Monday, November 2, 2009

AMW Reports: "Ang Kiukok Holiday Collection"

Freeway has launched it's second National Artist Collector's Series at The Row, Glorietta 5 last week.  The first sequel was the Nick Joaquin collection.  For this coming Holiday season, a new collection has blossomed, from the National Artist For Visual Arts, Ang Kiukok.

Ang Kiukok was a National Artist that one remembers with not just admiration and respect, but for those who knew him with endearment and affection. A man who was bold in his art but quiet in nature. As he told an interviewer once,

“I am not good at speaking. At school when the teacher asked me to recite, I could not say anything. When I was asked to write a long composition, I would only give a few sentences and the teacher didn’t like that. But in my painting, I feel free.  I can express what I want to say.”
 So true, I've seen the short film shown on the event when he received an award and all he could say was... "Maraming Salamat.....Maraming Salamat....Maraming Salamat.........Maraming Salamat" (Thank you).  It was really touching.

Hosted by Jocas de Leon, Freeway showcased the collection in a fashion show were models wore amazing hat pieces to complement each bold Kiukok outfit. Each model look gorgeous with dramatic lashes and smokey eyes that was done by VMV Hypoallergenics team.


The evening winded down with interviews with passionate Ang Kiukok collectors such as Joey de Leon and experts such as art critic Cid Reyes and prominent collector, Dr. William Chua.

I must not forget to thank Mangan for the wonderful snacks served and definitely service with a smile!  My favorite is the "camote chips" (sweet potato chips) and their iced tea!!!

Ang Kiukok's unfinished painting
his brushes and his Picasso book 
where he gets his inspiration from

The lovely bunch together with Mr. Joey de Leon 
and Ms. Jocas De Leon


Me and Mr. Joey de Leon
such a nice guy!


Shen, yours truly together with my friends
Beatrilicious and Shannaholic
can't help but pose and tried to outdo the models!
(I said TRIED...but we failed lol)


I will definitely be going back to purchase some tops I've been eyeing during the fashion show!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. cute photos Nikki! Looks like you did enjoy the show :)

  2. Nice photos Nikki! Looks like you did enjoy the show :)

  3. love your shoes sis! can i see an closeup pic? :D love the models outfit too. they really look good in anything and everything

  4. Oh! I love Joey de Leon! He's a painter as well :D But my true love is Vic Sotto haha.

  5. Charry, I did :) thanks

    Prettybeautiful, oohh its just a simple gold Gladiator sandals :)

    Kaye, hahahah I don't really love any of them but they do bring back good childhood memories on Eat Bulaga :)

    Catherine, yes it is!!!

  6. wow! the models looks seriously gorgeous!

  7. What an amazing event! You always get to go the funnest places!!

  8. i like the last pic XD you girls can pass for models hahaha

  9. FUN! i love the hair they have going on!

  10. Teeyah, we feel like kids! Not models! Lol

    Anastacia, they are indeed gorgeous! So pretty in person!

  11. JC, I know, it is fun!!!

    Acutelife, hahahah no way, you are just being nice :)

    Mona, I know, the head piece is just crazy!

  12. The tops look fab! I want the jacket!

  13. What a great event! You girls looks gorgeous. And the tops are very pretty too.

  14. Anonymous, go ahead! purchase them before they're gone :D Let me know which top you chose

    Gio, thanks

  15. You & Shen are sooo cute! I want to pinch you til' your cheeks are all red LOL.

  16. Oooh! Looks like you had fun! The pieces looked great and the models are gorgeous.

    & Mmm, I love sweet potato and iced tea!! [One of my fave. drinks ^^]

    Awesome pose! You looked great! And you certainly outshone the models with your smile! I don't get why most models never smile....

  17. The NeuroChiq, hahaha you made us sound too young! I think Shen and I should pinch YOUR cheeks instead, you're the younger one! :)

    Lisa, thanks for saying so, I don't know why models do not smile too, it really depends on how they want to project the collection probably, more on the serious side right? I can never be a model then! LOL (kidding aside) I believe I will be the only model (if God forbids) who smiles like crazy, I'll get fired after first gig! hahaha


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