely priceless!

I haven't been reviewing a lot of sunscreens because it takes me lifetime finish a tube and so far, I'm done with my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF50+++ so I'm on the try different brands!  One brand that caught my attention because it's name has "CREAM-GEL" written on it....

 L'oreal UV Perfect (XL Block) Advanced Cream-Gel Protector
for Chest, Arms & Hands SPF30 PA+++

L'oreal UV Perfect Advanced Cream-Gel Protector says ---

To better protect skin against outside and inside aggressions, and prevent premature skin aging.It is easily absorbed by the skin while being water-resistant, ensuring comfort and non-stickiness right from the time you put it on your body.

AMW says ---


  • non sticky and non greasy
  • easily absorbed by the skin
  • nice squeeze type tube that's easy to use
  • no strong scent or weird sunblock scent
  • no weird white residue on skin
  • no allergies for my sensitive skin!
  • has manufactured date imprinted (very very good L'oreal!)

  • better if has higher SPF, reach it to 50+++

This is a wonderful product because it lives up to what it claims, non-greasy, oil-free and doesn't give out weird sunblock smell.  True to its claim again, I've been constantly using this for a month and so far, no skin darkening for me and both my left and right arm are still the same color.  Due to travel from home to work, the sun always shines (weirdly) on my left side!  So far, I don't look like a zebra, so that's good news!

But, I can't help but compare this to my first sunblock love, both works great!  But one factor that made me lean on to Neutrogena is the SPF 50 ++ as compared to L'oreal's SPF30++.  I know, I don't need SPF50+++ for regular days but I just can't help but feel more protected with it!

But, on L'oreals defense, I like the flip-type cap of L'oreal better!  Click Click in the morning is something I'd love to play with!  Childish?  Yes, but I don't care, it makes me happy! lol

  • apply sunscreen at least 5-10 minutes before you get exposed making sure the product has been completely absorbed by the skin
  • if you're out in the sun too long, re-apply after 3-4 hours
  • re-apply approximately 2-3 hours later if you perspire too much
  • wait for sales, L'oreal brands are frequently on sale from 10%-20%
Will I repurchase?

Probably, if they are on sale, but for it's price I can easily go for my first love Neutrogena Sunblock which has SPF50++

Where to purchase and how much?

At L'oreal counters for Php460.00 (approx $10.00)

Now, I have to ask!
"Are you using sunblock to protect yourself from the sun?"
If not...How Dare You!!!

What are you waiting for?
It's never too late to start!

keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. I reviewed this one sometime ago too!! And i'm loving it!! :D The only thing i didn't like about it is same as you, that it doesn't come in the SPF50 version!! :D

    I wanna try the Neutrogena one next!! :D

  2. I still like my Neutrogena Sunblock because like you I feel more protected with it's SPF 50. Considering the price, they both are the same! Definitely Neutrogena wins my heart:)

  3. i have this, pero i got mine for 100 pesos only haha. it was during the loreal sale at the equitable tower in ortigas, i got one even if im not planning to use it, and true enough di ko pa rin nagagamit haha

  4. very nice! how I wish they also come up with a cream-gel sunblock for the face hehe

  5. YES YES YES! I feel guilty if I don't, especially that it can be unbelievably hot these days. I'll try this, since I really wanted something that's not greasy & won't melt on me.

    LOL on the click-click in the morning, Nikki. Iba ka talaga =P

  6. Interesting - I'll definitely look into this one for SO. :D Thanks for sharing! :D

  7. Thanks for the review, I definitely need this. :( My arms are so much darker than my legs...

  8. Jenn, give Neutrogena a try and I can't wait to read your thoughts! :)

    Ayn, awww...same with me! thank you sweetie!

    Lelila, lucky you! For php100, I'll go for this over Neutrogena then! Like i said, both works well, the price varies especially if they're on sale, I'll leave the decision making next time I need to repurchase!

    Khymm, Ohh great idea! they should no? But their face sunblock is so light its ok!

  9. The NeuroChiq, lol 3 YESES! That's not good! LOL hahaha you better purchase some sunscreen and slather it on your body and face ha? You needed the protection! Girl! Iba talaga ako! Childish! LOL

    Catherine, no worries, my pleasure !

    prettybeautiful, awwww..you must have white legs with darker arms! LOL I know what you mean< i used to be the same as you :)

  10. hey nikki i received the nail pens today! thank you so much and for the extra nail stickers :D


  11. Not sticky? Wow. I should check that after I finish my Cetaphil sunblock. I like it, it's got SPF50, but it's a bit oily and takes time to sink in. It works as a good makeup base though.

  12. Thanks for the review, this sounds interesting.

  13. Jo, awww I'm glad you got it! I hope you enjoy using it!

    Kaye, yeah its not sticky on my skin ha??? So far..so good so let me know if you like it yourself :) Thanks for the tip on Cetaphil :)

    Gio, no worries, my pleasure!

  14. Sis, baliktad, I mean YES YES YES, I ALWAYS USE sunblock because I feel guilty if I don't, and it ruins my whole day thinking about it. Hehe. I'm kinda OC.

    I've been loyal to my Coppertone Baby, Face and Gentle Places sunblock. It's light and smells like...well, baby! =D

    But I'll try this next =)

  15. I like reading your reviews even if I didn't tried or planned to get products! Very full and so detailed information ever!!

    By the way, we are don't have Halloween weekends here in Korea :(

  16. The NeuroChiq, yayness !that's good to know!!! You are too cute! hahha wow..Coppertone baby? That I haven't tried, I've been using the originals from Coppertone and they smell so...sunscreeny! :)

    Anastacia, thank you dear, sorry that you don't have Halloween weekends in Korea! :) Make one! hehhee

  17. Hehe, I use sunblock on my face everyday but not necessarily on my body. In the summer yes, but winter..not really xD

    I love the Neutrogena one too!!! I'm currently using the SPF 70 but I think I'll stick with SPF 55 because I don't think I need SPF 70 and it feels different. For some reason, we don't have the + signs after the SPF number here..funny

    I like clicky caps too!! Sometimes, I can just be doing my work and with one hand I'll just be clicking something! Whether it be lotion, pen, whatever!!

  18. Lisa, wow there is SPF70?? Probably just available in your area! wow...


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