Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Favorite Stila in the Philippines!!!

Hello everyone!!! I know a lot of beauty bloggers down here are quite excited and has been reporting about the Stila cosmetics being available to us locally!!!! YAY right????

I've finally had the chance to visit the counter a couple of days ago! I am in make-up heaven!!! they are really there and I can't believe I am touching the products instead of staring at them online!

Here's the overview of the Stila counter at Rustan's Glorietta Makati. (That's so cute on the alcohol, at least we know the staffs are keeping their stuffs clean right?)

What can you see at our local Stila counter?

For the eyes:

Stila eyeshadow pans
Stila eyeshadow duos
Stila e/s quads
(I can see the Marakesh I own)
and limited no. of Eyeshadow Trios

For the Face:

Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizers
Natural Finish Oil Free Makeup
Perfecting Concealers
Cover up Sticks
Misc: Mascara

More Face, Cheeks, Eyes and Lip Products:

Pressed Powders
Baked Cheek Duo
Convertible Color
Lip colors

For the Lips:

Cherry crush lip and cheek stain
Liquid Lip Stains
Long Wear Lip Colors

I actually bought backups for Stila Smudgepots!
I'm not scared to finish up my Stila Lipglaze from my dear friend B!
I'm excited to get the chance to try on their foundations!
I wonder why Stila Eye Concealer in pot isn't there?

What are you planning to purchase?
Do not be scared as I find the prices are ok! Not over the top!
I'm glad they didn't jack up the prices! Thank you Stila Philippines!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. hi! what's the price range of the stila prods?

    what are the must-buy stila products?

  2. I haven't had time to go there yet but I promise myself that I would. I was too overwhelmed to hear that they didn't jack up the prices so much to let it pass. Thanks for posting about it again, Nikki

  3. wow i cnt believe it too nikki. stila pls come back!!!!

  4. Passed by Rustans Shang a few days ago and saw it too! they didnt have as much though but yayyy! :)

  5. yeah..
    they're not complete...

    they don't have the all over colour too
    & i was looking for that

    but i guess its gonna be available after some time..

    i hope

  6. What a cute Stila display! How exciting! :)

  7. I bought a couple of items last week: Oil-free tinted moisturizer and Cheek duo. I didn't see the Cherry lip and cheek stain there though so I'm gonna go back for that!

  8. can't wait to visit stilla in gateway! <3

  9. Stila has removed the business from Malaysia. I guess their high price killed themselves. I am glad you don't have to pay high price for Stila.

  10. Oh, Stila. :-) It's good to hear that it's in the Ph market na.

  11. Hi Tei, the prices of the e/s goes from Php400+ and the smudgepots is around Php695. I haven't checked the other prices. Must buy?? You know I've been singing praises for Stila Smudgepots Gel liner for a year now!

    Tish, no worries, I enjoy getting shots! :)

    Prettybeautiful! Hey! want me to purchase the Smudgepots for you now? :D

  12. Sush, its still ok, at least we have them down here!

    Thiamere, I guess they're on the test drive stage, i have a feeling collections will be coming down here soon! :)

    Lulu, :) I am happy for real!

  13. Nikkiz, I'm not sure if they have the stocks though but it was on display when I got there!

    oOchaOo, I seldom go to Gateway, but its great that they'll open up there!

    Jojoba, I have a feeling they learn from the mistake of others, I was quite surprised the prices are quite reasonable!

    Liza, I know, everyone's excited :D

  14. What about eyeliners?

    :-) CG

  15. Oh, I hope they are reaching indonesia next!my sis will be delirious!!

  16. What an irony - I thought Stila was pulling back to reconsolidate in the USA - I guess maybe not :) I'm not a fan of a lot of Stila but its a cute brand. Enjoy!

  17. i love stila products!! theres this website which sells stila for really cheap warehouse prices.

  18. Hi Nikki! While MAC Fluidlines are my HG liners, Stila Smudgepots are intriguing. What shades are available?

  19. CG, I've never tried Stila eyeliners (penciled ones), so I can't tell, I haven't seen them too!

    Hana, who knows??? Someday..someday..

    Paris B, I know! I've read about it going downhill, but I've also read a certain company took Stila and as we all know..its back with vengeance :)

    Becky, yes, i believe you're talking about Beautycrunch! Too bad, they don't ship internationally!

    Crissy, they are really good I swear!!! Shades available? Black, Grey and there's this bronzey brown!

  20. u have stila! lucky you! :D

    i quite like their eyeshadows and glosses, but haven't tried out much before they pulled out of malaysia, which is a bit sad. :(

  21. Yesss, finally!! I am so glad they are out there. Now we need to get Make Up For Ever, L'Oreal HIP and a ton of others out there. :)

  22. Plue, well I guess the Stila in malaysia came down here :)

    B, We have Makeup Forever down here! and we have L'oreal..but NOT the HIP line! I don't know why!

  23. hi nikki, did you happen to see if they have the sun bronzing powder (the matte bronzer in a compact)? thanks. -ela

  24. Hi Ela, sun bronzing powder? Well judging on what I've looked on the table..I don't see any sun bronzing powder, but if you may, you can ask them directly, I really didn't see it coz I'm sure it'll catch my attention! Sorry :( I wasn't able to answer your query!

  25. Wow, I was supposed to ask how much the smudge pots cost coz I'm deliberating between Mac fluidline or Stila smudgepots, glad I saw it's half the price of Mac!

    Hope Stila brings their Barbie collection I saw on their website! I wanna try its black gel liner with pink sparkles!
    the blue gel liner looks so amazing, there's jolt of color on your peepers!

  26. Chelle, yes, its way cheaper and its HUGE :) I've used mine for a year and I still have a lot left :)

  27. I went to the Stila counter and I got to test the smudge pot, it's really creamy but it dries quickly, then I have to rub my hand again until it became red before I got to remove a tiny bit of it :))

    too bad I have to tighten my belt again I have to postpone buying smudgepot, I ordered Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol 2 today and it costs me a lot haha, I might even bid goodbye to mac style black mineralized eyeshadow I'm targeting this october =(

    1. aww it's ok, but come to think of it Smudgepot isn't that pricey and you get a huge pot of gel liner! :D

  28. OMG! I'm so going to ask my brother to buy stila smudge pots back for me! I wonder if the Barbie collection is out as well in Philliphines?

    Stila please come back to Malaysia :(

    1. Awww I'm sad when a certain brand of makeup leaves the country, just like us, we lost Urban Decay!!! I hope Urban Decay comes back! :)

  29. Would you know how much is the convertible make up in the philippines? Ty

    1. Sorry, no, i haven't been back to Stila counter for quite some time!


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