Friday, August 21, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Freeway National Artist Collector’s Series

(all photos by Keith Tiu except the Freeway Billboard shot)

I remembered, not long ago (lol), during my first job in an airline industry, me and my colleagues would eat our lunch quickly just to have a quick "window shopping" at the Robinson's Galleria mall. I remembered how we love to stop by the Freeway store because we love how trendy and fashionable their clothing are. I bought my first Freeway skirt from my first paycheck....

It warms my heart to think about those good 'ol days!

That's why when I got an invite from the dear people of Freeway for a Tertulia (Poetry Reading) together with the guests including friends from the press (both traditional and digital media) along with the members and friends of the Joaquin family, I am ecstatic!

**photo from Freeway

Freeway introduces its new collection commemorating the National Artists of the Philippines. In a celebration of Filipino culture and talent, Freeway features the works of the great Philippine poet, Nick Joaquin as interpreted in this seven piece pocket collection which includes graphic tees, hoodie jackets, woven tops, shirt dresses, a Limited Edition Nick Joaquin Clutch and for the first time, a graphic tee for MEN. The eye catching collection merges beautiful graphics with the masterful words of the artist, with each piece wrapped in individual special packaging and authenticated with a Nick Joaquin National Artist stamp printed on it. Perfect for a commemorative gift! The collection introduces Nick Joaquin to today's youth as it merges Filipino culture with current fashion. To see the entire collection, visit

The event was hosted by the famous DJ from Magic 89.9, the man who's not afraid to talk, Mr. Mo Twister.

The event was filled with wonderful music of Asia's first Harpist, Songwriter and Singer Ms. Noelle Cassandra. Ms. Cassandra sang her version of "Imagine" which gave me the goosebumps as the crowd grew awfully quiet, this girl will go a long way as she's got the voice of an angel.

By the way, she guested on Magic 89.9's morning show yesterday and she sang more songs! I am a big fan now!

Poetry reading starts with Freeway's first model Ms. G. Tongi

Ms. Jocas De Leon The lovely and smart daughter of Mr. Joey de Leon
who hosts the famous QTV's "Fashionista by Heart"

And Mr. Bing Villegas
who represents the Joaquin Family

It was a great segment with the Prince of "forbidden question" Mr. Mo Twister interviewed Mr. Bing Villegas! It was great to learn that our National Artist Mr. Nick Joaquin is very humble and generous and he loves his beer!

That's why there is a beer bottle right beside the typewriter
owned by Mr. Joaquin himself!

Mr.Joaquin may love his beer. I love my coffee!!! Bo's Coffee was there to make me sane after a long day of work and straight to the event! Well the extras doesn't hurt and I downed on orange juice too! And some oatmeal cookies, brownies, sandwiches.... *burps* Thanks to the Marketing Manager, Ms. Adee Caluag, for being extra nice and not calling me a pig! lol

I want to thank Ms. Carissa Torres-Cruz, the Web Merchandiser for Elite Garments for the invite and for being super nice!

L-R G Tongi, Me, Carissa and Mo

Shen and I had a mini chit chat about makeup with Jocas! She's such a sweetheart and her makeup is wonderful! Tidbit: What's her favorite makeup brand? --- I am not surprised... MAC!!!

**me, Jocas and Shen

Noelle Cassandra, the lady with the voice and fingers of an angel, towering over us! She's super nice and sweet! (thanks KV for taking the shot)

**Keith, me, Noelle and Shen
And who says taking a pose is illegal?

It was nice to see you Shen! I will see you.. again and again!

Overall, I left the event full of pride!
If you pass by Freeway, do check them out !

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Be proud to be Filipinos!


  1. oh i think i saw the pics on your facebook too :D i lurrrrveee the decor of the shop. so awesome and unique! just like being in the time museum

  2. oh.i love reading event two looked lovely hehe i saw the picture of you and DJ moe in your Facebook so close ^_^ ahaha =p

  3. Nikki,I envy you!!you always got invited to these cool events!! Take me with you pleaseee T.T

  4. Nikki, what a fab event! You are so lucky to get these invitations!

  5. ang cute ninyo ni shen! wish to meet you both soon when i go to manila..

  6. Shen and Nikki, you look lovely! Nice to be rubbing elbows with G, Jocas and Mo, eh? ;-) I thought G. is based in the States?

  7. I've always loved Freeway, too :) Lalo na when I was younger. So nice of them to make a tribute to Nick Joaquin! :)

  8. Catherine, it's actually more fun as expected :) Thanks

    Preetybeautiful, yes, I uploaded it on facebook first :) My hubby loves the visual look of the shop too that's why he had to take a shot of it :)

    Jo, thanks!

  9. CamRenRai16(SHOBE), hahah feeling close ba? hehehe

    Hana, awww don't get envious, you come down here and we'll be attending events together!

    JC, :) well you are even luckier to go to those lovely Duty Free shops! LOL I do envy you too!

  10. Khymm, thanks ha? And let me know when you're coming down to Manila!

    The Shades of U, hahahaha Mo is back here for more than 2 years now! He's the king of the show Good Times with Mo every morning! :)

    Teeyah, I knew Freeway would be something you would wear!!! Though I haven't met you, I know you're one fashionable gal!

  11. G is really pretty...I'll definitely pass by Freeway this weekend. Looking good Nikki :)

  12. Wow, thanks Nikki! Coming from you, that comment means a lot. Happy weekend! I am loving this day, so far! Just really being lazy heehee.

  13. Kim, thanks ...hope to see you soon!!!

    Teeyah, I am serious :) So don't thank me, its the truth :)

  14. oh wow! seems like a fun event :) ive met noelle in a shoot. she's nice. she really looks young for her age :)

    anyway, off topic.. ive noticed that in almost every event your hubby accompanies you. that's so sweet :)

  15. Steph :) He is so supportive, and he's my photographer :)

  16. What a fun event! You look lovely!

  17. You always visit great events!
    Very cute pictures with you!
    Your smile beautiful!

  18. nice picture with shen you look so fresh and I love you hair ang haba na :D buti ka pa ms nikki laging ka present sa mga events hihi :D ..have a great day :D

  19. wow it looks like a fun day. and both you and shen look fabulous.

  20. Gio, thank you :)

    Anastacia, aww I'm happy you liked my smile :)

    Louie, yup, my hair is surprisingly LONG :) And I don't want to have it cut yet as it was last done by Mr. Jeave Gabiana, his haircut is fab! :)

    Jojoba, thank you :)

    My fashion frenzy, yup imagine..the typewriter used by Mr. Nick Joaquin himself to type down his masterpieces :)

  21. OMGOMGOMG! you met him! THE Nick Joaquin himself!


  22. kittenpaws215 :) Nah, I did not meet Mr. Nick Joaquin himself, it was his typewriter and his family members :)


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