Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: HapChan Tea House

Happy Sunday! The weekend flew away quite fast! But I won't finish the weekend without any food tripping post right? This weekend is another Chinese Dish food escapade!

Hap Chan Tea House!

I remembered Hap Chan restaurant as a "warms the tummy, warms the heart" place for me and my poor tummy! I've always had ulcer pains when I was younger and everytime we have the chance to eat out, I go for "Warm Soup please....." that's why you WON'T be seeing any soup because I've had enough! lol

I'm also a tea drinker so Chinese restaurants who plan to sell me some drinks, nah..not with this customer! lol I go for the house tea!

Yang Chow Fried Rice Php160.00 (approx $3.30)

This is seriously the best Yang Chow Fried Rice I've tried this year!!! The rice isn't dry and its filled with shrimps, carrots, green peas and Asado or Honeycured Pork!

Roasted Pork Asado Php150.00 (approx $3.00)

The pork are thinly sliced and bathed with sweet and tangy sauce topped with sesame seeds. Because of it's smooth texture and thinly sliced, its easy to chew and it goes very well with the fried rice!

Stuffed Tofu Php210.00 (approx $4.30)

I hope I won't suffer from Uric Acid when I grow older, as I am in LOVE with any tofu dish!!! Well, except Stinky tofu! lol The tofu is cooked perfectly with the right amount of pork stuffed inside!

Check out the crunchy outer layer, soft and moist tofu with the pork

Hap Chan Tea House
Banawe QC Branch
tel no (delivery):


Before I end this post, I also want to share that me and my hubby are into snacks! We could go around the mall going stall-hopping and eat different kinds of snacks and just skip lunch or dinner! One thing my hubby loves most is Takoyaki Balls! :) I think we've tried different versions locally, in Taiwan, in Hong Kong and in China!

So when a new Takoyaki stand is out! Especially with a cute cartoon, and not to mention the inexpensive price, my hubby is there, salivating!!! :D

Kido Manga's Takoyaki

Price: 8pcs for Php75.00 (approx $2.00)
4 pcs for Php29.00 (approx $0.60)

That's the good life! With good food!
How's your food tripping?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Stay full and burpilicious! :P


  1. takoyaki looks good! i haven't tried that.

  2. i love takoyaki!!!!!!i like hapchan but i still think han pao's the best..haha.maybe its because ive been a customer since i was in elementary..

  3. Have a great Sunday, Nikki!
    Seems like you spend a lot of fun for this weekend as well!
    Another yummy pictures! The Takoyaki stuff looks so DELISHaZZZZ!

  4. hi nikki, bf and I love Hap Chan too. Our staple order is beef brisket noodles haha. I like their special siopao too!

  5. I love it weee tofu ang sarap!! my jaw always dropped every time i visited this blog sometimes di nga makapagcomment nakajaw-drop na lang lol gosh your the best from make up, reviews to food , events . awesome nail art..hands down wooot!

  6. Takoyaki....hmmmmm of my favorites when i was in japan!!!!

  7. I just woke up and haven't had breakfast yet! I am drooling over that stuffed Tofu!

    Thanks for the pics!

  8. OMG my stomach grumbled! :D I must eat at Hap Chan later, heehee.

    I love peppermint tea naman, which I find that no one likes it pala. Hehe.

  9. my hubby and I loves takoyaki too! hehehe

  10. I miss yangchow fried rice!! I'm hungry and I'm waiting for my lunch now *stomach growling*

  11. Vanessa M., things that makes you go "mmm" right? hahaha

    Nehs, do try them! Start at SM supermarket area, they have lots of those and go slowly on different versions and stalls!

    Shobe, :) I love HanPao too but at times you need some variation!

  12. ☆Anastacia☆ I did spend a lot of fun times with hubby over the weekend, I hope you have a great one too!

    Lelila, beef brisket noodles tastes great! thanks for sharing your husband and your fave!

    Louie,awww thanks for the wonderful compliments you're giving me! you are such a sweetheart to do so!

  13. Elsa, really? I guess there's a lot of you gals like my hubby who loves Takoyaki, I eat them but not really craving for them!

    Jamilla Camel, ooopsss go ahead and eat! :)

    Teeyah, ahhahaha go ahead, have a wonderful meal at Hap Chan!!! Don't be on a diet and order their Yang Chow Fried rice for me ok? I am not int mint ANYTHING! so I'm one of those majority who doesn't like peppermint!

  14. Kim, there's a lot of Takoyaki fans!

    Hana,what did you have for lunch?

  15. everything looks yummmmmmmyyyyyyyyy

  16. Nikki, you really like Yang Chow Fried Rice ya? I love them too!! :D

    Although i don't like tofu and i'll never eat them if i can, i'll have to say that the stuffed tofu looks absolutely yummy!!! :D

    And oh, i must try Takoyaki someday! :D

  17. Now I'm really hungry. The asado looks yummy. And the takoyaki balls, I'll try that one of these days. :)

  18. Wah! I am hungry now~
    The takoyaki look so NICE

  19. The food looks good. I'm hungry now!

  20. OMG I MISS HAP CHAN!!! That's where I used to go with my family. All. The. Time. Missing Manila so much.

  21. excellent food porn! nyom nyom nyom

  22. Manju, everything is yummy! :) I can't wait to go back

    Jenn, you'll be surprised, I am actually not a rice person, but a good kind of fried rice would make me eat !!! :) Oh, no tofu? I'll eat all the tofu and I can share to you my Yang Chow Fried rice :P Come down here, I'll buy you loads of takoyaki balls!

    Pammy, give it a try sis! I want to read your thoughts on those!

  23. Sofie, so sorry to make you hungry!

    Gio, I guess everyone's hungry with my weekend food tripping post?

    The Shades of You, when will you come back? Let me know and I'll meet you up ..your choice of retaurants!

    M, nyom nyom with you :)

  24. I LOVEEE Takoyaki!!! I miss eating it..=[ sana meron din nyan dito..


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